Yeshua's Prompt Return

The Lord Yeshua's imminent Second Coming is the most relevant topic for our generation.

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Palestinian Leadership Congratulates North Korean Regime

Two peas in a pod, is how some might describe fellow despots Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

On Tuesday, Abbas made no secret of his affinity for the regime in Pyongyang by issuing a statement congratulating Kim on the occasion of North Korea's "Liberation Day."

The holiday marks the fall of North Korea to what is today one of the most repressive regimes on the face of the earth.

"The Korean people offered the most precious sacrifices for their freedom and dignity," stated Abbas, ignoring the enormous suffering and oppression of the citizens of North Korea.

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett said he was not surprised by Abbas' position, noting that it's not the first time the Palestinian leadership has aligned itself with history's most villainous regimes.

"First Hitler, then S. Hussein, now Kim Jong-un. If you want to take a moral stand, check who the Palestinians support and do the opposite," tweeted Bennett.


Hilarious Satire Skewers Palestinian Authority For Selling 'Alternative Facts'

How is it that despite written and physical evidence, the Palestinian Authority has managed to convinced the world that Jews have no connection to this land?

The following satirical video clip, while hilarious, contains some very key truths that anyone who wants to truly understand the Middle East conflict needs to come to grips with.

Chief among those is that the Palestinian Authority has learned that by calling their phony claims a "narrative," they have cleverly precluded being held accountable by the mainstream media or liberal governments.


WATCH: Israeli Army Demolishes Home of Palestinian Terrorist


A Bundle of Love for Immigrant Families

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Video Explains Why Anti-Zionism is the New Anti-Semitism


Rabbi: Solar Eclipse is Divine Warning For America

Israeli rabbis have joined American Christian leaders in issuing a range of divine interpretations for the upcoming solar eclipse that will be visible across the United States.

A solar eclipse is an exceedingly rare event, and the fact that it will be entirely visible in only one country has struck many as being indicative of divine intervention.

Rabbinical officials in Israel have further noted that the eclipse will occur on August 21, which coincides with the last day of the Hebrew month of Av, a day known in Judaism as Yom Kippur Katan, or the "minor" Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

Taken together, American-born Israeli rabbi and author Lazar Brody explained the significance to Breaking Israel News:

"In Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), the sun represents the nations of the world, and the moon represents Israel. This eclipse is only over the United States. That is a shout from above, saying,  ‘America, get your act together, Come back to the Almighty and cast away all your legalization of what the Torah calls abominations’. Idol worship isn’t only bowing down to idols. In the US, there are people who worship homosexuality and perversion, one of the reasons the Talmud states for a solar eclipse."


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Threatened By North Korea, Governor of Guam Draws Comparison With Israel

At a press conference addressing the North Korea nuclear threat against his island, Governor Eddie Calvo drew clear comparisons between the situations in which both Guam and Israel currently find themselves.

During an exchange with an Israeli reporter, Calvo noted:

"Like Israel, we’ve had a lot of practice here. Some of it, most of it, has been made by nature and now, of course, some of the threats are made by a gentleman from North Korea."


Arab States Slash Aid to Increasingly Irrelevant Palestinian Authority

The Palestinians' worst nightmare is coming true -- they are becoming irrelevant in the eyes of regional and global power players.

For decades, the Palestinian leadership and other Muslim groups exploiting their cause have managed to keep the Palestinian "struggle" front and center.

So successful have they been that the so-called Palestinian "refugee crisis," dubious as it may be, is the only refugee community in the world to have a dedicated United Nations body and permanent agenda item.

But all that started to change when Donald Trump entered the White House.

President Trump's initial interactions with the Palestinian leadership have been rough, to say the least, while the US-Israel relationship has entered a second honeymoon under his leadership. Whispers out of Washington indicate that Trump doesn't expect much to come of the current land-for-peace process, and certainly isn't going to screw Israel just to get a bad deal signed.

Combined with numerous other factors -- such as ISIS and the Iran nuclear threat -- that has, in turn, resulted in leading Arab states dropping the Palestinians from the top of their own lists of priorities.

And with that has come a drastic decrease in financial aid.

A Channel 2 News report last week revealed that donations from the Arab world to the Palestinian Authority have been slashed by 50 percent over the past four years.

A mere quarter of the Palestinian Authority's 2017 budget of approximately $3.7 billion has come from her Arab neighbors. The bulk was provided primarily by the European Union, the United States and Canada.

Those feeling the pinch hardest are the residents of the Gaza Strip. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has cut off almost all government funding to Gaza, which has since 2007 been under the direct control of his Hamas rivals.


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Israel Grants Asylum to Iranian Journalist Facing Death Penalty

Israel Interior Minister Aryeh Deri just before the weekend granted political asylum to Neda Amin, an Iranian journalist facing the death penalty for the crime of writing a column for an Israeli media website.

Amin had previously been staying in Turkey while penning her views for the Times of Israel. But she was recently informed by Ankara that she'd have to return to Iran.

Back in her home country, Amin was facing the death penalty for cooperating with Israel.

Deri said the decision to grant her asylum was a no-brainer.

"This is a journalist whose life is in real danger, only because of writing columns on an Israeli news website. In these clear humanitarian circumstances, I authorize her entry without hesitation," announced the interior minister.

After landing in Israel over the weekend, Amin gushed her appreciation.

"I was in danger and the State of Israel saved me. I want to stay here for now, but I will honor any decision of the authorities," she told reporters.

Amin further explained that she'd been instilled with an affinity for Israel by her father.

"My father didn't really believe in Islam, so he also learned about Judaism," she said. "My roots are somewhat connected to Judaism. I loved Israel since my youth; I never accepted all the regime’s anti-Israel slogans. I always dreamed that I will somehow get to Israel."


How Beautiful on the Mountains…

Beautiful feet took a message of good news for Israel across the mountains of North Wales in partial fulfilment of an ancient prophecy (Isaiah 52.7).

Some 80 competitors took part in an 8km run along the Clwydian range to demonstrate Christian support for the Jewish state.

Organised by the Father’s House Sabbath congregation at Shotton, Deeside, it was preceded by two days of prayer for Israel attended by over 150 people and featured Revelation TV Middle East Report presenter Simon Barrett.

Wearing T-shirts specially designed for the occasion, the participants placed an Israeli flag atop the area’s highest peak, Moel Famua, at 1,843ft, and were much encouraged by support from the public.

One person shouted that they were “running for a great cause” and drivers blew their horns as competitors drove away from the event with Star of David flags on their cars.

Father’s House pastor Michael Fryer said: “As British Prime Minister in 1917, Welshman David Lloyd George stood in support of the establishment of the state of Israel, resulting in what we know today as the Balfour Declaration. He was one of many UK Christian leaders who understood the importance of Israel as the home of the Jewish people. Today in Wales there are still many Christians who feel the same and want to express their support.”

He added: “Israel is a world leader in medical and technological research as well as in horticulture and agriculture which is helping many poor countries around the globe. We want to say thank you to Israel for all these advancements, but also for all that they have given to us spiritually – we also see that Israel is fulfilling the words of the prophets.”

The weekend included a photographic exhibition of children and other members of Kibbutz Kfar Aza, situated close to Gaza, which has been a target for Hamas rockets over many years. Depicting the reality of what it’s like for ordinary communities to live under the constant threat of terror, the photos were taken by student photographer Grace Fryer, who has stayed in Kfar Aza.

PHOTO: Hoisting the Israeli flag atop a Welsh mountain. Photo by Charles Gardner

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


EXCLUSIVE: Why Are Young Israeli Messianics Leaving Local Congregations?

Israel Today speaks to local pastors about why young Jewish believers are leaving the congregations.

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Are We Witnessing the End of Netanyahu's Reign?

Many people here are convinced that when Prime Minister Netanyahu's former adviser Ari Harow turned state's witness, it marked the beginning of the end for Israel's longest serving leader. Not a few believe that Netanyahu will soon resign, and could even find himself convicted of bribery and fraud.

Yet, just as many, if not more, are in agreement with Professor Alan Dershowitz, who said that the multiple investigations into Netanyahu's conduct are a deliberate attempt by the mainstream media and left-wing politicians to force him out of office. Since the left "can't beat him through democratic means," Dershowitz said, "they're trying to use these investigations and the media to push him out of office."

The notion that Netanyahu must be overthrown by almost any means necessary was poignantly expressed recently by well-known actress Rivka Michaeli, who told the Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv that she hopes that "people who care for this country will wake up and take by force what was taken from us by force." As to who took what by force, Michaeli left that to the readers' imagination.

To be sure, Michaeli is one of many who are willing to stop at nothing in their campaign to oust Netanyahu. For several months now, a group of several hundred have been demonstrating outside the home of Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit, demanding that he stop stalling the investigations into Netanyahu, as they see it. Passions runs high among these demonstrators. One recently held a sign reading: "Bibi is guilty until proven innocent!!!" Though none in this group seemed bothered by the fact that the absurd slogan was signed by none other than "The Democratic Camp -- The Democrats," whoever that is.

Dershowitz may indeed have a point. To see that, all one need do is compare the outrage over Netanyahu's drinking and smoking habits to the nonchalant attitude toward former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's extravagant collection of fountain pens (valued at an estimated $1 million), many of which were received as gifts during his time in office. Or, perhaps consider the lavish birthday parties that were thrown for the late Shimon Peres at the state's expense, which didn't seem to bother either the media or his supporters.

Sadly, this blatant double standard, coupled with a constant flow of misinformation, may ultimately have the desired effect. Still, as one trustworthy journalist, Yoav Yitzhak, speculated, turning Harow state's witness wasn't done to ensures Netanyahu's indictment, as so many had hoped. Rather, the goal is to get to the truth, whatever it may be.

In the meantime, media polls show a steady decrease in support for Netanyahu. Social media, on the other hand, gives the impression that a growing number of people who didn't vote for Netanyahu will vote for him next time around due to little more than their distaste for such anti-democratic campaigns designed to overthrow a duly-elected government. 

But the battle is still raging, and its outcome is anything but certain.


VIDEO: What Does Trump Really Think About Israel?


Workers Revolt Against Gay Pride

The victory of National Trust volunteers who objected to wearing badges showing support for gay pride was as welcome as it was unexpected – given the current politically-correct climate.

Can Israel learn from this in respect of caving in to intimidation over the Temple Mount? And they also face issues of gay pride, with a march being held in Jerusalem this week. More on the Mount later…

For those outside the UK, the National Trust is charged with looking after many of the nation’s great estates, particularly in cases where their upkeep is no longer economically viable for the original owners.

Now, following an outcry to a new directive barring volunteers from public-facing duties at a Norfolk stately home if they refuse to wear the gay ‘rainbow’ symbol over which dozens have quit, the Trust has backed down.

Unpaid staff at Felbrigg Hall had been offered behind-the-scenes roles after saying there were “uncomfortable” with the idea – part of a six-week ‘Prejudice and Pride’ event marking 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

As Trust members, my wife and I were already concerned about the trend shown in their magazine to promote the homosexual legacy linked with some of their country houses, and so I suppose this ‘badge of honour’ was the next inevitable step.

But they have tripped up, fulfilling a biblical promise that “whoever leads the upright along an evil path will fall into their own trap, but the blameless will receive a good inheritance.” (Proverbs 28.10)

The BBC and other media are milking the ‘golden’ anniversary for all its worth in plaguing us with a veritable flood of gay propaganda, so much so that it seems hardly possible to find alternative viewing. Their clear agenda is to heap this new morality on millions of people forced to pay through the nose for the ‘privilege’ with a hefty license fee.

That is bad enough, but when the national body entrusted with the immense privilege of looking after our magnificent heritage takes up the baton for which they have absolutely no mandate (neither does the BBC, for that matter), things have gone too far.

The courage of the NT workers is to be applauded. It shows there is still a remnant of decent folk who are not necessarily Christians but have nevertheless decided against having their hard-fought freedom, principles and consciences dictated to any longer.

The shame is that our spineless church leaders, who haven’t the bottle to say boo to a goose, failed to lead the way in what I suspect could be the beginning of a fight-back for a recovery of Christian standards.

Of course it’s too early to say if the backlash has truly begun – and things could yet get worse. After all – riots, terror and intimidation seem to have worked in Israel where murder and mayhem followed the killing by terrorists of two Israeli border policemen on the Temple Mount. These riots were not incited by Jews whom you might have thought would have been justified in doing so, but by Palestinians.

Because of the slaying of the policemen, the Israeli government installed metal detectors at the Temple Mount entries as an obvious safety measure – and this is what sparked the riots, said to have been inflamed by Israel’s arch-enemy Iran. To their shame, however, the authorities eventually backed off as tensions threatened to get out of control.

Bizarrely, Jews visiting the Mount – where their first and second Temples stood 2,000-plus years ago and which Muslims now claim as their own – are not even permitted to pray on what is their holiest site! And they do not object to metal detectors as they have no intention of harming anyone.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that (caving in to mob-rule) in the ongoing battle between gay rights and God’s laws.

In Hull, Yorkshire – once renowned from its predominance of evangelicals including the legendary William Wilberforce – a Church of England minister has held a special service to mark the city’s homosexual pride celebrations. And the event was addressed by a transsexual activist who was born male but lives as a woman and describes himself as a lesbian.

Meanwhile the Emmaus Group have launched a series of articles highlighting what they refer to as increasing acts of sedition against our most holy God.

“One of the biggest challenges hitting the church right now is the storm of secularism and humanism with its LGBT and transgender movements,” they said, adding: “The word of God is clear, concise and unambiguous: no sexually immoral person will have a place in the kingdom of heaven.”

Also among those denied entry to God’s eternal dwelling, they point out, are “all liars” – and they will be cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 21.8)

Such people “willfully pursue what is in opposition to God’s will and practice it with pride. So it should be no surprise the LGBT movements hold what they call ‘pride’ festivals…celebrating all that is abominable before God. And church leaders who advocate in favour of such iniquity will be judged more harshly.”

But I nevertheless hope and pray that we have turned the corner. Ordinary, decent folk also have rights – especially to a quiet life devoid of manipulation, intimidation and interference from busybodies determined to force their agenda onto an unsuspecting world.

The words of King Solomon are so true of today – and they also give us hope: “When the wicked thrive, so does sin, but the righteous will see their downfall.” (Proverbs 29.16)

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


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The Jews of Arabia and the Making of Islam

Israel Today takes a stunning and eye-opening look at how the Jewish community of Arabia shaped Islam, and the clues they left behind.

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Jerusalem Residents Tell Gay Parade: You Would Never Do This In An Arab Town

Right-wing religious Jewish protesters were out in force during the 16th annual Gay Pride Parade that made its way through the streets of downtown Jerusalem last week.

Police arrested one man who was threatening the marchers, but the parade concluded without any violent incidents.

The anti-gay protesters, however, did loudly call out the apparent hypocrisy of the LGBT movement and its liberal backers.

"They would never let you hold such a march in Umm el-Fahm (a major Arab Muslim town in northern Israel). Show your respect to Jerusalem residents," shouted Bentzi Gopstein, head of the often violent Lehava anti-assimilation organization.

Indeed, surveys have shown that a majority of Israeli Jews, like Muslim Arabs, do not want grand open displays of homosexuality on their streets. But the LGBT movement forces itself upon the residents of Jerusalem, while conspicuously avoiding Muslim towns, either out of fear or respect for Islam.

In fact, the Jerusalem Pride Parade won't dare enter Arab neighborhoods in the capital itself.

Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Aryeh Stern took a somewhat softer tone in lamenting what he saw as the desecration of the Holy City.

"It is sad that a couple of days after Tisha B’Av, when masses visited Jerusalem and remembered it being a holy city… The essence of this parade is contradicting the trend of Jerusalem as a holy city, and that is the city we want," Stern told Army Radio, adding that "holding the parade in the city streets is causing more damage to its supporters than benefiting them."


Israeli Journalists Nearly Lynched to Death in Jaffa by 'Peaceful' Local Arabs

Israel has grown so fearful of upsetting the status quo with the Arabs living both inside and surrounding the country that it is willing to quietly sacrifice the safety of its own Jewish population, the very people the state was established in order to protect.

Late last month, a 20-year-old Arab criminal from the Tel Aviv suburb of Jaffa was shot and killed by police while attempting to evade arrest. The incident marked a point of severe tension in a mixed Jewish-Arab town otherwise known as a model of coexistence.

It's the kind of story journalists salivate over, and so two of Channel 2 News' top correspondents, a reporter and a cameraman, arranged to attend the funeral. What could go wrong? We're talking about Jaffa, not Palestinian Authority-ruled, Hamas-infested Hebron.

Tellingly, the funeral procession did very much resemble those seen in Hamas-dominated areas, complete with chants of "Allah hu-Akbar" from a mob that just looks like it's itching for a fight. And since they were the only Jews in sight, the two Channel 2 correspondents quickly went from invited media guests to targets of murderous violence.

The irony of the situation must be highlighted: These young Arabs were upset over alleged police brutality, and so demonstrated their frustration by attempting to beat to death two innocent Jews.

The lead reporter provided his harrowing first-hand account via Facebook from his hospital bed in Tel Aviv:

Many thanks to all the friends, colleagues and dear followers who contacted me and asked how I’m doing. I can’t reply to everyone, but you have warmed my heart this whole day.

We were in a lynch yesterday. I and the cameraman Gal Zaetman went to cover the funeral of the Jaffa youth who was shot by police. As is our habit, we tried to bring the pictures and voices from the under-belly of the area, in order to convey the situation and to bring to our viewers the most objective pictures.

We marched along with them. Hundreds of people, mostly youths, marched behind the vehicle carrying the body of the youth, and they were calling “Allah u-Akhbar”. Since we had been invited there by some of them, I felt – apparently without justification – that it was fairly safe.

In one second, everything burst into flames. It started with Gal; they began hitting him. They took his camera and smashed it. He received punches and kicks but succeeded in escaping.

The minutes were pressured, but I remember (oddly) having clear and analytical thoughts. I remembered how on a safari trek in South Africa, the guide advised us that if a wild animal starts to chase you – don’t run; this only encourages its natural predator instinct. So, I stood my ground with those who had beaten Gal, and I held up my hands as a sign of apology. I thought that if I just asked forgiveness for having disturbed them, I would be able to leave in peace.

There was no one to talk to.

The first punch that landed on my face was still tolerable. Again, the analytical thought: Don’t return the punch, even though you can, even though you know how. It will only fan the rage of the crowd.

Suddenly another punch, and another kick. Two held me down to the ground, others ripped my shirt. Another man was grasping me tightly with his arms around my throat. He brought his mouth down to my arm and bit it, hard.

And now, a different clear thought: The time period has already expired for what I would have estimated is the average time for an attack on a man who has surrendered and is lying on the ground. I am being lynched.

I don’t know how long this lasted. It could have been five minutes, or maybe 15 seconds. I have no idea. Nor do I have an idea how many people were participating in this celebration. Maybe five, maybe 15.

I was alone. I understood that I needed to escape from there as soon as possible. But I couldn’t see at all out of one eye, and my left leg was too weak for me to drag myself out of there. Dozens of people were around me, shouting and calling out in bloodlust, which I hear as though I’m sitting in a closed room and they’re standing outside the door.

Suddenly someone pulled me by the hand. An anonymous person, whose face I can’t remember, yanked me out of the circle. “Run,” he said to me. I started to run. The beasts had apparently had their fill, because no one chased me.

At Ichilov Hospital I was diagnosed with lacerated shoulders, ribs that felt better than they were, a black eye and bruises all over my body. My doctors said to me, “It was only a miracle that nothing worse happened,” applying the media cliché that I try so hard to avoid every day.

The time is still ahead to draw lessons from this incident, but I do not regret going there. My job as a journalist is to bring to the viewing public the real picture, the authentic voices that can’t be accessed from the outside.

The Jaffa crowd that I encountered was inflamed and enraged. They are not the only ones inciting against media people. We will continue to be there, reporting with integrity and preserving our job as gatekeepers – even opposite an enraged and inflamed crowd, and even opposite whoever is inciting them.

(Translated from Hebrew by Hannah Weiss in her coverage of the near-lynch for Kehila News.)

Shockingly, this serious incident received minimal media coverage.

The international press didn't touch it at all, though had the roles been reversed (Jews lynching Arab journalists), you can be certain it would have made headline news around the globe.

In Israel, only a couple English-language outlets covered the story. The mainstream Hebrew press carried it, but relegated the attack to second-tier news. Even Channel 2 failed to adequately highlight what had happened to its own reporters and what that said about race relations in Israel.

The reason for this is painfully obvious for those living in this land. Israel has grown so fearful of upsetting the status quo that its government and media organs will turn a blind eye even to attempted murder. The result is that there are today a great many areas in the Jewish state where Jews tread at their own risk.

PHOTO: Arab residents of Jaffa holding placards and waving the Palestinian flag during a protest at the Jaffa Clock square on July 3, 2014. Photo by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90


To Ascend the Mount, or Not, That is the Question

Last week, a record number of Israelis visited the Temple Mount. 

According to some sources, more than 1,200 Jews entered the holy site to mark the fast of Tisha b'Av, which commemorates the destruction of the Temple. Hundreds more were not allowed in because, unlike Muslims, Jews can enter the Temple Mount for only four hours a day through a single gate equipped with metal detectors. 

This number of visitors in a single day is the highest since 1967. Even so, statistically speaking, it was a surprisingly low turnout, considering that seven million Jews now live in Israel. One reason for this is that a great many Israeli Jews simply don't think much of the Temple Mount. For far too many, Judaism's holiest site is a religious relic of the past. These Israelis would probably have agreed with Moshe Dayan, who, instead of establishing firm Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount in 1967, asked, "Why do I need this Vatican?" and handed it over to the Islamic Trust (Waqf).

But far more Israelis will not ascend the Mount for religious reasons. Still today, the rabbinic prohibition on entering the sacred compound is viewed by the majority as obligatory. The rabbinic ruling is predicated on the inability to determine where exactly the Temple once stood, meaning that one risks inadvertently treading on the area of the Holy of Holies. To do so would invite upon oneself the severe "cutting off" (Kareth) punishment, which means either death by divine hand or being cut off from the people of Israel.

The significantly large number of people who did enter the Temple Mount last week has prompted Chief Sephardi Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef to issue a special warning reminding the people that "Halacha [rabbinic ruling] forbids ascension to the Mount, and those Jews who do ascend desecrate the holiness of the Mount." Rabbi Yosef's opinion, shared by other leading rabbis, most of them ultra-Orthodox, is a powerful deterrent for many Jews.

However, if in the past this prohibition ruled supreme, today more and more rabbis are saying the exact opposite, that it is obligatory to ascend the TempleMount. These rabbis, mostly from the national religious faction, justify their opinion by presuming to know which places on the Mount are off-limits. In addition, they say, because of the Israeli government's appalling discriminatory policy against Jews, "the need to ascend the Mount is even more important because it has a 'conquering' aspect to it."

This second group of rabbis is calling for nothing less than toppling the sacred traditional halachic ruling that is still very much in force. The record number of Jews who entered the Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av is a clear sign that the times are changing. It is most likely that in the future more and more Jews will reject the old dictum and ascend the Mount in greater numbers, challenging both the Israeli government and the Muslim world.


New Poll Shows Israelis Want Embattled Netanyahu to Resign

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently being investigated on multiple charges of bribery and fraud, and recent Israeli media reports suggested that the legal noose was tightening.

Last week, police officials announced that Netanyahu's former chief of staff Ari Harow had turned state's witness, and would testify against the prime minister.

Currently, the most severe charge against Netanyahu is that he made an illicit deal with the publisher of Yediot Ahronot, Israel's best-selling newspaper, to hinder its top rival, the free daily newspaper Israel Hayom, in exchange for more flattering coverage.

A Channel 10 survey revealed that 51 percent of Israelis believe Netanyahu is guilty, and that 66 percent expect him to resign immediately if indicted.

Minister of Environmental Protection Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) responded on Israel Radio, insisting that the public is lashing out at Netanyahu while only possessing one side of the story.

"Netanyahu cannot present his version of things. Everyone shows only the version that accuses him, so it is an unfair contest," said Elkin. "The public's attitude is not surprising, considering that for a few days all they heard in the media is that Netanyahu has already been convicted, so obviously this has an impact on the question of the public's trust."


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Trump Stands By White House Official Accused of Being Anti-Israel

US President Donald Trump has risked upsetting his Christian supporters by openly supporting embattled National Security Adviser Lt.-Gen. H.R. McMaster amid charges that the latter is anti-Israel.

McMaster's appointment by Trump ruffled pro-Israel feathers months ago due to his previous support for the Iran nuclear deal and his referring to the Jewish state as an "occupying power."

It was widely rumored that during Trump's visit to Israel earlier this year, it was McMaster that ultimately convinced the president to not allow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accompany him to the Western Wall.

Trump initially wanted Netanyahu by his side, a move that would have firmly demonstrated America's commitment to a united Jerusalem under Israeli rule.

McMaster was again making waves last when he fired Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence on the National Security Council.

Like two other NSC officials recently fired by McMaster, Cohen-Watnick is staunchly pro-Israel and, as such, vehemently opposed to the Iran nuclear deal in its current form.

In short, McMaster's recent moves seem to be in service to maintaining a situation in the Middle East that Netanyahu has described as an existential threat to Israel, an assessment with which Trump previously agreed.

That led to a social media backlash, with millions posting messages to Twitter accompanied by the hashtag #FireMcMaster.

The president, who as we all know frequents Twitter, shot back in a letter he sent to the New York Times.

"General McMaster and I are working very well together," Trump insisted. "He is a good man and very pro-Israel. I am grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country."


Palestinian Terrorist Looks to Score Major Payday For Killing Jewish Family

A commentary in the National Post indicates that Canadians are becoming fed up with their tax dollars rewarding Palestinian terrorists for murdering Israeli Jews.

Israeli officials have long lamented that the policies of the Palestinian Authority have made terrorism the most lucrative profession in the "disputed territories."

A terrorist that successfully kills Jews, but is then captured and jailed is entitled to a monthly government stipend of around $3,000, which is far higher than the average monthly income in the Palestinian-controlled territories.

At just 19 years of age, Omar al-Abed joined that elite middle class when, on July 21, he infiltrated the Israeli settlement of Halamish and slaughtered a Jewish family preparing for the weekly Shabbat meal.

Those stipends are paid to murderers like al-Abed by the Palestinian Authority, which in turn receives most of its financing from foreign donors like the United States, European Union and Canada.

Writing for the National Post, an indignant Casey Babb insisted that it is "abhorrent to think that any money from North America governments might be rewarding terrorism, yet it’s hard to conclude otherwise."

The Palestinian Authority receives its funding from various sources, such as the United National Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). But all of those sources receive their funding directly from Western governments.

Canada halted its funding of UNRWA in 2010 precisely because too much of the money was going toward encouraging terrorism against Israel. But liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reinstated the funding, to the tune of $25 million a year, shortly after taking office.

PHOTO: Family and friends say goodbye to Yosef Salomon (70), his daughter Haya (46) and son Elad (35). Meanwhile, their murders will provide a major financial boon to the family of terrorist Omar al-Abed thanks to generous Western financial support for the Palestinian Authority. Yonatan Sindel/Flash90


EXCLUSIVE: 'I Will Not Hate You'

Israel Today speaks to Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, who, despite losing his children in the last Gaza war, refuses to surrender to hate against Israel.

The full article appears in the August-September 2017 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
CLICK HERE to read it all


Trump's Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Recorded Taking Israel's Side in Temple Mount Dispute

US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior aid Jared Kushner was recorded telling a closed-door meeting that Israel was in the right when in came to the recent tension over the Temple Mount.

Kushner was speaking to congressional interns, one of whom recorded the conversation and leaked it to the media.

In the portion dealing with the recent clashes over Israel's installation and subsequent removal of metal detectors at the Jerusalem holy site, Kushner stated:

"I don’t know if everyone is familiar, but there were two people—two Israeli guards killed at the Temple Mount, and that’s the first time in many, many, many years that that happened, so Israelis [unintelligible] putting up metal detectors on the Temple Mount, which is not an irrational thing to do. So then what happens is they start inciting it. They say look, you know, this is a change to the status quo. The Temple Mount is a [unintelligible] occupation of Israel, and Israel was saying we don’t want anything to do with that, we just want to make sure people are safe. And that really incited a lot of tension in the streets."

Kushner also acknowledged that the Trump Administration was unlikely to succeed where past administration had failed in bringing genuine peace to the Middle East.

"What do we offer that’s unique? I don’t know. I’m sure everyone that’s tried this has been unique in some ways, but again we’re trying to follow very logically. We’re thinking about what the right end state is. And we’re trying to work with the parties very quietly to see if there’s a solution.

"There may be no solution, but it’s one of the problem sets that the president asked us to focus on. So we’re going to focus on it and try to come to the right conclusion in the near future."

The full recording can be heard here:

In the most recent edition of Israel Today Magazine we discussed the growing rift between the Trump Administration and the Palestinian Authority, revealed when Kushner met with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and firmly took Israel's side.

While the Trump Administration may indeed be unable to oversee a genuine peace, it appears that it won't follow in the footsteps of past administrations by pushing a phony peace.

If you're already a subscriber, you can CLICK HERE to read that whole article.

If you aren't a subscriber, then what are you waiting for? SIGN UP TODAY!


Israeli Man in Critical Condition After Fighting Off Palestinian Terrorist

The above video is security camera footage of a 19-year-old Palestinian Arab brutally stabbing an Israeli supermarket employee in the town of Yavne on Wednesday.

Despite multiple stab wounds, the victim was able to stay on his feet, fight back and ultimately get away from the terrorist.

Outraged local citizens then chased down and apprehended the terrorist before police arrived and arrested him.

The victim is currently in a coma with severe wounds to his chest and neck.


Just Don't Move Your Lips!

Earlier this week, Israeli Jews marked Tisha B'Av, the fast commemorating the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Over 100,000 came to the Western Wall, and more than 1,000 Jews ascended the Temple Mount, the latter being a new record in these times.

But, in accordance with the Muslim-imposed status quo, those Jewish visitors were forbidden to pray at Judaism's holiest site.

The following is an account from Israel Today columnist Tsvi Sadan about his recent visit to the Temple Mount. It was first published in the June edition or our magazine:

I last visited the Temple Mount some 40 years ago, and even then it was as a tourist. So, I’m hardly qualified to address this topic, but I feel the need to, nevertheless.

My recent visit to the Temple Mount began with an extensive security check and we were accompanied the entire time by a police escort. These measures were not for our safety, but rather to ensure we didn’t make even the slightest religious (Jewish) gesture.

Foreign tourists strolled about freely, while we Israelis were tightly surrounded by police officers, one for every Jew.

We were allowed to move only as a group, and had to follow a specified route. Deviating was forbidden, and we were being photographed the entire time. I wondered out loud if these policemen were there to protect us, or from us. Most were either Druze or Muslims, and had difficulty understanding my nuanced Hebrew.

The Temple Mount is open to Jews for only a short period of time each day, and we were careful not to enter areas forbidden by Jewish laws of purity. Muslim families, meanwhile, were picnicking wherever they pleased while their children played soccer. They could come and go unhindered 24 hours a day through eight different gates. Jews can enter the Mount through only one, which is closed most of the time.

As we arrived on the eastern side of the Mount, our Orthodox Jewish guide, Moshe, came to a halt opposite the place where the Temple’s doors once stood. He prayed silently, in his heart, careful not to move his lips, lest the vigilant police officers forcibly remove him from the holy site and possibly place him under arrest. 

As we moved on, a policeman asked one of two group members not wearing a kippa why he had joined a group of religious Jews. "You are secular!" he exclaimed. "Next time enter the line of tourists." He had no clue about the yearning of the Jewish soul.

Make no mistake. The Temple Mount is in our hands, but any Jew making a religious gesture will be punished to the full extent of

the law. The State of Israel exercises sovereignty over the Temple Mount, but it is a timid sovereignty driven by fear that any expression of Jewish control would set off this "powder keg."

And so Israel tiptoes around the Temple Mount, embittering the lives of Jewish activists, while being careful not to ruffle a single feather among Muslim provocateurs.

It is a convoluted sovereignty applied in self-deception that is now crumbling under its own lies. It is a sovereignty that knows nothing of the yearning of the Jewish soul.

This account was first published in the June 2017 issue of Israel Today Magazine.



The Face of Ungratefulness

A sense of despair accompanies the experience of watching someone defending Israel. The bias, the ignorance, the post-truth era, makes it nearly impossible to win an argument that favors Israel. 

It's as if in and of itself speaking positively about the Jewish state is illegitimate. 

The reasons for such an appalling atmosphere are shifting, according to the trendiest ideological buzz. Today, what makes Israel hated is colonialism. Jews who came from Europe, or so claim the anti-colonialists, colonized Palestine, which is why no matter what Israel does, its existence can't be justified.

Yesterday, we marked the 9th of Av (Tisha B'Av) fast day, which commemorates the destruction of the Temple, the same holy site UNESCO refuses to acknowledge has any Jewish connection. This theft of Jewish heritage, which is part of an overall attempt to destroy Israel, was instigated by Palestinians who, quite hypocritically, then also feed off of Israeli goodwill.

How interesting it is that on this day of all days we learn that long-time Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat (pictured) is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. Erekat, like the rest of the Palestinian leadership, his vitriolic and malicious in his efforts to defame Israel, and has more than once accused the Jewish state of "genocide." But, when it comes to saving his own life, there's only one place Erekat would turn–Israel. 

This venomous anti-Israel spokesman is now hoping Israeli surgeons can successfully provide him with a replacement lung, most likely taken from a Jewish Israeli donor.

We also learned yesterday via the internet news portal Divuach Rishoni of a Palestinian family demanding that one of its members badly injured in a car accident be transferred to an Israeli hospital. Video footage published online showed officials at Razi Hospital in Jenin refusing the request, and then one of the family members pulling out a gun in order to "persuade" the hospital to send his relative to receive Israeli care.

Israeli hospitals routinely accept Palestinians, no matter who they are. Even terrorists who killed Israelis receive life-saving treatment from the very people they would kill given the chance. And medical care is just one of many benefits Palestinians receive from Israel. 

Little wonder that most Palestinians prefer to be under Israeli "occupation" than live under the dysfunctional hand of the Palestinian Authority. But this matters little to those who, without any shred of evidence, continue to charge Israel with anything from genocide to apartheid to water-poisoning.



One day a rich man gave a poor man a basket full of rubbish. The poor man, smiling, took the basket and went his way...

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Israelis March Demanding Access to Temple Mount and Building of Third Temple

Monday evening marked the beginning of the Jewish fast of Tisha B'Av, which commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples.

Thousands of Israelis participated in an annual march around the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, with a special focus on the Temple Mount.

Though it is Judaism's holiest site, Jews are still not allowed to pray there due to threats of Muslim violence.

Government officials participating in the march noted that the people of Israel are seeking much more than just the right to pray atop a Muslim-occupied Temple Mount.

They want the Third Temple.

"Everyone who came here tonight proved with his feet that we want the Temple back - and quickly," Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan told Arutz 7.


Video Shows Arabs Faking Injuries During Temple Mount Clash With Israeli Police

This is nothing new, but it's instructive to understand that it's still happening.

The Palestinians have long exploited a willing mainstream media to paint Israeli soldiers and police officers as blood-thirsty killers.

They were at it again atop the Temple Mount last week.

Following Friday prayers, a Muslim mob violently attacked the Israeli police stationed at the Temple Mount.

Clearly the confrontation had been premeditated, because media cameramen were there ready to film the clashes.

But, apparently, the Israelis weren't retaliating harshly enough, so the young Muslim men had to start faking injuries for the entertainment of media viewers around the world.


Time for a new beginning!

Soon the month of Elul is starting, the month of mercy and forgiveness. Elul is traditionally a month of introspection which culminates in the high holidays of Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).

During Elul Jews concentrate on the upcoming period of judgment and reconciliation.

Each morning the shofar is blown and penitential prayers are said. Jews the world over see this period as a time of new beginning.


'Hot Mic' Catches Netanyahu Trashing Useless 'Palestine'

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Israel in early July, he very conspicuously skipped Ramallah and the Palestinian leadership.

A couple weeks later, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was meeting with eastern European leaders in Budapest when a "hot mic" caught him explaining precisely why Modi shunned the Palestinians, and why everyone else should, too.

"Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he needs water for his people. 'Where will I get it? Ramallah? No,'" Netanyahu is heard telling the Europeans in audio released by Israel's Ha'aretz daily newspaper.

Indeed, the international community has poured an exaggerated amount of money into the Palestinian Authority (more per capita than what America spent rehabilitating post-World War II Europe, a scheme known as the Marshall Plan).

Most have been tremendously disappointed with the Palestinian leadership's failure to use those funds to build a vibrant, viable and self-sustaining society and economy.

Meanwhile, tiny Israel, with strained and limited resources, has managed to become a global economic power making disproportionately large contributions to medicine, science, technology and agriculture.


VIDEO: The Jerusalem Hills


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Syrian Patient: Israel Really Surprised Us


Palestinian Kids Run to IDF Soldiers For Help

There's a prevailing misconception that Israeli soldiers are blood-thirsty monsters who, given the chance, would kill all Arab children.

The full article appears in the August-September 2017 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
CLICK HERE to read it all



To properly understand Israel's present predicament, one need only see the great joy with which Palestinians watched Israeli policemen remove the last of any security measures from the Temple Mount. 

The jubilation, to be sure, has nothing to do with regaining free entry to the Mount, as this was never denied. The Palestinians are ecstatic over what they rightly perceived as the humiliation of their sworn enemy.

This is no small matter. Honor plays a vital role in Arab culture, and gaining honor ignites new hopes for the possibility of defeating Israel on all fronts. In other words, Israel's complete capitulation to the demands of the Temple Mount's Islamic overlords (known as the Waqf) has inspired multitudes of Muslims to escalate violence against Israel. 

Israel's contempt for the notion of national honor, therefore, guarantees unrest, not peace.

Our modern, enlightened society in Israel has for some time now been ingraining in us the idea that honor and rage and vengeance are primitive traits. It's the very reason you don't see Jews engaging in a "day of rage" over the spilling of Israeli blood on the Temple Mount. 

Jews are expected to show restraint and maintain quite, even as Muslims desecrate the one and only Jewish sacred place in the world. At the same time, we are expected to have understanding for Muslim rage, even when this rage is completely unjustified by any standard.

Sadly, the removal of security measures at the Temple Mount came on the advice of our "professional" army and intelligence, who supposedly ignore emotions and make their decisions purely in rational terms, as if this is at all possible in this region. Politicians, on the other hand, so the assumption goes, are emotionally driven, and therefore can't be trusted. Nevertheless, by accepting the advice, Netanyahu bears direct responsibility, and Israelis will not forget it in the next election.

The IDF even went so far as to justify the terrorist murder of a religious family from Neve Tzuf (Halamish), or so one can understand from spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis, who said in lieu of Neve Tzuf massacre: "It must be understood that Friday prayer on the Temple Mound was not held for the first time since 1969, and in the Arab world this is perceived as something that can't be ignored." 

Given the context, the IDF fully understands Arab rage, included the need to slaughter Jews. But no matter how hard Israel tries to quench human behavior driven by a sense of honor, it will never go away, and rightly so. 

Commenting on Israel's behavior over the last week, Rabbi Haim Navon wrote: "National honor is an important thing for two reasons, it is a vital deterrent power. People who don't stand up for what's important to them are a people that will be despised by their neighbors … and more important, national honor contributes to the sense of identity and belonging, it is strengthening the national spinal cord."

If our leaders truly cared, they would have taken into account what would happen when honor is taken away from Israel. 

From the story of the capturing the Ark of the Covenant by the Philistines (1 Samuel 4), we learn of the dynamics of Ichabod (dishonor in Hebrew). The parallels are striking: When Israel despises honor, it is taken away from them, and the consequences are terrible. "Glory [honor] has departed from Israel because the Ark of God has been captured." 

The departure of honor, so the Bible tells us, brought not peace, but the exact opposite: "Israel fled from the Philistines and the people suffered a great defeat as well."

PHOTO: Israeli activists wearing Netanyahu masks symbolically bury Israel's honor (the sign on the coffin reads "National Honor"), thus opening the doors to our enemies. Yonatan Sindel/Flash90


VIDEO: Nahariya - Israel's Coastal Gem

Today's video takes us north to the city of Nahariya. Founded in 1934 by German immigrants, Nahariya is located in western Galilee near the border of Lebanon. I personally have a very special relationship with Nahariya, because it was the first city I came to in Israel. At that time, in the 1980s, one could still feel the German influence.


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Israel's 'James Bond' Needs Your Help

It would not be an exaggeration to call Yossi Gino the "James Bond" of Israeli espionage during the height of the Jewish state's existential struggle against the Arab world.

In the new August-September issue of Israel Today Magazine, we highlight some of Gino's exploits (though many remain highly classified).

Sadly, when Gino passed away recently, he left his family with crushing debt that, despite his selfless and exceptional service to the nation, the government was unable to help with.

Gino's family has set up a crowdfunding project to pay off this debt, and we hope that Israel Today readers can get involved, considering the enormous debt of gratitude that is owed to this great man.

The deadline for the crowdfunding project is July 31.

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Did Israel Cave to Muslim Exploitation on the Temple Mount?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet on Monday suddenly reversed course and agreed to Muslim demands that Israel remove its metal detectors and security cameras from the entrances to the Temple Mount.

The issue, of course, was not really about metal detectors, which can be found at Muslim holy sites throughout the Middle East. It was about sovereignty over this particular holy site.

And many fear that Israel's acquiescence played right into the hands of those who deny any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.

Nor can it be ignored that Netanyahu's government seemingly allowed the Muslim world to exploit a terrorist incident to get its way.

The decision to remove the metal detectors came amidst mounting tensions with Jordan, the acting custodian of the mosques that occupy the Temple Mount, after a guard at the Israel Embassy in Amman was stabbed with a screwdriver by a young Arab man.

The guard shot and killed his attacker, along with a bystander. Jordanians demanded the Israeli be arrested, tried and given the death penalty for defending himself. But Netanyahu vowed to bring him home, insisting that he enjoyed diplomatic immunity.

The guard did indeed return home late Monday night, along with Israel's ambassador to Jordan.

Netanyahu's office vigorously denied a Channel 2 report that removing the Temple Mount metal detectors was a condition for the embassy guard being allowed to leave Jordan.

But most Israelis were unconvinced that the timing was merely a coincidence.


It's Not About Metal Detectors, Dummy

The present Palestinian riots over the placing of metal detectors at the eight gates leading to the Temple Mount following last week's killing of two Israeli policemen by three Arab Israelis is not about status quo, nor is it about the restriction of Muslim worshipers. 

Those who try to convince us that this security measure hurts the feelings of Muslims don't know what they are talking about. Even worse, they are playing right into the hands of Muslim radicals who hope to turn the conflict into a full-blown religious war.

One can argue about the wisdom of such a move, but Israel made the decision to install the metal detectors solely for the safety of visitors to the holy site. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's quick acquiescence to earlier Muslim demands that he remove the metal detectors was seen as fear of Palestinian rage and a further compromising of Israel's sovereignty. Having seemingly heard the voice of his disgruntled constituency, Netanyahu is now taking a harder line, and putting the present troubles in the context of a larger, ongoing war against Israel.

Nevertheless, it is surprising how slowly both the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships appeared to grasp what the masses understood immediately–that the riots aren't really about metal detectors. They're about what the entire conflict is about–Jewish sovereignty over "occupied" Muslim territory.
Mahmoud al-Habash, religious advisor to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, stated clearly that the "primary reason for the [killing of the two policemen] is the occupation, the cancer that corrodes stability, security and peace." Likewise, Palestinian diplomat Abu Alaa (Ahmed Qurei) said that what Israel is now doing looks like "reoccupation of Jerusalem," itself an interesting comment about who really controls the Temple Mount.

From the Israeli side, influential columnist Kalman Liebskind echoed the opinion of many when writing that "only a fool would believe that the issue is metal detectors … it is about sovereignty." Palestinians are unwilling to go through these devices because, he continues, "such checks proclaim that these are our security measures, this is our Mount. And it is for this reason why our government must not blink. For a blink would be another proof that we are not really sure whether this place is ours." 

A similar view was expressed by the daily Israel Hayom columnist Dror Eydar, who wrote that "a sovereign presence [at the Temple Mount] requires determination. Not a hesitant, indecisive presence that wishes to appease our enemies, but rather a clear and natural presence of a nation at its holiest site."

Now torn between fear of Muslim rage and necessity to protect Jewish life at all costs, Netanyahu is still weighing his options, including the complete removal of those metal detectors. Being dragged unwillingly into the sovereignty issue, Netanyahu is caught between a rock and a hard place, which means he is bound to disappoint his voters, and that very well may cost him the next election.


Israel and Jordan in Diplomatic Showdown Over Amman Embassy Attack

Tensions between Israel and Jordan were already building over the past week after Jerusalem reinstalled metal detectors at the Temple Mount following a fatal terrorist shooting there.

The Jordanian government is the official overseer of the Muslim holy sites occupying the Temple Mount, though security is supposedly in Israel's hands.

Now, relations between the neighboring countries appear to be on the brink of collapse after Jordanian terrorist attacked an Israeli embassy security guard in Amman.

The security officer was stabbed yesterday (23 July 2017) by a Jordanian worker who had entered the Israel Embassy compound for routine furniture replacement.

The security officer, the Jordanian landlord and two Jordanian workers were present. One of the workers attacked the Israeli security official from the rear and began stabbing him with a screwdriver. 

The security official, who was slightly wounded, defended himself.  During the incident, the Jordanian worker was killed, but the landlord was injured as well. He later died of his wounds.

In accordance with the Vienna Convention, the security officer has immunity from investigation and imprisonment.

But Jordan is demanding Israel hand him over for interrogation and possible conviction. The terrorist's family claim he was "shot in cold blood" and is now a "martyr."


Who Sold 50 Hectares Of Property In Jerusalem?

The Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem sold over 200 properties and apartments, all in expensive neighbourhoods of Jerusalem, to a mysterious group of companies last year. Since then, nervousness has broken out among the inhabitants of Talbiya, Rechavia and Nayot ...

This article appears in the current August / September issue of Israel Today.

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Arabic Message For a Messianic Jew

A Jewish follower of Jesus was having second thoughts about being ordained into the Church of England ministry when he got the surprise of his life.

A message in tongues was given during a home meeting which Ralph Goldenberg immediately recognised as Sudanese Arabic.

Having grown up in Sudan with the ability to speak several languages, he knew exactly what it meant. And it could not have been a clearer confirmation of his calling.

“Allah be’hebak – Inta min al dam beta Ibrahiem – Al Angiel fi fomak” _translates as: _“God loves you. You are from the blood of Abraham. The gospel is in your mouth.”

The messenger, who hadn’t even realised he had spoken a real (as opposed to angelic) language, subsequently interpreted what he had said (as instructed by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 14.27) as: “You are to proclaim the gospel and bring my people to the kingdom.”

As recorded in his autobiography, Find the Truth and Lock it in Your Heart (, that miraculous incident sparked the beginning of a very fruitful 20-year ministry for the Rev Goldenberg, a former optometrist who has since been helping people to see spiritual truths.

Now 72 and retired, Ralph led churches in various parts of England, including the Jewish community of Edgware in north London, where he encountered opposition as well as interest.

At his first church, in his home town of Bournemouth, he witnessed the miraculous healing of a missionary to China who had come home for back surgery which was cancelled after prayer and anointing with oil.

The Holy Spirit, who had so empowered the first believers on the Day of Pentecost that they spoke in the languages of Jews from many nations who were staying in Jerusalem for the festival (also known as Shavuot), has clearly played an essential role in Ralph’s ministry.

He recalls the time when, during a Pentecost Sunday service, “nearly everyone received the Holy Spirit and children spontaneously started praying and prophesying over the adults.” His final Pentecost service turned into an impromptu full immersion baptism and lasted four hours.

Ralph was among 40 grandchildren to a Chief Rabbi sent to lead the Jewish community in Sudan, and both his grandparents told him to ‘Find the truth and lock it in your heart’ – hence the book’s title.

So imagine his surprise when the vicar in charge of the church where he was married a golden 50 years ago (on July 29 2017) told him to “search for the truth and follow wherever it leads you”.

Ralph was sent to a Jewish school in Brighton, England – and seemed to meet Christians at every turn of his life from this point on. He had also, in fact, attended a Catholic school in Sudan.

He followed his father into optometry, meeting wife Helen at the City University in London where she was also an optometry student, and when he joined an optician’s partnership, he too was a Christian!

Ralph and Helen had three lovely boys, a beautiful home and in time seemed to have everything, but still felt empty inside.

They joined the Round Table, made friends with a Christian couple and soon became connected with St Mary’s, Ferndown.

“I am a Jew but I want to know about Jesus,” Ralph told the vicar. Helen meanwhile had already been persuaded that Jesus was knocking on the door of her life just waiting to be invited in (Revelation 3.20) and Ralph was duly challenged to read the New Testament, which he found ‘mind-blowing’.

But he needed to be sure that Jesus was divine. So he challenged God to send at least one person – perhaps even six – to say “Jesus is alive!”

He subsequently felt drawn to attend church with Helen, and was blown away when a new song was introduced which repeated the line ‘Jesus is alive today’ several times!

He never looked back, and it was ten years later, while experiencing pre-ordination nerves, that he got the knockout confirmation of his calling in Arabic!

Ralph has certainly found the truth his grandparents encouraged him to seek and is currently part of the leadership of the Church’s Ministry among Jewish people (CMJ), an international body dedicated to the spiritual rebirth of Israel.

PHOTO: Rev Ralph Goldenberg pictured at Swanwick in Derbyshire where he was among the speakers for this year’s UK conference of the Church’s Ministry among Jewish people (CMJ). Charles Gardner

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


Jerusalem On Edge As Israel (Sort Of) Flexes Muscles at Temple Mount

No, Jews still can't pray at Judaism's holiest site. The threat of Muslim violence has firmly established that status quo.

But Israel is partially exercising its sovereignty by refusing to remove newly reinstalled metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount.

It was Israel's acquiescence months ago to Muslim demands that it remove those metal detectors that facilitated last Friday's deadly terrorist shooting that took the lives of two Israeli police officers guarding the holy site.

Israel promptly put the metal detectors back in place, and the Muslim world proceeded to lose its mind.

At first, Muslims boycotted the holy site (which must not then be all that holy to them), but that only enabled more Jews to visit.

So, the Muslims instead decided to flood the Temple Mount this Friday, but were met by an Israel Police blockade.

Bus loads of Muslim, worshippers were turned back, while mobs of those who arrived on foot from more nearby locations pelted police with stones.

A number of local Arab village leaders and Arab Members of Knesset were detained for openly inciting violence.


Christian Archeologists Search for Biblical Tabernacle at Shiloh

At a time when a majority of people in the "Christian" West now reject the veracity of the Bible, believers with a more academic background are increasingly setting out to prove the Scriptures reliable.

One such Christian academic is Dr. Scott Stripling, head of the Associates for Biblical Research and director of a new excavation at Shiloh, where the Bible records the Tabernacle of God was located for 369 years.

Stripling told The Times of Israel: "There are some who say the Bible is unreliable. We have found it to be very reliable. We’re taking the Bible as a serious historical document, but the evidence is what the evidence is."

Stripling and his team of dedicated Christian researchers intend to dig at Shiloh and other sites in Israel for decades to come.

Already, they have uncovered large clay pots that were abandoned, which would hint at the biblical narrative that suggests Shiloh's sudden destruction. I Samuel chapter 4 records Israel's defeat at the hands of the Philistines and the subsequent loss of the Ark of the Covenant. The Prophet Jeremiah (7:12) later indicates that Shiloh itself was sacked following that defeat.


Muslims Return to Temple Mount, Jews and Christians Removed

For several days this week, the Islamic Trust (Waqf) was on strike over Israel's insistence on installing metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount.

Jewish groups took advantage of the situation to finally pray openly at Judaism's holiest site.

But the Waqf is now back on the job, and expelling any Jews and Christians who dare express their faith atop this holy mountain.


Why Did Trump Fail to Declare Iran Noncompliant?

Israel was eagerly awaiting this week's expiration of an American deadline for Iran to come into full compliance with the Obama-brokered nuclear deal.

Iran hadn't fully complied, and it was expected that President Donald Trump would use the opportunity to scuttle the Obama deal and finally hold Iran accountable.

And then he didn't.

The Associated Press is now reporting that Trump intended to publicly call out Iran, but was dissuaded from doing so at the last minute by top cabinet members.

According to the report, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and national security adviser H.R. McMaster successfully urged Trump to maintain the status-quo for the next few months so that his new Iran policy can be fully fleshed out.

What that means is that Iran will continue to enjoy sanctions relief until the next deadline three months from now, at which point most expect Trump will be unwilling to give the Islamic Republic another second chance.


Jews Openly Pray Atop Temple Mount For First Time in Decades

Jewish visitors to Jerusalem's Temple Mount on Monday did something that many are calling a prophetic breakthrough–they prayed, openly and without harassment.

Typically, non-Muslim visitors to Judaism's holiest site are accompanied by officials from the Islamic Trust (Waqf) to ensure they don't engage in acts of Christian or Jewish worship, which in the eyes of Muslims would desecrate the sacred compound that is today occupied by several mosques.

But this week, the Waqf was boycotting the Temple Mount over Israel's decision to reinstall metal detectors at its entrances.

Previously, Israel had removed the metal detectors at the behest of the Waqf and its Jordanian overseers. That ill-advised move enabled three Israeli Arab Muslim terrorists to enter the Temple Mount with guns last week. Following Friday prayers, they proceeded to murder two Israeli police officers there.

So Israel reinstalled the metal detectors. And the Waqf stayed away (and urged other Muslims to do the same). And Jews flocked to the Temple Mount unhindered for the first time in many years.

The first thing one of the Jewish groups did was go to the very point where the police officers were killed last week and recite prayers for the deceased and their families.

What made this action particularly poignant was that the officers themselves weren't Jewish. They were both members of Israel's Druze minority.


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Who Would Believe the Palestinian Peace Discourse?

Though founded in 1965 by the militant Muslim Brotherhood activist and Egyptian national Yasser Arafat, Israel is still unable to determine whether the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is primarily a religious or a nationalistic movement. 

This despite the fact that how one views the aspirations of such groups is a game changer. 

If the PLO, the largest and ruling faction in the Palestinian Authority, is primarily nationalistic, then, at least theoretically, peace is a real possibility. If, however, the PLO is religiously motivated, genuine peace is nothing more than a fool's hope.

In her book Yasser Arafat (2016), Ronit Marzan writes that even after Arafat's meeting with terror groups in 1997, after the signing of the Oslo Accords when he supposedly turned his back on terrorism, Israel's intelligence community couldn't agree on the meaning of Arafat's rhetoric. Despite recording him quoting repeatedly from the Koran, Israel top security minds couldn't agree on whether or not Arafat's was a religious discourse. 

Marzan was among those who chose to believe Arafat's peace rhetoric. So much so that even when Arafat used the thoroughly religious term "jihad," these people insisted that the Palestinians had moved from "military struggle" (lesser jihad) to building a state through diplomatic efforts (greater jihad). Accordingly, they believe that the Palestinians have given up on the violent religious struggle to "free" Palestine for a more realistic diplomatic effort to gain independence in the West Bank and Gaza. 

According to this view, from 1993 onwards, the PLO became primarily nationalistic in nature. The continued use of religious motifs in Palestinian discourse was merely meant to pacify the masses and slowly encourage them to accept Israel. It is this view that transformed Arafat's understudy, Mahmoud Abbas, into a genuine partner for peace. Not surprisingly, most of those advocating this view are left-wingers.

On the other side of the debate stand those who say that the Palestinian rhetoric of peace is in fact Taqiyya – a religious duty to conceal Islam's true goals. Among other things, Taqiyya shows itself in the attempts to convince the West that Islam is a religion of peace. Disassociating Islam from terror, for one, falls under the category of Taqiyya.

Itamar Marcus belongs to this school that says Palestinians are engaged in an elaborate campaign of deception to persuade Israelis that Palestinian violence is not jihad, but a legitimate struggle for freedom, justice and peace. Marcus, who in 1996 founded Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), said in an interview with Mida (November 2012) that religion is at the very core of the Palestinian Authority's worldview. Mahmoud Abbas, he noted, attends Friday prayers during which Palestinian clerics remind the faithful that war against Israel is religious, not nationalistic.

Marcus explained that these clerics, who are paid by the Palestinian Authority, define the struggle against Israel as Ribat, the noblest expression of jihad, because it is defensive rather offensive jihad. Defining the struggle against Israel as Ribat means that the Holy Land is a Muslim land. It is Arafat, Marcus continued, who turned the fight for a Palestinian state into a war against infidels who had conquered sacred Muslim territory. One might add that the recent UNESCO decision that Hebron is a Palestinian world heritage site is testimony to the effectiveness of this campaign of deception.

Both schools back their conclusions with documented Palestinian discourse, which leaves Israelis divided. The left chooses to believe the Palestinian a struggle is one of freedom and peace. The right chooses to believe that a peaceful Palestinian state is a means to achieve Islam's ultimate goal of dismantling the Jewish state. To date, most Israelis refuse to believe the Palestinian rhetoric of peace, and who can blame them?


Antisemitism Follows Resurgence of UK's Hard Left

The re-emergence of the British Labour Party as a serious contender for power – following a period when they seemed unelectable under a new leader from the hard Left – is extremely worrying.

Although I recognise a clear resurrection of Marxism here, it is also worryingly comparable to the nightmare scenario of the rise of Nazism in the early 1930s when Hitler was swept to power by an electorate desperate for a restoration of pride and plenty. With the rise of socialist agendas in Britain and in other countries, the subtle agenda of anti-Semitism is once more being carried along by an increasingly angry undercurrent for change.

I am not suggesting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a new Hitler, but it is difficult not to be reminded of the Nazi era. After all, swathes of young people came out in support of Corbyn – the no-hoper turned celebrity almost overnight – in spite of much negative press coverage, including his evident anti-Semitic sympathies. But as someone has said, “the lesson we learn from history is that we never learn the lesson from history!”

The latest victim of the menacing – some would say thuggish – behaviour of those surrounding Mr Corbyn is one of his own MPs, Luciana Berger, a 36-year-old Jewish mum representing a Liverpool constituency.

According to the Daily Mail, she faces the threat of de-selection from party activists unless she apologises for previously criticising her leader. A former member of the Shadow Cabinet who quit her post in protest at Mr Corbyn’s stance, Miss Berger has received vile anti-Semitic abuse including 2,500 hate-filled messages in just three days from internet trolls. These included threats to rape or kill her, while some featured the yellow star used by the Nazis to identify Jews.

Mr Corbyn has faced repeated criticism that he has failed to tackle anti-Semitism in his party. He has personally referred to terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah as ‘friends’ and, in October 2014, travelled to Tunisia to visit the grave of a PLO terrorist linked with the massacre of Jewish athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

But none of this seems to move the rising mass of ‘Corbynistas’, who instead turn out to cheer their man as if he were some kind of pop star. Meanwhile, Labour takes an eight-point lead over the Conservatives – 46 per cent to 38 – according to a YouGov poll for The Times.

Grassroots group Momentum, evidently responsible for Mr Corbyn’s meteoric rise to prominence, has clearly recruited a sea of red political soldiers waving flags of intolerance at anyone daring to oppose their ideologies.

Isi Leibler, a highly respected Jewish leader and commentator, advises Britain’s Jews to cross this ‘Red Sea’ by packing their bags for Israel. The threat to their well-being and safety may be worse than at any time since 1656, when Jews were invited back to Britain under Cromwell following their expulsion in 1290.

“It is a horrifying prospect that a man who publicly praises Hamas and Hezbollah as his ‘friends’, who attended a ceremony in Tunis commemorating the murderer of Israeli Olympic athletes, was employed by the state-controlled Iranian TV to present programs, and tolerated the proliferation of overt anti-Semitism in his party was so close to being elected Prime Minister,” he wrote.

Such huge support “for a primitive Trotskyite whose friends include terrorists…is simply mind-boggling”.

The ‘red line’ has now been crossed for British Jews who are considered pariahs by a substantial proportion of the nation, he added. Anti-Israel rhetoric has reached unprecedented levels both in street demonstrations and at universities, while armed guards are now required at schools, synagogues and other Jewish centres.

By contrast to the 1930s, he said, today’s Jews have a state willing to embrace them where they can enjoy the fruits of the Jewish national renaissance and leave behind the humiliation of anti-Semitism.

Germany in the 1930s might seem a world away from 21

st century Britain, but what makes us think we are insured against totalitarianism, dictatorship, chaos and confusion, riots in the streets and even civil war?

We can insure our houses against a variety of risks, but there is no such insurance policy for our nation at this time. We have turned our backs on the Lord of glory – and he has left us to our own devices and dilemmas. We are now paying heavily for not taking out (everlasting) life insurance as we reap the consequences of worshipping the hedonistic idols of atheism, with society breaking down, terror stalking our streets and what we used to regard as ‘sin’ being celebrated and promoted.

In 1930s Germany, few dreamed that this apparently charismatic figure who talked of restoring German pride and was gaining in popularity by the day would, within a dozen years, have sent 50 million people to their deaths in a war that would see the destruction of the nation’s economy along with many of its great cities, and the most appalling crime in history – the murder of six million Jews.

Many believe the Holocaust could never happen again – and some actually believe it never took place at all – because it was wicked beyond belief. But in Britain’s brave new world where anything goes, a party whose leader has obvious anti-Semitic sympathies is now more popular than the newly re-elected Conservative Government of Theresa May, which has had to agree to work with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party to carry out legislation.

It’s worth recalling that homosexuals were also sent to Nazi death camps. But now, perversely, their lifestyle is held up as something for which we must all be proud – and those who disagree are, like the Jews, also pariahs. Of course both these scenarios are horribly wrong. God loves gay people as much as any of us, but not their lifestyle.

An estimated one million people joined the ‘Gay Pride’ march through London, seen by the BBC as something to lift our spirits in these difficult times blighted by terror and confusion. But the ‘happy’ scene is in fact a tragedy, underscored for me as I watched the TV cameras pan across the parade down Regent Street with the distinctive features of All Souls, Langham Place, in the background.

For many across the world, this church is seen as the very heart and soul of Christian evangelicalism – representing those who believe the Bible is the unchanging word of God for all time; and that it means what it says, and says what it means. But the contrast picked up by the cameras also reminds us that the current state of the union is only temporary, whereas our God is eternal. Comparing people to grass, the prophet Isaiah wrote: “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever” (Isa 40:8).

And remember: “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account” (Heb 4:13).

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


Tourism to Israel is Booming

Israel logged record levels of incoming tourism during the first half of 2017.

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin stated:

“The June tourism statistics bring us to record levels for incoming tourism in the first six months of the year. Our policy continues to prove itself and to bear fruit, and we can see that the right marketing strategy can bring Israel to new heights."

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, some 1.74 million tourists entered Israel between January-June of this year. That’s an increase of 26 percent over 2016 and 24 percent over 2015.


VIDEO: The Dead Sea - Like No Place on Earth


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Jerusalem On Edge After Police Officers Murdered at Temple Mount

There was bolstered security in and around Jerusalem's Old City just days after two Border Police officers were shot dead by Muslim terrorists following prayers atop the Temple Mount.

Recently, Jordan, which administers the Temple Mount, complained about Israel installing metal detectors at the entrances to the holy site.

So, Israel removed them.

And that allowed three terrorists from the northern Israel town of Umm al-Fahm to attend Friday Islamic prayers armed with guns, which they used to murder the Israeli policemen as they departed the time of worship.

Both of the victims were identified as members of Israel's Druze minority.

Israeli responded by closing the Temple Mount completely for the first time since 1969, reinstalling the metal detectors and arresting three Islamic Trust (Waqf) officials who are believed to have facilitated or encouraged the attack.

Israel was scheduled to reopen the Temple Mount to Muslim worshippers on Sunday afternoon following a fierce outcry from the Islamic world.

Ignoring almost completely the unprovoked attack on the policemen, Muslim leaders from Israel and from across the Arab world accused the Jewish state of moving the region closer to religious conflict.

Muslims claim that Israel will use such incidents to "Judaize" the Temple Mount. But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that he will maintain the status quo and continue to prevent Jews from praying at Judaism's holiest site, in accordance with Muslim demands.


Hamas May Have No Choice But to Attack Israel, Soon

Hamas is feeling the pressure like never before. Even while being pounded by Israeli bombs, the terror group was never in so much trouble as it is today.

The full article appears in the July 2017 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
CLICK HERE to read it all


Israel Inventing Robotic Llamas to Serve in IDF


COMMENTARY: Why Jesus Died

Persecution of the Jews – at least from those supposedly following Jesus – would perhaps have been largely avoided if the Church had fully understood the Messianic promises of the Tenach (Old Testament).

Biblical illiteracy among Christians (certainly in the West) is a major contributing factor to its present backslidden state, which is why I heartily recommend R T Kendall’s book Why Jesus Died, published in 2011 by Monarch.

Sadly, the demise of many Christian bookshops in Britain is the reason I have only just come across this profoundly inspiring meditation on Isaiah 53, with a foreword by Jews for Jesus associate executive director Susan Perlman.

The much-loved preacher specifically addresses Jews at various points, but the whole work, in my opinion, is more of a challenge to a sleepy church that has either forgotten or deliberately cut herself off from her Hebraic roots.

Lack of understanding of the fundamental truth that the Messiah had to die – it wasn’t principally the fault of the Jews, or the Romans – is what, in large measure, led to the pogroms perpetrated against God’s chosen people over the centuries.

It is true, of course, that Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor, handed Jesus over to be crucified, and that the Jewish chief priests consented to it. But Jesus died for our sins – so in that sense we all put him on the cross.

However, ultimately, it was God’s doing – as the Kentucky-born preacher so eloquently argues.

Isaiah wrote: “Yet it was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer…” (Isa 53.10)

And in the case of verse 6 of the chapter, Kendall calls it “the Bible in a nutshell”, rather as John 3.16 is often described.

The verse reads as follows: “We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.”

The author writes: “Isaiah 53.6 basically shows two things: that we are all sinners but God has shown his love by transferring the guilt of our sins to Jesus who has paid our debt.”

That many Jews still can’t see that this ancient prophecy is so clearly fulfilled in Jesus is a point of great frustration to many Christians. But as R T points out, it may seem obvious, but we all still need the Holy Spirit to give us the revelation we need on Scripture.

In summary, the passage under consideration speaks, not of a charismatic personality who would be immediately recognised for his dashing looks and regal qualities, but of a Messiah who was despised and rejected, afflicted, wounded and even “cut off from the land of the living” – despite the fact that “he had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth”. But he would be raised to life and justify many by his sacrifice.

In acknowledging the part played by Jews in Jesus’ death, the author asserts that God has not washed his hands of them. He is ashamed of anti-Semitism in the church, including that of Reformation founder Martin Luther himself, which he believes was fuelled by the verse, _“All the people answered: ‘His blood is on us and on our children!’” _(Matthew 27.25)

Kendall’s view is that there is no clear evidence that they had authority to pass on a curse to successive generations of Jews.

“Although blindness came on Israel and God opened the door to Gentiles (Romans 11.7-12), the door has always been open to all people who would accept the gospel…I also believe with all my heart that the blindness now on Israel is about to be lifted, and that it won’t be merely dozens but hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of Jews who will be converted before the Second Coming of Jesus.”

This book is extremely edifying and enlightening, a ‘must read’ for all serious believers.

Susan Perlman calls it “a treasure trove of gems and practical applications” written with “such skill and biblical insight”.

And evangelist J John says of the title (Why Jesus Died): “This is the most important question to ask, and here is the most insightful and inspirational answer I have ever read.”

R T Kendall, now 82, was minister at the famous Westminster Chapel in London for 25 years and now lives in Tennessee, though he continues to make regular appearances on the TBN-UK television channel.

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


What Occupation? Most Israelis Say This Land is Ours

A growing majority of Israelis no longer sees the presence of Jews or the Israeli military in the so-called "West Bank" as an occupation.

Many do see it as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

That wasn't what the researchers behind a recent survey hoped to find.

Under the banner "Save Israel. Stop the Occupation," Tel Aviv University professors Dr. Nimrod Rosler and Daniel Bar-Tal set out to reveal what most Israelis think about the biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria and the Jewish settlements there.

According to the survey, as reported by Israel National News, a mere 30 percent of Israelis today view this as "occupation."

That is down from 51 percent who said in 2004 that Israel was occupying the West Bank.

The drop in the number of Israelis who see the situation in Judea and Samaria as an occupation has corresponded to a drastic reduction in those who support the land-for-peace process leading to a "two state solution."


Temperatures In Israel Have Been At Record Levels

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The Meaning of UNESCO's Decisions Regarding Jewish Heritage in the Holy Land

The latest UNESCO decision to recognize Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs as a threatened "Palestinian" world heritage site sparked a tantrum among Israeli leaders. 

Though it is a given that Hebron is an indisputably Jewish heritage site, in all fairness at least the Cave has become a Muslim heritage site, too. UNESCO's manifest about old town of Hebron al-Khalil & its environs demonstrates its unforgivable bias that conveniently skips any Jewish history in the area. Yet, to argue that Hebron has nothing to do with Islam is to miss the point entirely.

Stressing the importance of Hebron for Islam inevitably shifts the conflict from the nationalistic to the religious sphere. Whether wittingly or not, UNESCO has agreed to prefer Islam's version of the Bible, transforms Abraham into the father of Islamic faith. When Prime Minister Netanyahu says in response that Abraham is the father of the Jewish people, he says nothing Muslims don't know. They would agree, but would also insist that because Jews have forsaken the teachings of the prophets, they no longer belong to the heritage of the prophets, Abraham being the first of them.

Netanyahu and UNESCO demonstrate best of all what happens when the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is finally placed in its correct context: A fight over God's inheritance that can never be compromised. 

This sober reality means that the conflict will end only when Israel or the Palestinians accept the other side's interpretation of the Bible. This, we all know, will never happen. Furthermore, if the conflict is primarily religious in nature, as indeed it is, a Palestinian state should be viewed as a tool designed to achieve a greater Islamic goal, which is to free the Promised Land from the grip of the most vile of infidels, the Jews.

Unfortunately, since its miraculous victory in 1967, Israel has been content to pay little more than lip service to Jewish heritage sites like the Temple Mount and the Cave of the Patriarchs. Even Netanyahu's decision to divert money from UNESCO to building a Jewish heritage center in Hebron is pathetic. Rather than strengthening living Jews, he has opted for building a memorial for the dead. 

For some, this comes as little surprise, considering that it was Netanyahu who, in 1997, agreed to pull out of Hebron under the Oslo Accords. And it wasn't only Netanyahu. Every Israeli prime minister since then has been willing to surrender more and more of Hebron, along with its sacred Jewish heritage sites, to the Palestinians. Such a policy leaves the onlooker wondering about the level of Jewish commitment to their heritage.

Nevertheless, UNESCO's greatest service is in its insistence on clearly revealing the true nature of the conflict. By its consistent decisions denying Jewish heritage in the Holy Land, UNESCO says loud and clear that a significant part of the international community prefers the welfare of Islam over that of the Jewish people.


Palestinian Terrorist Rams Israeli Soldier

An Israeli soldier was moderately wounded when a Palestinian terrorist rammed him with his vehicle south of Jerusalem on Monday.

The attack occurred just outside the Judean community of Tekoa, a short distance south of Bethlehem.

The assailant reportedly exited his vehicle and tried to stab another soldier before being shot and neutralized. He then received medical attention from Israeli first responders.

The injured soldier is said to be 20 years old.

It should be noted that "moderate" injuries may not sound that bad, but typically result in life-long disabilities, like the loss of an arm or leg. Just because the injury is not life-threatening doesn't mean this young man won't suffer for the rest of his life.


Palestinian Authority Thanks Terrorists For Murdering 22 Jewish Kids

In the above video, an announcer on official state-run Palestinian Authority TV is heard openly praising the actions of the terrorists who perpetrated the Ma'alot massacre in 1974.

Ma'alot is situated in northern Israel, far from the "disputed territories." The attack was a demonstration that Palestinian groups ultimately intend to "liberate" all of the Holy Land from Jewish rule.

In this particular attack, jihadists with the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) infiltrated an elementary school in the Galilee town of Ma'alot and took the entire student body and faculty as hostages.

When Israeli commandoes attempted to storm the facility, the terrorists massacred 22 Israeli children and four teachers.

The Palestinian Authority continues to see this as a "heroic" military operation, rather than the brutal act of senseless murder that it is.


It's Time to Back Israel, or Face the Consequences

The moral backbone of the UK Government is once more being tested – this time on the crucial issue of whether or not we will stand with Israel in her time of need.

Stalked by terror and threats on every side, the Jewish state is potentially in as great a peril now as its people were under the Nazis, with an estimated 120,000 missiles pointed at Israeli cities by the Iran-sponsored, Lebanese-based terror group Hezbollah.

And supporters of this vile enemy of democracy have been allowed to march through the streets of London waving an intimidating flag featuring an assault rifle, and calling for the destruction of Israel!

In the wake of a petition signed by over 10,000 people calling upon the UK Government to ban Hezbollah which Home Secretary Amber Rudd has promised to consider, a House of Commons debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was called on Wednesday.

It was perhaps aptly summed up by the sense of de ja vu expressed by one participant as ‘two-state solution’ mantra once more echoed through the chamber.

But Israel clearly still has friends in the UK who understand their predicament. Conservative member John Howell made the point that no lasting peace was possible if Palestinians continue to be indoctrinated to hate Jews and Scottish Conservative Ross Thomson called for a full ban on Hezbollah, adding that Israel was “truly a beacon of democracy in a troubled region”.

Fellow Conservative Theresa Villiers said that glorifying terrorists was part of the problem, mentioning how 25 Palestinian schools had been named after them, and quoting PA leader Mahmoud Abbas as saying, “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem.”

Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt commended Labour’s new MP for Peterborough, Fiona Onasanya, for blaming man’s frailties rather than religion for causing these problems after she had referred to the UK Parliament’s motto, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain” (Psalm 127.1) – inscribed into the stone floor of the central lobby and written in Latin.

Unfortunately, the general misunderstanding of Israel being the ‘occupying power’ skews the narrative in favour of the Palestinians, whereas in truth the Jews are entitled to every square inch of Judea and Samaria – and much more – according to the terms of the international treaty signed at San Remo in Italy in 1920.

The aforesaid petition, launched by Christians United for Israel (CUFI), follows the June 18 Al Quds march through central London during which anti-Israel protestors carried Hezbollah flags.

The terror organization is banned throughout the world – including by the Arab League – but only its military wing is proscribed in the UK. This provided the legal loophole allowing marchers to show their support for its political wing. Yet, by its own admission, Hezbollah does not differentiate between its political and military wings.

“If Britain is to genuinely say ‘no to terror’ then all terrorist organizations must be banned without compromise,” says CUFI UK executive director Des Starritt. “Following the Arab League and the United States in proscribing Hezbollah is one simple step that the UK Government can take in ensuring that extremism will not be tolerated in this country.”

Indeed, what is so complicated about that?

The organization shamelessly calls for the destruction of Israel and now has “more missiles below ground in Lebanon than the European NATO allies have above ground,” according to Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon.

“Hezbollah has placed these positions next to schools and other public institutions, putting innocent civilians in great danger,” he said.

In fact, Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot says “every third or fourth house” of southern Lebanon’s civilian population is being used as human shields for terror activities.

Meanwhile mortar shells have been fired across the Israeli border from the Tehran-backed Syrian army, increasing the prospect of global conflict possibly also involving Russia. And Iran’s long-held aim of wiping Israel off the map was graphically demonstrated at the UN where a photo was shared showing their use of a Jewish ‘Star of David’ symbol as a target for a ballistic missile test.

It’s time our politicians faced up to the fact that the terror tactics we have recently witnessed in Manchester and London were first used on the streets of Israel. Now even Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan has reportedly sought help from Israel on security matters.

The Bible says very clearly that if you bless the seed of Abraham, you will be blessed; but that cursing will bring judgment. (Genesis 12.3) In the days leading up to the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Britain ruled the waves and it was said that the sun never set on our empire. But in the last 100 years, during which we have repeatedly betrayed Israel, we have not only lost our empire, but have fallen into decadence and confusion.

Surely we are not suggesting that Israel deserves terror, but we don’t?

Speaking of the future glory of Zion, the prophet Isaiah wrote: “For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish; it will be utterly ruined.” (Isa 60.12)

And it’s also worth noting that former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar has urged support for Israel on the basis that “if it goes down, we all go down”.

He argues that the Jewish state is at the cutting edge in the battle between militant Islam and the West and, in a Times article, concludes: “Israel is a fundamental part of the West which is what it is thanks to its Judeo-Christian roots. If the Jewish element of those roots is upturned and Israel lost, then we are lost too. Whether we like it or not our fate is inextricably intertwined.”

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


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