Attention Desert.... Here We Come!
Friday, December 29, 2017
This past weekend I paid a visit to my friend Oren and our vineyard...
Who Would Not Appreciate Your Own Olive Tree In Israel?
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Tagged with your name and the tree's exact location provided, you can enjoy the olive oil from your own tree after three years!
"The trees of the LORD are well watered..." Psalms 104:16
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
As the year comes to a close each one us starts to take stock of the past year in our own way....
Man, the Land and Trees...
Tuesday, January 19, 2016
In Israel there is a proverb that says, "we can learn from trees!"
Enjoy the abundance of Eretz Israel!
Thursday, January 14, 2016
The New Year for Trees - Tu B'Shvat - is a joyous festival.
"And he shall be like a tree planted by the streams of water..."
Monday, January 11, 2016
...That bringeth forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also doth not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper." (Psalm 1:3)
Help us bring the desert to life!
Thursday, November 12, 2015
Your donation of $55 will plant 4 trees in the Holy Land! In addition to your certificate of participation for your donation, we will give you a greeting card from Jerusalem!
Blog: The Dead Sea
Thursday, August 13, 2015
The Dead Sea, a unique gift of nature with healing minerals, serves as a natural oasis of wellness and a source of health and beauty.
BLOG: Jerusalem Hills under Threat
Thursday, June 25, 2015
On the slopes of the hills surrounding Jerusalem blooms a forest, the Jerusalem forest. Again and again, this unique habitat, the hills and the forest, are threatened.