Our Friendship Program's terms and conditions

Why are we launching the Friendship program?

Because that’s how most of you feel about israel today already.
You’ve told us so. You see  israel today  as a partner with a mission: helping this current generation see the events taking place in Israel from a decidedly Messianic worldview.

Because that’s how we actually feel about you.
Oddly, for years we’ve called you “customers” and subscribers,” even though it’s never felt right. All along we have had partners, co-laborers, Friends. So, we find it quite natural, and more authentic, to call you our Friends.

Because israel today is not simply a magazine.
israel today has become a source of insightful journalism on Israel. It feels equally limiting to view israel today as a one-way conversation you passively consume as opposed to actively participating in.

What becoming a Friend of israel today means for you...

No limits.
You get complete, unrestricted, fully accessible, no holds barred, top to bottom access to all israel today content at all times and in all forms. You get everything.*

Everything gets simple.
You no longer have to make decisions about what you want, or don’t want, based on how much it costs. You are a Friend with full rights. All Friends get full access to all israel today content for the exact same price. Now you can sign up with an automatic recurring, low-cost monthly payment with a credit card. If you want to end your Friendship, just tell us at any time and we will stop all future payments.**

Not only for you, but your entire family.
Everyone in your family can take advantage of your Friendship access: your spouse and your kids. What you have access to, they have access to. Being Friends with us means that your whole family are Friends too.

* Becoming a Friend entitles you to 11 issues per calendar year. The primary delivery option is our digital magazine issue. An option is available on "check-out" to receive a print magazine.

** An annual payment option is also available! All payments recur automatically & may be cancelled at anytime. No more annoying subscription renewal reminders. We should be notified of any cancellation at least 14 days prior to next billing date and will take up to 10 days to process.

Or call toll free: