Miraculous Healing in Jesus Stuns Israelis
Sunday, January 05, 2014
Christian woman from north of country miraculously healed of cancer; doctors tell media they have no explanation
The Rabbi, the Note and the Messiah
Thursday, May 30, 2013
A year before his death, the esteemed modern Jewish sage Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri sealed a note purportedly containing the name of the Messiah. When it was finally opened, many were shocked to see the name Yehoshua, or Yeshua
Netanyahu and the 'New Covenant'
Tuesday, April 02, 2013
It's amazing how much Jesus plays in Israeli politics. Orthodox politicians have slammed the new government coalition as the 'Brit Chadashah,' or New Testament. It is not a compliment.
'Jesus' prayer shawls cause minor uproar in Jerusalem
Monday, December 31, 2012
Anti-missionary groups outraged to find merchants selling religious Jewish garment with blessing that references Jesus as Messiah
If Jesus lived in Israel today...
Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Would he and his family be safe in Bethlehem? More importantly, does anyone remember that they were Jews?
Former Hizballah leader visits Messianic Jews
Sunday, October 14, 2012
A co-founder of Lebanon's Israel-hating terrorist militia, Hizballah, says his new-found faith in Yeshua has uncovered his eyes
Top Israeli Balladeer is Fan of Jesus
Sunday, September 30, 2012
Popular Israeli singer Ehud Banai talks about how he has come closer to God over the decades of his career, and why he thinks Israelis should embrace Jesus as one of their own