COMMENTARY: Who are the Sand and the Stars?
Monday, January 11, 2016
It’s silly to suggest Old Testament saints like Joseph, Moses and David were less spiritual than New Testament saints
The Greatest Romance Ever!
Monday, December 28, 2015
The Hebrew Scriptures are an immense treasure trove that far too many in the Church have overlooked
COMMENTARY: Is God Still Hiding His Face from Israel?
Monday, November 16, 2015
The rebirth of the Jewish state signaled a paradigm shift in God’s relationship with the sons of Judah
COMMENTARY: Is Israel a Chosen People?
Monday, November 09, 2015
The Bible clearly demonstrates that God reserved for Himself the right to choose who He wants as His people
COMMENTARY: Did the New Covenant Nullify the Sabbath?
Monday, November 02, 2015
Do you realize how much religious busy-work would end if we were all truly keeping His Sabbath?
COMMENTARY: Is the State of Israel the Israel of God?
Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Some Christians say the Jew have been replaced, others that it's all about being Jewish. There's a third possibility
Do We Need To Worry About Gog and Magog?
Monday, October 19, 2015
The biblical timing for the battle of Gog and Magog might not be what everyone is expecting
God of Truth Will Slay Israel's Enemies
Friday, October 09, 2015
The escalating and dangerous situation in Israel and the Middle East must be seen through a biblical lens
COMMENTARY: Should Christians Be Looking for Another Jewish Temple?
Thursday, October 08, 2015
Jews obviously want a Third Temple to fully restore their religion, but should Christians also be waiting on such a sign?
COMMENTARY: The Root of Replacement Theology?
Sunday, September 20, 2015
Is Replacement Theology rooted in the mistaken belief that under the New Covenant 'Abraham’s seed' was expanded?
COMMENTARY: Can We Become One in Moses?
Sunday, September 06, 2015
The biggest revelation of the restoration of Jewish/Christian fellowship is that religion is what has been keeping us apart
End of the Shmita: Aliens, Blood Moons and Economic Collapse
Tuesday, September 01, 2015
With the upcoming end of the biblical Sabbatical Year, does the wisdom of the crowd give fair warning?