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Project "Preparing for Army Service"

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Let's help support them and feel at home in Israel!

About 6500 "Lone Soldiers" serve in the IDF. Almost half of these "Lone Soldiers" are Jews or Israeli citizens, that were raised outside Israel. The other half are Israeli citizens from broken or single-parent homes that find it difficult to support their youngsters during their IDF service.

The soldiers from abroad voluntarily leave a usually pleasant and comfortable life to commit themselves to dangerous military service in the Holy Land. A large percentage of Israel's "Lone Soldiers" serve in combat units.

These young soldiers not only lack family comforts and support but usually experience financial hardships during their military service.

We would like you to help our lonely soldiers together with us!

A voucher for "Rikushet" store chain (equipment needed prior to recruitment)

S.A. "I would like to express my thanks for the financial support. With this help, I can continue to serve as a soldier and live as a citizen in Israel. "

A. G. "I am grateful that I have received support to make the right decisions and to build my future here in Israel."

Sh. A. "I was helped to realize my plans for my education and my future life in Israel."


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