1-in-4 European Jews targeted by anti-Semites
Sunday, June 30, 2013
Israel, sensing situation will only worsen, recommends easing absorption of threatened Jewish communities
The return of Nazi-style anti-Semitism?
Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Brutal attack on Jews in Antwerp and indifferent police response is indicative of the revival of Nazi-era anti-Semitism, which today finds cover behind anti-Zionism
'Sometimes the loudest response is silence'
Monday, April 08, 2013
Israel comes to complete standstill as it remembers the six million Jews who perished in the Nazi Holocaust; sometimes the best response is a strong silence that says we remember, and we won't let it happen again
Japan: Hitler comics OUT, Bible comics IN
Sunday, February 17, 2013
Israeli ambassador shocked to find Hitler's Mein Kampf being sold as children's comic; publisher apologizes, agrees to print Bible-based comics instead
Germany's Merkel: Forever responsible for Nazi crimes
Sunday, January 27, 2013
On anniversary of Hitler's rise, German leader says nation's obligation to victims of Nazis will never expire
Israel works to prevent anti-Semitism in Asia
Sunday, January 13, 2013
As popularity of Hitler and Nazis rises in Asia, Israel works to bring education about what the Nazi regime was about and what it really did
Jews told to hide identifying symbols in Denmark, Jordan
Friday, December 14, 2012
Even as world leaders spout hollow promises of "Never Again," Jews are forced to hide all identifying symbols in supposedly tolerant societies
Remembering their suffering
Monday, November 12, 2012
Israel Today visits Jerusalem's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial for the annual commemoration of Kristallnacht, the German pogrom that preceded the "final solution"
Difficult day ahead for Holocaust survivors
Monday, November 05, 2012
As Israel marks Kristallnacht, the start of the Holocaust, it is important to remember the remaining survivors, many of whom live today in poverty
'Drive out the Jews,' residents of French town told
Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Neo-Nazi groups continue to threaten Jewish communities in France, as anti-Semitic government officials are singled out in Germany
And the anti-Semitism just keeps coming
Thursday, October 25, 2012
Three fresh incidents of anti-Semitism in Europe and New York this week; many more could be going unreported
Anti-Semitism continues to grow worldwide
Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Wave of anti-Semitic attacks and incidents across the globe in recent months validates reports that Jew-hatred is again becoming prevalent