The Last Jewish Family from Aleppo, Syria is Safe in Israel

The Last Jewish Family from Aleppo, Syria is Safe in Israel

The two women in this story, whose personal story could make a great Hollywood thriller, are now living in Ashkelon's Absorption Center. These last Jews to live in Aleppo, Syria, were smuggled out of the bombarded city in an intricate operation carried out a year ago by Free Syrian Army Muslim men. This operation was financed and run by Moti Kahana, an American Israeli businessman who for the last four hears has been in close contact with Syrian insurgents. 88 year-old Miriam (not her real name) and her 53 year-old daughter were smuggled from Aleppo through the Turkish border to Istanbul and from there were brought to Israel.

Miriam kept a Jewish life style, and continued to eat kosher food despite it being difficult to obtain in the midst of civil war. Miriam's second daughter Linda (not her real name), along with her Muslim husband and his three children from his first marriage escaped with her to Istanbul. However, Since Linda converted to Islam, the couple didn't want to go to Israel and, in any case, were not entitled to enter Israel under the Law of Return which is applicable to Jews only. They, in the end, chose to return to Syria.

Miriam knows biblical Hebrew from the prayer book and at a young age attended Aleppo's main synagogue, where the legendary Hebrew Bible manuscript, the Aleppo codex, was kept. In retaliation to the 1947 UN "Partition Plan," this synagogue was set on fire and destroyed.

The Jewish family lived in extremely difficult conditions in the area of Aleppo which is in an area controlled by the Syrian government forces. Water and electricity were cut off after this area was severely bombarded by the insurgents. The journey from Aleppo to Turkey lasted 12 hours. On the way the family was stopped at a Jabhat al-Nusra road block. Disguised as Muslims, and only after a grueling investigation, were they allowed to continue on their way.

"This is the last Jewish family from Aleppo," stated Moti Kahana. This brings to closure 2700 years of Jewish life in this city. Kahana criticized the Jewish Agency for not permitting the converted daughter to enter Israel and de facto abandoned them in Istanbul. In return the Jewish Agency blamed Kahana for luring the family to leave Aleppo with the promise to bring them to the United States, and that the family initially did not want to go to Israel. The Jewish Agency stressed that they offered Linda's family to arrive in Israel, initially as tourists, but they have refused the offer.


Jerusalem: A 'Cup of Reeling' to the Nations

Jerusalem: A 'Cup of Reeling' to the Nations

During a war simulation at Harvard University in 1982, researchers, who were neither Jewish nor Muslim, concluded that World War III will break out because of the mosques on the Temple Mount.

The full article appears in the December 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Are children close to your heart?

Are children close to your heart?

"Praise Jehovah, O Jerusalem; Praise thy God, O Zion. For he hath strengthened the bars of thy gates; He hath blessed thy children within thee." Psalms 147:12,13

Children are often considered a burden in many countries and more and more couples consider never having children. God's first commandment to mankind at creation was "And God blessed them: and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply." Gen 1:28

In Israel, by contrast, children are still considered a blessing and the model of the extended family is still respected. There are many children that are living under the poverty line as not all are born into fortunate circumstances.

This year during Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Light, we at Israel Today will set out to bless and surprise some children hospitalized during the festival gifts of sweets in order to share some light and love on an often dreary hospital stay. We will, in addition, visit the Makor Hatikvah Messianic school and delight the children with Hanukkah gifts.

Are children also close to your heart?


Christian Surfers in the 'Promised Land'

Christian Surfers in the 'Promised Land'

The following article first appeared in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.

Todd Morehead had always dreamt of one thing—becoming a professional surfer. Growing up in California, he could think of nothing else. But there was a competing focus that eventually won out—a desire to travel in service to the Kingdom of God.

Fortunately, Morehead came to realize his two passions could be combined. “I found myself working for different Christian organizations, not only doing ministry, but also surfing,” he says in the opening to his documentary film Promised Land.

Eventually, those travels brought him to Israel.

“I’ve been able to go all around the world, but Israel keeps coming to the forefront of my mind,” explains Morehead. “My heart is that all Christians would find a really deep-seated love for the Jews, and that they would discover how Jewish our faith is.”

Amid refurbishing bomb shelters in the Galilee with Shelters of Hope and befriending local surfers, Morehead realized other Christians needed to know the struggles of Israelis who want to live in peace but are forced to face constant conflict, and why this should speak to anyone who believes in the Bible.

“As Christians, God calls us to love the Jews,” he asserts. “I feel a debt of gratitude toward the Jewish people.”

Besides his hands-on, practical ministry work, Morehead began to lead groups of other Christian surfers to visit the Holy Land and catch some Israeli waves.

Promised Land is the continuation of that work. In the stunning, hour-long documentary, Morehead highlights his friendship with the Israeli surfer community, its history, the challenges faced by all living in the Jewish state, and how, in whatever small ways possible, a handful of Christian surfers are working with their Israeli counterparts for peace. He also intersperses biblical and historical teachings.

Two people along to help Morehead were world-renowned surfing champion Tom Curren and California-based Messianic rabbi Barney Kasdan.

“As Christians, [Israel] is a very important place for us,” says Curren. “It was really moving to see Jerusalem for the first time. To think that so much hinges on what happens to Jerusalem; it’s such an important place.”

While Curren was moved by his first Holy Land experience, those in Israel familiar with surfing were moved by the presence of such a legend.

“Almost everywhere we went, word got out somehow that Tom Curren is in the Land,” recounts Kasdan, adding jokingly, “I’d almost say it was like Elijah coming ahead of the Messiah.”

The film concludes with Morehead’s Israeli surfer friend Hani stating, “I believe that God gave the Jewish people this land. It’s there, it’s in the Bible.”

Nevertheless, Morehead has found that in the charged atmosphere of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, many Christians no longer believe that. He told Israel Today that his next project is a documentary “exploring my continued journey in Israel, seeking truth specifically behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with the goal of giving a proper Christian response.”

After already producing Promised Land which has had a positive impact on young people prone to adopting the “Palestinian cause,” we wondered why an additional documentary was necessary. Morehead pointed out that the new anti-Semitism disguised as social justice requires a direct response.

“Christians are being told from both secular and Christian media that if they believe in justice then they need to stand with the underdog, who are always portrayed as the Palestinians,” he said. “But we believe that if people really care about justice, then they need to look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a broader lens, a lens that considers the destructive influence of radical Islam within Palestinian society and the Middle East.”

And, of course, for Christians there is the fact that all of this is part of “God fulfilling His covenant promises to the people of Israel,” which includes “a redemptive plan and a deep love for the Arabs living in the region.”

Check out Promised Land at
To contact Todd Morehead about this and his upcoming project:


The December issue of Israel Today Magazine is now available!

The December issue of Israel Today Magazine is now available!

Our latest issue of Israel Today Magazine is now available. Don't miss out reading the latest articles and keep informed.

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Senior IDF Officers Hurt in Vehicular Terror Attack

Senior IDF Officers Hurt in Vehicular Terror Attack

Two senior IDF officers, a colonel and a lieutenant-colonel, and two enlisted soldiers were wounded on Tuesday morning when a Palestinian Arab terrorist rammed his vehicle into the Tapuah Junction in Samaria.

The officers had been surveying the area as part of an effort to reduce Palestinian stabbing and vehicular attacks on Israelis.

One of the Israelis was listed in moderate condition, while the others suffered light injuries.

The assailant was shot and wounded by other soldiers stationed nearby. He received immediate medical attention and will be taken in for questioning.

The attack comes a day after two Palestinian girls aged 14 and 16 went on a stabbing rampage at Jerusalem’s open air Mahane Yehudah market.

The girls, relatives of Palestinians killed in violent clashes with the IDF years ago, used scissors to stab four people, including a 70-year-old Arab man they mistook for a Jew.

A police officer who witnessed the attack shot both girls, killing one and moderately wounding the second.

Also on Monday, a knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist attacked an off-duty 18-year-old IDF soldier who stopped for gas on the 443 highway north of Jerusalem. The attacker was shot and killed by other soldiers responding to the scene.


The Impertinence of Breaking the Silence

The Impertinence of Breaking the Silence

The new viral video showing a tour of the radical Israeli group "Breaking the Silence" in Hebron has forced Israeli news outlets to deal with this organization that is causing considerable damage to Israel's reputation. 

Breaking the Silence is a left-wing organ operating under the pretense of exposing alleged IDF atrocities in the West Bank and Gaza. This group, whose purpose is to end the "occupation," has won the favor of European countries that today finance its activities, among which was assisting the biased 2009 and 2014 United Nations "fact-finding missions" that accused Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza. Last June, Israel formally complained to the Swiss government over its financing this organization.

The video published yesterday was the work of Amit Deri, an IDF reserve platoon commander who got fed up with Breaking the Silence and its subversive activity in Hebron and elsewhere. 

On his Facebook page Deri writes: "Though I thought I'd seen everything, what happened to me during my last reserve duty in Hebron managed to surprise and disappoint me." The video shows one of the Breaking the Silence leaders, Avner Gevaryahu, telling a small group of British tourists stories detached from any context (a favorite technique among such groups) that were supposed to demonstrate how inhumane the IDF is.

One story speaks of "soldiers using machine guns hitting civilian centers in Hebron." Responding to the question of how many were killed in this alleged attack, Breaking the Silence spokesman Yehuda Shaul couldn't provide the name of a single Palestinian casualty from an event that purportedly happened in response to a Palestinian sniper killing Israeli infant Shalhevet Pass in 2001.

Another story speaks of irritated soldiers trying to watch an important soccer game. They "look for an apartment that has a satellite dish, blindfold the people there and watch the game. This happens whenever there is an important game on the television," claimed the tour guide. 

Even if not regarded as trifle, when asked if such things truly happened, Deri said that during all the years he served in Hebron he never encountered anything of the sort. Qualifying himself, Deri stated candidly that "moral failures" could and have happened. But contrary to Breaking the Silence's suggestion that such failures are deliberate policy, Deri insists that they are rare exceptions that are dealt with severely by the IDF.

Amit Deri is the latest addition to a growing number of Israelis tired of fringe organizations fueled by European money working to defame Israel in service to a political agenda rejected and resented by a majority of the nation.


COMMENTARY: Why Aren’t We One, As Yeshua Prayed?

COMMENTARY: Why Aren’t We One, As Yeshua Prayed?

Just before his death, Yeshua prayed for all those who would become his followers, “Father, may they all be one, even as You, Father, are in me and I in You…so that the world may believe you sent me” (John 17:21). 

However, according to official estimates there are now around 40,000 Christian denominations in the world, with the Catholic Church being by far the largest. It has become painfully obvious to all that this often boisterous disunity in the body of Messiah has presented a flawed testimony to our gospel of love and truth. As a result, all sorts of ecumenical discussions have transpired in recent decades to try and put Humpty-Dumpty together again. 

All I can say is God help us if they ever do (and they might). Not only would it be declaring the Reformation a mistake, but staring back at us would be the same monolithic, intolerant, ecclesiastical power that dominated the Western World for over a thousand years. The one which brought us such loving ministries as the Inquisition and the Crusades. So even if the Church does manage to solve its unity problem (at least on the surface), it would hardly convince the world the Father had sent Yeshua. Least of all the Jews, who probably suffered the most from our ‘togetherness.’

The problem is that the Jews are the one people upon whom our unity most depends. But they have been historically excluded from ever being majorly included by Replacement Theology. After all, when Yeshua prayed his prayer of unity the Church was 100% Jewish. At the time, only he understood there’d be a lot of folks coming in after he left who wouldn’t be Jewish. He tried to prepare his little flock that some outsiders “would hear My voice also, and [you’d all] become one flock with one Shepherd” (John 10:10). But even Yeshua’s heads-up couldn’t numb their shock when the new sheep joining the fold turned out to be – ugh – uncircumcised goyiim.  

At first, it was thought the best way to clean up these unsavory new sheep was to apply circumcision, not understanding yet that the circumcised heart was all that was required under Israel’s new Covenant. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit vetoed that approach at the Council of Jerusalem. Our oneness would now be based on faith alone. But no sooner had we begun moving towards unity when Rome threw everybody out of the country. And everything was put on hold for some two thousand years. 

That separation, of course, gave God time to find all those missing descendants of Abraham scattered among the nations whom He’d marked for salvation. But instead of all those new believers remaining as one body with one head, Yeshua, each functioning in their place in the power of the Holy Spirit, we turned it into 40,000 disconnected, squabbling organizations with multiple heads. Perhaps the one thing that united the Church most was its profound dislike for all things Jewish.

In the world’s sight, these two peoples called to proclaim the one true God appeared to have nothing in common. The Jews became the most despised and persecuted people on earth. And the Church a kaleidoscope of unfathomable theologies and diverse worship practices. Jeremiah’s words could not be more fitting: “Have you not observed what this people have spoken, saying, ‘The two families which the Lord chose, He has rejected them? Thus they despise My people, no longer are they as a nation in their sight” (Jer. 33:24).

But in spite of our continued separation we can be certain our Father heard Yeshua’s prayer and has every intention of answering it. Above all else, He wants the world to know His Son is who he said he was. 

Furthermore, I‘m convinced this coming together of Christians and Jews in our day under the banner of Zionism is God at long last starting to make us His “one new man” in Yeshua. And when our true unity in Messiah is complete, I believe Yeshua will be gloriously revealed to the world in a way we could have never imagined. 

And the best news is – “none will be missing!” (Jer. 23:4; John 6:39). 

Brian Hennessy is the author of Valley of the Steeples, available at: ketchpublishing/BrianHennessyBooks.htm


The Mossad Zoo

The Mossad Zoo

Reminiscent of the Dark Ages, no charge is too absurd to blame on the Jews and stir up hatred against Israel.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Chutzpa! Formerly-Jewish Store Pulls Israeli Products

Chutzpa! Formerly-Jewish Store Pulls Israeli Products

The largest department store in continental Europe has pulled from its shelves any product marked “Made in Israel” that has any manufacturing connection to Judea, Samaria or the Golan Heights.

Spokesmen for KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens) said the decision was in accordance with the European Union’s ruling that products from these areas be marked as coming from “occupied Palestine.”

As soon as the proper labeling is added, the store promised to return the Israeli products to its shelves.

What makes this move so infuriating to many is that KaDeWe started out as a Jewish-owned store that was stolen from its original proprietors by the Nazis.

KaDeWe was founded in the heart of Berlin in 1905 by Jewish businessman Adolf Jandorf. In 1927, it was purchased by another Jewish businessman, Hermann Tietz, who transformed KaDeWe into Europe’s premier shopping experience.

But just six years later, the Nazis enacted their race laws that prohibited Jews from owning businesses, and Hermann Tietz’s company, including KaDeWe, was handed over to more “Aryan” owners.

If you, dear reader, find this offensive, then it’s time to show the Israeli and worldwide Jewish market that you stand with them.


Jonathan Pollard is Finally Free, Sort Of...

Jonathan Pollard is Finally Free, Sort Of...

American-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is free after spending 30 years of a life sentence in a US prison.

Pollard was released from Butner Prison in North Carolina on Friday morning after becoming eligible for parole.

Successive American presidents had rejected Israeli pleas that Pollard be pardoned. Many have argued that the secrets he sold to Israel as a US naval analyst amounted to information Washington was supposed to share with the Jewish state, but was withholding.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said simply that he had “longed for this day.”

But as Pollard left the confines of prison, he found himself somewhat less free than he had hoped.

The somewhat unprecedented conditions of Pollard’s parole mean that he will live the next five years as isolated as possible.

Pollard must wear a GPS ankle monitor, any company that employs him must open their computers to constant government surveillance, he is forbidden to speak to the media, and immigrating to Israel is out of the question.

Lawyers have noted that these conditions make Pollard virtually unemployable, and he can hardly speak to anyone for fear of being quoted by the press.

Those working on Pollard’s behalf contest the parole arrangement, pointing out that there is almost zero risk the former spy will pass on additional classified information. The secrets to which he was formerly privy are now all outdated.


Healing in More Ways Than One

Healing in More Ways Than One

"I don’t hate the Jews. I only hate those who did this right here," the boy's grandfather tells Israel Today.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Dancing With the Devil

Dancing With the Devil

Even before I learnt that the main target of the Paris massacre was a theatre until recently owned by Jews, I had been wondering whether we Westerners were reaping the consequences of ‘dancing with the devil’.

That so many civilians enjoying an evening out should suddenly find themselves face to face with a virtual firing squad almost defies the imagination. But there was evidently an elephant in the room, a great unmentionable that dare not speak its name.

London Mayor Boris Johnson referred to the perpetrators – Islamic State terrorists – as a ‘death cult’, which it certainly is. But what commentators seem deliberately to have missed – along with the Bataclan concert hall’s Jewish connection – was the link between such evil extremism and the dark nature of the concert that claimed most of the lives lost last Friday night.

The Eagles of Death Metal band had apparently just started a song called Kiss the devil when the gunmen opened fire and the auditorium morphed into the devil’s domain. Fantasy became reality, with one witness describing it as “hell”.

There was mention of prophecy in the Mail on Sunday, who recalled their “prophetic” report in May headlined “Med boats’ secret cargo: jihadis bound for Britain”. The same paper also reported the “chilling prophecy” of a controversial film about a terrorist rampage in Paris – about to open in French cinemas – that has now had to be withdrawn twice in the wake of the actual thing happening instead. (It was also due to be screened earlier this year, but was pulled following the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and Jewish supermarket.)

Hardly anyone in the media talks of biblical prophecy, however. Yet that would shed an awful lot of light on this dark subject! Just one example of this is that the world would be full of violence – as in the days of Noah – in the time immediately preceding the return of Jesus to set up his kingdom of peace.

Politicians have referred to the Paris massacre as an ‘attack on civilization’. But my response is: what civilization? We seem obsessed with dark and lurid fantasy, and with images of violence in our living rooms. We congratulate ourselves on our culture of ‘freedom’, bought at a great price in two world wars and, before that, with the blood of Christian martyrs who went to the stake for the cause of publishing God’s Word, now discarded and thrown to the winds, only to be replaced by moral relativism where there are virtually no rules for living; where we promote death (through abortion and euthanasia, for example) and set about ‘redefining’ marriage, family and society as a whole.

Homophobia and Islamaphobia are among the many politically-correct don’ts to have replaced the Ten Commandments. As I write, a highly respected Northern Ireland preacher is facing trial on allegations of breaking the latter rule. It’s possibly only a matter of time before we are denied the freedom of saying that Jesus is the only way to God (a claim he made about himself) for fear of offending other religions. But our civilization was built on this very statement! We believed him, because he was totally authentic, and rose from the dead. We don’t have to force anyone else to believe him; we simply declare the truth about him.

Tragically, however, our moral defences are down, our walls have been breached, and the foundations of our Judeo-Christian civilization have been undermined. That is why we are wobbling as a society in grave danger of collapse.

I can’t speak for France and the rest of Europe, but as far as Britain is concerned, time is running out. The iconic Big Ben clock, which has become a symbol of the UK throughout the globe, has recently undergone repairs amidst fears that it is rapidly becoming beyond repair. It is, of course, part of the complex comprising our famous Houses of Parliament, which is itself in danger from crumbling foundations with talk of MPs possibly having to move out. Even some of our great houses, so loved by tourists, are under threat for lack of finance.

We were once a great nation sending missionaries around the world to share the life-changing (indeed, nation-changing) good news about Jesus. But now we have thrown out what was once most precious to us. Jesus told us to build on the rock. But we have built on sand.

Instead of building on the rock that has stood the test of time, the sure and certain foundation that is Christ, the certainty of his resurrection from the dead and his coming again to set up an everlasting kingdom, we have built on the shifting sand of appeasement, uncertainty and short-term comfort.

We need to repent and return to the Lord!

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


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The Mission to Israel, Part 2

The Mission to Israel, Part 2

Religious parties in Israel have had some success using the Supreme Court as a weapon against the Messianic movement.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Like It or Not, Paris and Jerusalem are Connected

Like It or Not, Paris and Jerusalem are Connected

In the wake of the ISIS attack on Paris, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that "militant Islamic terrorism attacks our societies because it wants to destroy our civilization," which is why "all terrorism must be condemned and fought equally with unwavering determination." 

Netanyahu is among those who find no excuse for Islamic terror. Some European leaders, on the other hand, are doing what they have done all along - blaming Israel and the West for Islamic violence.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom was rebuffed by some Israeli officials, like Yair Lapid, who misunderstood her as justifying Palestinian terror while condemning ISIS terror. While that is not necessarily the case, what Wallstrom did was just as bad: She justified both types of terrorism

"To counteract the radicalization we must go back to the situation such as the one in the Middle East of which not the least the Palestinians see that there is no future: we must either accept a desperate situation or resort to violence," she said. According to Sweden at least, the Paris attack is the outworking of Muslim desperation that the West is responsible for.

Wallstorm wasn't the only one to draw Israel into the fray in trying to understand and explain the Paris attacks. Chairman of the Dutch Socialist Party, Jan Marijnissen, was more specific in making this connection between the supposed Palestinian despair and the Muslims who killed 132 people in Paris. 

This type of behavior, explained Marijnissen, "is connected also to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict" because those who carried out the attacks are probably coming "from a group of outraged people from the French suburbs.”

Such views, which can also be heard from Israelis who blame "occupation" for Palestinian terrorism, are condescending and patronizing in that they fail to engage the reasons given by those who have taken full responsibility for the attacks. 

The ISIS communique that followed the Paris attacks explained very clearly that not desperation, but hope is what motivates Muslims to wage war against the Crusaders (Europeans) and Jews. This hope, they say, comes from victory after victory their god gives them in the Middle East and now in Europe.

"In a blessed attack which Allah facilitated the causes," says ISIS, "a group of believers from the soldiers of the Caliphate … targeted the capital of abomination and perversion." This is similar to the way the Palestinian Authority has framed the conflict with Israel in Islamic terms, claiming the Land of Israel as "Ribat" – holy Islamic land. 

This means that the "Wallstorms" and the "Marijnissens" and their Israeli counterparts are in fact contributing to the alleviation of Muslim desperation by giving them the hope that their holy war is justifiable and winnable.

PHOTO: Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat in front of the wall of the Old City, which was lit up with the colors of the French flag in a show of solidarity with Paris.


Strive for Perfection and Peace...

Strive for Perfection and Peace...

The Hebrew language is more than a means of communication. It leads us into a deeper understanding of our faith. We need to both understand the ancient idiom of the language and the structure of words formed from their roots.

Let's take the two words "Jerusalem" & "Solomon" - Yerushalayim (ירושלים) & Shlomo (שלמה) respectively in Hebrew. Both names are constructed from the root שלמ. This the same root that is contained in "shalom" (peace), "shlemut" (perfection), "shalem" (wholeness), "shilem" (paid for), etc. The idea that is collectively conveyed by these words is "wholeness" or "perfection"!

The city of Jerusalem is also called "perfect" or the "perfect city", and during the reign of King Solomon, she came closest to being such. Shlomo built the First Temple in Jerusalem - the place that God chose for His glory or presence (Shekinah) to dwell on earth. This glory and incomparable peace will be experienced again felt in the coming of the Messiah once again to Jerusalem the eternal city chosen by God.

We are offering new anointing oils, "Light of Jerusalem" and "King Solomon" which, when used, will remind each of us to strive for God's perfection and peace...


The BDS Movement: A Trail of Deception

The BDS Movement: A Trail of Deception

One hostile Arab Knesset member tells us BDS is necessary to teach Israel a lesson, but many Palestinians strongly disagree.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Palestinians: Our Kids Have Right to Stone Jews

Palestinians: Our Kids Have Right to Stone Jews

Earlier this month, Israel’s Knesset enacted a minimum prison term for minors who throw stones and firebombs at vehicles. An outraged Palestinian Authority called the measure “punitive and racist.”

Stoning attacks in Israel go largely unreported, but on average there are several such incidents every day. The perpetrators are usually Palestinian Arab youth, and their victims are almost always Israeli Jewish motorists.

A number of these attacks have resulted in severe injuries and deaths, including Jewish children.

There are certain areas of Jerusalem that the police, ambulances and other public services simply won’t enter for fear of being stoned.

But engaging in such violence is the “right” of every Palestinian Arab child, insisted the Palestinian Authority’s Committee on Prisoners.

The committee accused the Israelis of attempting to “deprive Palestinian children of their ability to exercise their rights in an attempt to kill their sense of belonging to their land.”


Should Messianic Jews Help Syrian Refugees?

Should Messianic Jews Help Syrian Refugees?

Yoel Shoshani, a Messianic Jew from Jerusalem, thinks so. He went to see for himself and shared the following eyewitness account.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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COMMENTARY: Is God Still Hiding His Face from Israel?

COMMENTARY: Is God Still Hiding His Face from Israel?

For those who subscribe to the false teaching of Replacement Theology (RT), God is not only still hiding His face from the Jewish nation, but they will never see it again. Even their miraculous return to the homeland after 2000 years of exile was not considered a game-changer. For them, the Church is the only apple of God’s eye now. Physical descent from Abraham no longer matters.

But the truth is, even though God’s face had been hidden for so long, He never rejected the Jewish people: “For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable” (Rom. 11:29). And for those with eyes to see, the reestablishment of the Jewish state has signaled a paradigm shift in God’s relationship with the sons of Judah. Though the nations may still rage, it is obvious God is clearly standing with Israel. His face may not be in full view yet, but even the most cynical of Israelis sense He is smiling again.

But still we must ask, what provoked this centuries-long banishment of the Jews from God’s favor? There’s no question the national rejection of Yeshua as Messiah precipitated it. But that is not the whole story. For God’s judgment of hiding His face from Israel began long before they said “no” to Yeshua. What’s more, His ‘hiddenness’ was destined to fall not just upon the Jews, the descendants of the House of Judah – but upon all Israel.

The national sin that provoked this awful punishment actually started way back in Egypt. That’s where Jacob’s family first became addicted to the idolatry that quickly manifested itself in the golden calf at Mount Sinai. The Almighty, knowing this sin would continue even after they entered the land, prophesied of a future judgment through Moses, saying, “I will surely hide My face in that day because of all the evil which they will do” (Deut. 31:18). 

That judgment fell first upon the northern tribes of Israel when Assyria removed them from the land for their apostasy and turned them into goyiim. But Judah was given a pass at that time, even though God revealed she was even more sinful: “Samaria did not commit half of your sins” (Ezek. 16:51). A hundred years later Judah would be exiled to Babylon, but God never totally hid His face from her. He continued to encourage and chastise her through the prophets, restoring her to the land seventy years later.

Then Yeshua was born. And even though unbelief would bring on the beginning of sorrows for Judah – it was the end of God hiding His face from the northern tribes now assimilated among the Gentiles! For in Yeshua, God’s face of mercy had shined forth, just as Isaiah had foretold: “The people who walk in darkness will see a great light” (Isa. 9:1).

Tragically, when we came to the light we showed we had not learned very much from the years of exile due to the sins of our forefathers. For just as the nation had reverted to Egyptian paganism as soon as Moses was out of sight, so did we. Within four centuries of Yeshua being taken up to Heaven we allowed the High Priest of Rome, Constantine, to incorporate the Christian faith into its idolatrous religious system. It was an apostasy that plagues us to this very hour. It is only by the grace of God that a remnant has finally begun to come outside this religious camp and to turn their faces towards Jerusalem.

So where are we today? Drawing closer to the moment when all Israel, a remnant of both Judah and Israel, will again experience the glorious unveiled face of our God. Soon these words of Isaiah will resound within the hearts of all God’s people: “For a brief moment I forsook you, but with great compassion I will gather you. In an outburst of anger I hid My face from you for a moment, but with everlasting lovingkindness I will have compassion on you, says Yahweh your Redeemer” (Isa. 54:7,8). 

And then –all Israel will  be saved!

Brian Hennessy is the author of Valley of the Steeples, available at: ketchpublishing/BrianHennessyBooks.htm


Take a stand against global terror?

Take a stand against global terror?

The recent terror attacks in France in the "City of Lights" has shaken not only Europe but the entire world.

In Israel, the Israeli Knesset and the wals of the Old City of Jerusalem were lit up with the colors of the French flag as Israel stood in solidarity with France. Israel knows what it is to suffer terror attacks day-in and day-out over decades.

Ironically just a few days ago, Israel was singled out by the EU to have products, originating in Judea & Samaria to be labeled in order to have these products boycotted! Those that will be most affected by any boycotts are those workers that the BDS supporters purport to support - the Palestinain workers in Israeli factories.

It is not Israel that should be boycotted but rather Islam that is intolerant of other cultures and religions!


Israel Stands With France; Netanyahu Wants United War on Terror

Israel Stands With France; Netanyahu Wants United War on Terror

Across Israel on over the weekend it was clear that the Jewish state was standing in determined solidarity with France, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a united war on Islamic terror.

Rallies, political statements, and the lighting up of the Knesset and Jerusalem’s Old City in red, white and blue (the colors of the French flag) demonstrated that Israel not only felt France’s pain after last Friday’s horrific terrorist assault in Paris, but that it was ready to work together to end the terrorist threat.

That was the message Netanyahu delivered at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday morning.

“It’s time that the world wake up and unite to beat terror,” said the prime minister.

Netanyahu continued by demanding that the international community stop treating terrorism against Israeli differently than attacks elsewhere, such as in Paris.

“It’s time that countries [around the world] condemn the terror against us in the same way they condemn terror elsewhere in the world,” he insisted. “We are not responsible for the terror that is turned against us, just like the French aren’t responsible for the terror turned against them. …In Israel, like in France, terror is terror, and what stands behind it is extremist Islam and its desire to destroy its victims.”

Netanyahu singled out Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas “who yesterday condemned the terror attack in France” and should now be called upon to “condemn the cruel terror against innocents in Israel and battles the incitement that drives it.”


Some Israeli Products Will Wear a Badge

Some Israeli Products Will Wear a Badge

In an effort to divert some of the Israeli outrage in the wake of the European Union's decision to brand Israeli products made in East Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights, EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen explained the situation thus to Army Radio: 

"[Branding products] is a very technical matter that basically concerns European consumer legislation which requires that it is clear to consumers where products are coming from not only from this part of the world, not only from Israel or the territories, but across the globe. So these are uniformed standards that are applied to all products irrespective of the place of origin."

In the same interview, however, the ambassador contradicted himself by saying that these "uniformed standards" are applied only to Israel. 

When asked why the EU is not branding products from Tibet or Kashmir, Faaborg-Andersen replied: "All those situations that you are referring to, they are different from the one that we have here at hand." 

This answer is an admission of the fact that Israel is singled out as different from any other country and deserves special treatment. No wonder that former Finance Minister and Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid commented in a Facebook post that branding Israeli products is nothing but political and that "it is a step in the way of the BDS movement." 

By tying the EU to BDS, Lapid came pretty close to saying that the EU's decision is anti-Semitic.

One must wonder whether this is a fair assessment. Ambassador Faaborg-Andersen resented the idea of anti-Semitic motivation, and naught but a few Israeli officials were willing to make such a claim. Still, whether European leader like it or not, making of Israel into a special case requiring special (usually negative) treatment does raise the question of anti-Semitism. 

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Tuesday that the decision to label only Israeli products is "disguised anti-Semitism" because the EU is "taking steps against Israel that are unparalleled in similar situations." Similarly, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said last week that the EU is discriminating against the Jewish state.

In a formal diplomatic reprimand, Israel said to Faaborg-Andersen: 

"We regret that the EU has chosen, for political reasons, to take such an exceptional and discriminatory step, inspired by the boycott movement … it is puzzling and even irritating that the EU chooses to apply a double standard concerning Israel, while ignoring that there are over 200 other territorial disputes worldwide, including those occurring within the EU or on its doorstep. The claim that this is a technical matter is cynical and baseless." 

Biased as it may sound, it is fair to say that Israel's criticism is well-founded, and, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested, the EU should indeed be ashamed of itself.


Acts of a 20th Century Apostle

Acts of a 20th Century Apostle

Amidst an increasingly secular Western world where God is assumed to be dead, or a figment of one’s imagination, it’s time to celebrate – and probably reprint – a book published 40 years ago.

Appointment in Jerusalem charts the incredible story of a young schoolteacher who had an encounter with Christ every bit as dramatic as the Apostle Paul’s and went on to fulfill her destiny in a city she knew nothing about, allowing the Holy Spirit the guide her every step.

Lydia Christensen was in her mid-thirties, living very comfortably in her native Denmark as her local school’s head of domestic science. But she was searching for God, whom she couldn’t find in her Lutheran surroundings. She even turned down a marriage proposal for fear it would detract from her determined quest to discover whether Jesus was real. And when He appeared to her in a vision, her remarkable journey of faith had begun.

Other visions followed, she began to speak in a language she had never learnt and was soon baptized in the sea by a Pentecostal pastor, sparking much ridicule and scorn from her colleagues and pupils.

It was through a vision of people in Middle Eastern dress that she felt a call to Jerusalem. She gave away her possessions and set off, in 1928, for the ‘City of the Great King’, as the psalmist describes it (Psalm 48.2). Like Abraham, she didn’t know where she was going to stay or how she was going to make ends meet, especially as she had no work permit. She only knew God had called her there. At one point she was down to her last 86 cents and went without food for four days, but it only deepened her trust.

Her first task came as quite a shock. A Jewish man, having heard that she was a kind woman, came to ask her if she would look after his dying baby daughter. Initially protesting her inexperience, she took her in and anointed her with oil as she prayed for her healing in Jesus’ name. Tikva (meaning ‘hope’ in Hebrew) made a remarkable recovery, so much so that her parents wanted her back, by which time Lydia had grown to love her as her own. But she realised she had to offer her up as a sacrifice, as Abraham had done with Isaac, and just as in the biblical narrative, she did receive Tikva back as it turned out her parents were unable to cope.

And when serious riots broke out between Jews and Arabs in 1929, she was forced to run the gauntlet of no-go areas in order to fetch water, which had been cut off by the fighting. When she struggled to get over the barricades with Tikva on her shoulders, suddenly – out of nowhere – a man came to her rescue. When she told her friends what had happened, they were all convinced it must have been an angel!

Others were leaving the city because of the tension, but Lydia believed God was calling her to be a “watchman on the walls” (Isaiah 62.6), praying for the peace of Jerusalem. And in the ensuing years she continued to mother scores of abandoned Jewish and Arab children. She also realized the city held the key to the world’s future and that Christians need to do all they can to help Israel.

We owe them a huge debt which has gone unpaid for too many centuries, she wrote to her mother. “It is to them that we owe the Bible, the prophets, the apostles, the Saviour Himself.”

Perhaps if such calls had been heeded on a wider basis, millions of Jews could have been saved from the Holocaust which was to come.

At the end of World War II, Lydia married Derek Prince, the well-known Bible teacher, and Appointment in Jerusalem was published by Kingsway in 1975 with Lydia Prince as author “as told to her husband Derek”.

The Charismatic movement, of which Lydia was clearly a pioneer, was in its early stages then, and in fact flourishing. But it has lost its momentum, its certainty, its confidence. Tragically, the Western church has lost its focus on the gospel, along with the Holy Spirit whose empowering we need to proclaim it. And with it, we have also taken our eye off God’s end-time purposes for Israel and the world.

A group of evangelical preachers, in their so-called Berlin Declaration of 1909, decided that the Pentecostal outpouring at Azusa Street in Los Angeles (1906) and Sunderland, England, (1907) was not of God. I’m afraid this amounted to blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and paved the way for the Holocaust. Some churches need to do a lot of repenting. They neither have the Spirit, nor any understanding of what is happening in today’s world… when all the while the Bible is there to tell us! The prophecies of Scripture should light up our paths in a dark and oppressive world (2 Peter 1.19-21). We ought to know the meaning of all the chaos, anarchy, bloodshed and terror raging across Europe and the Middle East. We ought to be able to instruct others, and warn them of the judgment to come. As Derek Prince writes: “For the unbeliever, the world around is getting darker… For the believer, however, the light of prophetic revelation, like a lamp, shines more brightly by contrast with the surrounding darkness.”

When you are led by the Spirit as you study the Word (bearing in mind that the Spirit leads us into all truth – John 16.13), you will understand the signs of the times, especially as they relate to Israel, God’s chosen.

There is a consistent, and indelible, link between Holy Spirit revival and the cause of Zionism, by which I mean the restoration of Jews to their Land and their God. The Pentecostal outpouring to which I have already referred followed closely on the heels of the beginnings of Zionism under Theodore Herzl while the Spirit-led influence of the Wesleys, Wilberforce, Simeon, Spurgeon and Bishop J C Ryle had all helped create political sympathy for a Jewish homeland.

I am encouraged, however, that amidst our backsliding, some movements (such as the Keswick Convention) are working towards a converging of the Spirit and the Word, a notion that would have gladdened the heart of Pentecostal pioneer Donald Gee.

And I conclude with a testimony from sixty years ago, when R T Kendall (who graced the pulpit of Westminster Chapel for 25 years) had his own Damascus Road experience, which he says has preserved him from liberalism.

Many of his colleagues from his days with the once-influential Nazarene denomination no longer believe in the infallibility of the Bible. “Some orthodox people poke fun at the idea that ‘a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument’. Cold, dead orthodoxy often depends on argument or reason to support Scripture. But I have both – thanks to the Holy Spirit unveiling truth in the Word of God. I can defend what I believe; I would go to the stake for what I believe. This is why we need the Word and the Spirit together.

The quotes from Sister Joela have been taken from the booklet Where is the King of the Jews? published in Darmstadt, Germany, by the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary. See


Jewish Father, Son Killed by Palestinian Terrorists

Jewish Father, Son Killed by Palestinian Terrorists

An Israeli Jewish man and his son were killed by a Palestinian terrorist gunman near the Judean town of Hebron on Friday. The man’s wife and another son were both wounded, and three daughters who witnessed the atrocity were treated for severe shock.

According to the testimony of the surviving family members, the attack was carried out by two Palestinian gunmen in a passing car. After the initial volley of bullets, one of the gunmen got out of his vehicle and fired more rounds at the Jewish family from close range.

The badly wounded older son managed to call rescue services before being killed.

The terrorists escaped the scene into nearby Palestinian-controlled villages and at press time was being hunted by Israeli forces.

Israeli police are investigating the possibility that the first ambulance to respond to the scene belonged to the Palestinian Red Crescent, and that it quickly left without providing medical assistance after discovering that the victims were Jews.


ISIS Terrorism in the Americas, Europe and Russia

ISIS Terrorism in the Americas, Europe and Russia

Recently retired monitor of Arab media for Israel Radio tells of chilling ISIS broadcasts she intercepting during her final days on the job.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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When You Have to Shoot, Shoot

When You Have to Shoot, Shoot

Tuco from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) didn't suffer from the same moral qualms that plague many of us Israelis today. His choices were simple: "When you have to shoot, shoot; don't talk," he says to the dead talkative gunman who came to kill him. 

The mounting number of dead Palestinian terrorists who were killed before they had a chance to stab anyone raises voices of protest in some human rights circles that are troubled by this "shoot first, talk later" approach.

A recent poll conducted on behalf of Israel's Mako news portal showed that 75% of Israelis think that terrorists should be killed on the scene either by security forces or civilians. At the same time, 78% of respondents think that a captured terrorist who no longer poses any danger should not be harmed. 

This survey demonstrates that most Israelis prefer to eliminate the danger even at the risk of killing a terrorist who no longer poses a threat. This can be explained by looking at past incidents in which some terrorists managed to kill their captors even after being severely wounded.

But, as always, there are those who call into question what they see as a trigger-happy, cavalier attitude toward Arab terrorists. 

Following an attack in which a 72 year old woman was shot dead after trying to ram soldiers with her car just north of Hebron, Channel 2 TV anchorman Arad Nir tweeted: "'the footage' [taken from a soldier's helmet camera] is unconvincing. It appears that there is a need for investigation." Nir repeated this "talk first, shoot later" position following Tuesday's attack in which two young boys aged 11 and 13 stabbed a security guard on Jerusalem's light rail. Nir commented: "The terrorist wanted to give him [the other terrorist] a piece of cake, why treat him violently."

Credit: Idan Dvir
Poster stating: Soldier! Aim your weapon and shoot the killer in the head. Better to sit in jail alive.

After the tragic killing of an illegal alien from Eritrea who was mistaken for a terrorist during a recent attack in Beersheva, Nir and other like-minded people began to label as "lynchers" any Israeli civilians who harmed or killed knife-wielding terrorists. 

Nir's tweet led to newsroom discussions about the precise moment at which it is permissible to kill a terrorist. These discussions were treated with disdain by many who viewed them as scholastic and irrelevant to the chaos and confusion typical of real-time terror attacks.

The "lynch" narrative some journalists and politicians are trying to establish seems to have been rejected, at least for now. 

At a press conference on Monday, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon suggested he continues to support Tuco's policy of "when you have to shoot, shoot."

"In a life threating situation," said Ya'alon, "the job of security personal is to neutralize the one trying to harm him. You shoot a few rounds, and you also have to make sure that he [terrorist] can't stand up."


Help us bring the desert to life!

Help us bring the desert to life!

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Your participation will not only plant a young tree but also plant hope in Israel. Genesis 8:22 "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."

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This is the End of the Palestinian People

This is the End of the Palestinian People

Yesterday, again, two Palestinian boys, an 11 and a 13-year-old, stabbed and tried to kill a 37-year-old Israeli man at the train station. And I ask myself, “What kind of a society cheers when a 11-year-old stabs someone? How can I comprehend Palestinians who allow, or even send their children to kill Jews?”

Of course this is not really new. For decades the Palestinians have been sending suicide bombers, knife wielding women, crashing cars and tractors into innocent bystanders, and calling them martyrs. The ongoing incitement to jihad, martyrdom and the glorification Jew-killers, the lauding of parents who encourage their sons to kill Jews, the press jumping to illustrate blood filled scenes, including child warriors, children carrying guns, photos of fighters launching rockets aimed at Israeli civilians and children, is well known.

Now their children run in the streets with knives hoping to kill someone. As far as I know, the Palestinians are the only people group known to mankind that allows themselves to find “honor” in their children killing innocent people. No other culture I am aware of teaches their children to sacrifice themselves in order to take vengeance on innocent people.

Still, I hear people say, “We don’t understand the grievances of Palestinians. If we would listen to them and make life better for them there would be less terror in the world.”

Grievances? What grievances justify encouraging children to kill innocent people? They complain about Israel’s checkpoints, while their Arab brothers and sisters are being slaughtered like sheep in Syria, Iraq and around the Mideast. Complain away. We Jews love to complain. But I ask myself, “is there any other nation, culture or religion in the world that allows their offspring to sacrifice themselves in order to kill some unknown bystander?”

And yet, amidst all the hyped-up media and anger, I have not heard one word from Palestinian parents telling their children that it is wrong to attack Jews. I have not heard of teachers in Palestinian schools teaching children that it is wrong to run around stabbing people in the streets. Even politicians known to hide what they really think refuse to make a clear condemnation of Palestinian children running wild on murderous rampages.

If anyone is at all concerned for the Palestinians, demand action now, with an uncompromising, categorical end to this wickedness. Civilization is crumbling around us and we cannot afford not to confront this devious justification of murder propagated by Palestinians. Have our own values become so white-washed that we are yet blind to this clear manifestation of evil?

This so-called “intifada” is not really a battle against Israel, a battle they can never win. What we are witnessing is a war against the children of Palestinian and the beginning of the end for a future for the Palestinian people. If the Palestinians cannot find a way to prevent their own children from sacrificing themselves in order to kill Jews, they are doomed. They have rejected the basic principles of the sanctity of life, principles necessary to secure civilized human society, and if this downfall is not confronted, resisted and stopped immediately, it will result in the complete degradation and ruination of what is known as the Palestinian people.

My I add, that anyone who supports, condones or justifies in any way this present wickedness shall also be responsible for the outcome.


Overcoming Anti-Israel Hate With Love

Overcoming Anti-Israel Hate With Love

The following is from Hananya Naftali, a young Israeli Messianic soldier in the IDF.

“I hate all of you Jews”, “I hope you enjoy killing children”, “Death to Israel”. This is a sneak preview of the responses I receive online.

Usually I don’t reply to these hate messages because I know it won’t help, they are just too sure to be wrong.

But one day I got a message and just couldn’t resist replying.

It was a young Arab guy that asked me if I’m proud to serve in an army of killers that commits war crimes.

Now, of course I know that it’s false because I’m in the military so I know little better than him.

Anyway, I decided to reply back to this guy with the following message:

“Hi man, I do not kill children, don’t believe everything you hear. I love Arabs and Muslims - I think that those people are great and have an interesting culture. I love you guys.”

I thought this guy will probably keep on cursing me and calling me a liar, but to my surprise he replied back with love.

He said that he always heard bad things about Jews and Israel and was so sure that everything he heard was true. To be honest, I can’t blame him. I mean, if everyone around you would say that Israel is bad, what reason do you need to not hate Israel too?

He was happy that I replied to him with love that changed his opinion about Israel.

This is a little story, but with a deep conclusion.

Arabs are taught that Jews hate them, so they need to hate Jews back. What they don’t know is that many Jewish people actually don’t hate Arabs. We condemn terror attacks, but we don’t condemn all Arabs.

Next time I see another hater I’ll make sure he knows I love him. :-)

This is a small step for peace between Arabs and Jews.


Palestinian Children Carry Out Terrorist Stabbing

Palestinian Children Carry Out Terrorist Stabbing

Two young Palestinian boys aged just 12 and 13 stabbed and seriously wounded a Jewish security guard at the light rail station in Jerusalem’s northern Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood on Tuesday.

One of the boys was shot and seriously wounded by his victim. The other was captured by security forces.

It was the second stabbing attack in Jerusalem on Tuesday morning. In the other incident, an Arab man attempted to stab police officers near the Old City’s Damascus Gate only to be shot and neutralized before he could draw blood.

The Pisgat Ze’ev attack was reminiscent of a similar stabbing last month in that same neighborhood, where two Palestinian cousins aged 13 and 15 stabbed and seriously wounded two Israelis, including a 13-year-old boy.

The 15-year-old attacker was shot and killed as he lunged as police officers responding to the scene. His younger cousin was taken into custody. On Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty to the crime that was recorded by security and traffic cameras in the area.

Israelis have long decried what amounts to child abuse in a Palestinian society that teaches even its youngest children to hate the Jews and engage in violence against them. As former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir once famously stated: “We will have peace as soon as the Arabs love their children more than they hate us.”


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Why Russia Succeeds Where the West Can't in Syria

Why Russia Succeeds Where the West Can't in Syria

"TheWest claims that Russia is hitting moderates, but there is no such thing as a moderate Syrian opposition," the Syrian analyst tells Israel Today.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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COMMENTARY: Is Israel a Chosen People?

COMMENTARY: Is Israel a Chosen People?

To ask whether the family of Abraham was uniquely chosen by God may sound like a foolish question to those who call themselves ‘Zionists.’ Yet entire Christian denominations today hold fast to a theology that denies God the freedom to show special favor to anyone, including the Jews. And I’m not speaking of Replacement Theology. 

The theology I’m referring to is Arminianism. It was named after Jacob Arminius who obviously didn’t take seriously the words of God spoken by the prophet Amos, “You only have I chosen from among all the families of the earth” (Amos 3:2). Or Jesus: “You did not choose me. But I chose you” (John 15:16). Or Paul: “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world” (Eph. 1:4).

Instead, Arminius’s belief informed him it would be unfair for our Heavenly Father to favor one part of His human creation above the rest. It insisted all should be treated equally. In so teaching, Arminius completely ignored Paul’s response to man questioning God’s freedom to do as He pleases, when he wrote, “Who are you, O man, who answers back to God?... Does not the potter have the right over the clay to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for common use?” (Rom. 9:20,21)

Worse, this teaching feeds into the anti-Semitism of Replacement Theology that specifically wants to remove all consideration of the Jewish people from having any favor with God today. It may grudgingly admit God chose Israel for a time in order to bring forth the Messiah. But once Yeshua came it’s believed God did away with the idea of having a chosen people and the Jews are just like every other unsaved person now. 

Of course, when Arminius first promoted his ‘unchosen’ theology in the late sixteenth century the Jews were not uppermost in his mind. Replacement Theology, along with the Jews’ fallen state of affairs, had pretty much taken them out of the running. No, he was mainly trying to counter the teaching of John Calvin who had taught God was graciously drawing to Jesus only those He had pre-chosen to be saved (as John 6:44 clearly states). Arminius insisted God had left it up to each individual to choose his own fate by either his acceptance or rejection of the Gospel. For him man’s free will was inviolable, and God’s free will must bow to it. But that not only undermines God’s sovereignty, it mocks the very definition of a Supreme God…”who works all things after the counsel of His will” (Eph. 1:11).

I bring up this centuries-old controversy of Arminianism because I believe it is contributing greatly to the confusion among believers today regarding the restoration of Israel. For if God is not hand-picking those who are to be His people in the Israel of God, how can He call forth the remnant of Abraham’s seed? Doesn’t the very word ecclesia mean “called-out ones?”

For me, one of the strongest arguments that shows God reserved for Himself the right to choose who He wants as His people is Paul’s teaching on the twin boys, Esau and Jacob. “Though the twins were not yet born, and had not done anything good or bad, so that God’s purpose according to His choice would stand, not because of works but because of Him who calls, it was said [to their mother], ‘The older shall serve the younger.’ Just as it is written, ’Jacob I loved, and Esau I hated” (Rom. 9:10-13).

Now I don’t believe God actually “hated” Esau. He was just trying to convince Israel of His everlasting commitment to bless them by using strong contrasting language. Malachi even reminds Israel that God’s choice of Jacob over Esau was the proof of His love! (Mal. 1:1-3)

I’m convinced the fact that God has a chosen people has been the underlying cause of anti-Semitism in the world. Look at how angry and jealous Joseph’s brothers became when they saw the extreme favor their father showed towards him.

Nevertheless, that’s how God set it up. That’s why if you have received the gift of faith to believe in Yeshua (of whom Joseph was a foreshadowing) – be in awe! It means you are among those few chosen by Almighty God to be part of the remnant of Abraham and the coming Kingdom of God. 

Just don’t be surprised when the world hates you for no apparent reason. 

Brian Hennessy is the author of Valley of the Steeples, available at: ketchpublishing/BrianHennessyBooks.htm


German Nun Prays as Persecution of Jews Continues

German Nun Prays as Persecution of Jews Continues

Seventy-seven years after _kristallnacht _– the night of officially sanctioned vandalism of Jewish businesses in Germany – the unprovoked persecution of God’s ancient people continues.

Anti-Semitic attacks are occurring all over Europe, but even in Israel, the supposed safe haven which rose from the ashes of the Holocaust that followed November 9, 1938 (also known as Reichsprogromnacht), individual Jews and their families innocently going about their daily lives are being mercilessly stabbed and shot at close range by terrorists justifying their cruelty on the basis of fighting a ‘holy war’.

I was reminded of historic events in Europe last month as I shared time in prayer and conversation with a German nun, Sister Thekla, who has previously spoken of her shame at the suffering caused by her nation through the Holocaust and warns that today’s church is in danger of repeating history.

“In the not-too-distant future we Christians will all be challenged about our relationship to Israel,” she told a conference last year. “Will we once more be silenced? Israel is once again hated by the nations, which is a picture of our Lord Jesus, who was despised and rejected of men. We are called to pray for Israel. They need love, born out of repentance, the only kind that will open their hearts. We have often not presented the true image of Jesus to them.

“It grieves me what my nation has done, especially to the Jewish people. We had touched the apple of God’s eye and saw God’s judgment poured out on our nation as a result,” she said, referring to the repeated bombing of Darmstadt which prompted Basilea Schlink, a local resident, to found the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, dedicated to reconciliation with the Jewish people. One 1944 attack on Darmstadt killed 10 per cent of its inhabitants and made 60 per cent of its population homeless.

Mother Schlink and a group of fellow Christians wept as they came under deep conviction of the terrible sin committed by Germany and subsequently went to Israel to volunteer their services as nurses while seeking forgiveness for the persecution of their people dating back to the time of the Crusades.

“It is a painful memory, but I confess these crimes,” Sister Thekla told the York conference. “If the German community had stood up as one man, the Nazis would not have been at such liberty to pursue their schemes. Where was the Christian church?”

I also renewed acquaintance in London last month with Sister Glory, a British member of the order with a Methodist background, who has said that Britain had blood on their hands concerning Israel. A massacre of Jews took place in York in 1190 and Jews were expelled from Britain a century later before being welcomed back at the time of Oliver Cromwell through the influence of the Pilgrim Fathers, a radical Christian group who were themselves hounded out of the country before emerging as the founding fathers of the United States.

I have previously mentioned how evangelical (Bible-based) Christians like the Pilgrim Fathers and their spiritual successors have been consistent friends of Israel, playing a pivotal role in the return of God’s chosen people to the Holy Land.

But following Britain’s Balfour Declaration of 1917 promising support for a Jewish national home, the government reneged on its pledge during the time of the British Mandate by dividing the land and acting treacherously to appease the Arabs while forcing the Jews to disarm. And many trying to escape the Holocaust were turned back.

“We betrayed the greatest trust ever given to a nation,” Sister Glory said.

In experiencing the fulfillment of Genesis 12.3 (that those who bless the seed of Abraham will themselves be blessed while those who curse her will come under judgment), Britain has suffered the loss of her empire along with increasing decadence in the nation itself.

As former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said: “The Lord deals with the nations as the nations deal with the Jews.”

In an address on this subject given in Berlin in 2006, the order’s Sister Joela said that, from his birth to his death, Jesus was inseparably linked with his people, the Jews. “We have been happy to take his mercies and blessings for ourselves, and have left the judgments and curses for his people,” she said.

The New Covenant in Jesus’ blood was originally made with Jews, not with Gentiles (Jeremiah 31.31), she pointed out, adding that many had been blinded to important issues by selective interpretation of the Bible. There was little acknowledgement or recognition, for example, of chapters 9 to 11 of Paul’s letter to the Romans, which deals with God’s wonderful long-term plan for the Jewish people.

And now, not just one nation, but a number of Israel’s neighbours, have unequivocally declared their intent to pursue a ‘final solution’. “And this time no-one can claim not to have known anything about it.”

Sister Joela is convinced that, even after all these years, God is still waiting for the repentance of many Christians in Germany.

In a speech to the German parliament on January 27 2006, holocaust survivor Professor Ernst Cramer summed up the horrors he witnessed with the statement: “The thing that shocked me most at the time was the almost total silence of the Christian churches.”

Various initiatives have in recent years uncovered further details concerning the active involvement of many sections of the established Protestant Church in Germany (Landeskirche) with a ‘De-Judaization Institute’ in Eisenach. They published a People’s New Testament, hymn book and catechism from which every trace of the Jewish roots of Christianity had been eliminated.

Echoing the question of the Wise Men following the star to Bethlehem, Sister Joela asked: “Where is the King of the Jews?” And, very prophetically in light of current events, she answered: “With his people! With his people in the thick of war, terrorism and disaster; in the midst of sin and injustice; at the focal point of world interest; at the centre of the hatred; in the midst of slander and contempt – that is where we will find him.

“The worldwide hatred towards God will be increasingly vented on those who have a living relationship with the God of the Bible and want to remain faithful to him. Therefore, in the final stages of world history, Jews and Christians will come under fire together. So let us give Jesus, our Lord and King, the answer born of our love for him, and join together in making the commitment: ‘Your people will be my people.’ (Ruth 1:16)”

The quotes from Sister Joela have been taken from the booklet Where is the King of the Jews? published in Darmstadt, Germany, by the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary. See


The Cat Transfer

The Cat Transfer

Two weeks ago Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel sent a letter to Minister of Environmental Protection) Avi Gabai in which he pondered the transfer of stray dogs and cats to another country. The letter became public and scandal ensued.

The reason behind this seemingly strange request is the religious prohibition on castrating animals. This prohibition is based on a verse that speaks of defected animals unfit for sacrifice: "Any animal that has its testicles bruised or crushed or torn or cut you shall not offer to the Lord" (Leviticus 22:24). The prohibition against emasculating animals aligns with other commandments forbidding cruelty toward animals. "You shall not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the grain" (Deuteronomy 25:4), for example.

Not surprisingly, Ariel's suggestion enraged cat-lovers and animal rights activists, who view neutering as the only humane way to control the number of both domesticated and stray animals. Reactions to his suggestion ranged from ridicule-to-outrage and from funny-to-obscene as they dealt almost exclusively with the person rather than with the moral alternative he offered. 

The head of left-wing Meretz party, Zehava Galon, wrote on Facebook: "When the minister in charge of animal rights suggests something that contradicts any form of basic morality, this is the time to look for a foreign country that will be willing to take him."

But perhaps the most telling response was offered by actor and comedian Orna Banai, an outspoken lesbian and animal rights activist, who told the Ynet news portal that "it is simply absurd that the Minister of Agriculture, who is supposed to prevent cruelty to animals, is doing the exact opposite … maybe instead of another temple, the Third Temple should be built for the cat … castration is an utmost important act that prevents the birth of new cats into this cruel world." Banai continued to rant about how Ariel is dangerous and delusional, and how Israel is better off without him.

Galon, Banai and a host of others conveniently ignored Ariel's active role in preventing cruelty to animals. They also ignored his second suggestion in the same letter that called for "funding research for alternative ways to prevent increases of stray animals that do not involve castration, neutering or killing." This second clause suggests that the outrage is not about cruelty to animals, but about the polarizing struggle over Israel's identity. 

Galon and Banai represent those who simply can't understand nor can they accept the kind of morality raised by a representative of religious Jews. To the left-wing liberal mind, Ariel can't be but a delusional person unfit for the company of normal people. Though as expected, Ariel withdrew his cat transfer proposal following a number of death threats that forced police to allocate body guards for his safety.


Is Israel Seeking a Religious War?

Is Israel Seeking a Religious War?

Four leading Palestinian figures, three Muslim and one Christian, explain why in their eyes Jews visiting the Temple Mount is a declaration of "religious war" by Israel.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
CLICK HERE to read it all


Covering Terrorism Against Israelis: An Idiot’s Guide

Covering Terrorism Against Israelis: An Idiot’s Guide

This instructive video shows what news reports would look like if they applied their outrageous Israel-reporting techniques to terrorist attacks in the rest of the world. In the hope of lessening the egregious anti-Israel bias, here are some pointers to members of the media:

  1. Your job is to report facts, not reinforce a narrative. Really. The facts matter – they form the basis for judgments. So here are some facts for you, meticulously documented and updated (with details and graphs worthy of a data scientist) in a shared Google spreadsheet by Nehemia Gershuni-Aylho. According to his data, in the fifty days from September 11 through October 31, there have been 1,315 Arab Muslim attacks on Jews, including stabbings, bombings, rock-throwing, etc. That’s about 26 attacks per day resulting in the murder of 11 innocent Jews. Adjusted for the U.S. population, that’s over 1,000 knife, bomb, and other attacks per day that kill 440 people during fifty days of terror. How would the U.S. react to that?

  2. Remember that the weaker party can be wrong. Actually, when a Palestinian man stabs a 70-year old woman, he’s not even the weaker party. Sometimes Palestinians do indefensible things. Sometimes Israel is guilty of only trying to protect its citizens from insanely hateful violence. And as an honest reporter, you should try to show this.

  3. Properly identify the terrorist and the victim when reporting on casualties, and describe the main causal sequence of events with relevant context. That’s how you avoid headlines like “Jewish man uses his neck to attack the blade of Palestinian’s knife.” The BBC’s distortions were actually not far from that when they effectively turned terrorists into victims. The BBC’s bias is so egregious that even their former chief complained.

  4. Do your homework on this region. Learn its basic history so that you don’t moronically suggest (as the NY Times did) that Jews have no historical connection to the Temple Mount. Otherwise it looks like you’re trying to support Palestinian revisionism against basic facts and endless archaeological evidence (including what a 10-year old recently discovered). 

  5. Learn the history of this conflict enough to know that Pallywood has been actively deceiving journalists for at least 15 years now, in an effort to delegitimize Israel. Before publishing “information” fed to you by fixers and “eyewitnesses,” realize that even Amnesty International has admitted the unreliability of “eyewitnesses” in this conflict. The most galling Pallywood example from this latest round of Arab terrorism is the inflammatory lie – by “moderate” Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas – that Israeli forces had “executed” a 13-year old. The truth: he was treated in the same Israeli hospital caring for the boy he tried to murder.

    Such lies can kill. Because when it comes to this conflict, Arab leaders know that violence replaces reason at the slightest provocation – like hooligans at a football game incited to attack the opponents of their beloved team. So inciting lies are very much a weapon. The media should know this and expose the falsehoods, rather than blindly proliferate them. Journalists should know that “reporting” inflammatory claims can produce mob violence, and should therefore be doubly careful about checking facts, unless of course their goal is to trigger riots (which do produce more sensational news stories).

  6. Learn the history of this conflict enough to know that Arab Muslims have been killing Jews in this area for over a century, with shifting excuses over time.

  7. Stop trying to use the latest of those shifting excuses to justify the unjustifiable (here too, the BBC is an offender). No alleged grievance warrants randomly stabbing people in the street. The average Syrian is infinitely worse off than anyone in Gaza or the West Bank, but Syrian teens aren’t randomly stabbing civilians. Countless refugees from Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere have risked their lives for the hope of a better future in Europe. And yet there are virtually no Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza among the millions desperate to reach Europe. So random stabbings don’t reflect some miserably unfair existence – they are the product of raw hatred and incitement.

  8. Take note of nuances. 92 Israeli Arab Muslims have committed terrorist attacks. They are not under occupation (and have better freedoms and living standards than most of the Arab world has). So clearly these attacks are not about any political dispute; they are driven by the same hateful incitement that rejects any state for the Jews.

  9. Show cause and effect (ideally one before the other), and not just effect. When you show only Israeli responses to attacks, it makes Israelis look as if they wake up every morning asking how they can hurt Arabs. Israelis actually have better things to do with their mornings. Like cure cancer and stuff. But when people are trying to kill them, they understandably get a bit distracted. If the world could keep Israelis safer, cancer might get cured faster.

  10. Articles should contain a logical subject and verb, preferably in a way that indicates who did what. According to CNN, Joseph’s Tomb spontaneously “catches fire.” CNN would rather change the laws of physics than blame Muslims for trying to burn a Jewish holy site. But there is a long list of non-Muslim sites that have been desecrated or destroyed by Muslims – from the Buddhas of Bamiyan razed by the Taliban to the countless monuments and churches destroyed by the Islamic State. History is also littered with Islamic conquests that converted non-Muslim holy sites into mosques.

  11. Israeli lives matter. Getting both sides of the story means including photos and profiles of Israeli victims of Arab terrorism at least as often as you include photos and profiles of Arab attackers who were killed while trying to murder innocent Israelis. In case you’re not sure what it’s actually like to survive a stabbing attack, Kay Wilson’s TED Talk is a must-watch for some valuable context (and a reminder of what a life-affirming culture looks like, as opposed to the death cult trying to stamp it out).

  12. Don’t be afraid to present Gazans as they present themselves (brandishing butcher knives and calling for Jewish blood). Show this Palestinian mother who celebrates that her child was killed trying to murder Israelis and who hopes that she and her other children all die for the same “cause.” Showing the Palestinian death cult of Jew-hatred that runs from crib to coffin might help observers understand why there’s still no peace.

    Just for some context, when was the last time that you saw a video of a Jewish mother hoping that she and her children can all die for the sake of murdering some Germans to avenge the German Nazi murder of six million Jews (which seems a bit worse than praying on a contested holy site)?

  13. If you want to falsify information to sanitize Palestinian terror, as NBC correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin did, try not to do so on live TV, because you’ll look really biased (and stupid).

  14. It’s better to research whether the maps you display on your “news” broadcast were produced by anti-Israel propagandists BEFORE you broadcast them, because otherwise you’ll look as biased (and stupid) as NBC/MSNBC did.

  15. To ensure that your reporting is fair and consistent, consider how a similar event was covered in other countries/contexts. For a strikingly convenient example, contrast how differently NBC News (again!) reports on airstrikes taking place in two neighboring Mideast conflicts, within just eight days of each other:

    On October 3, NBC News used this headline to report that 60 Russian airstrikes in Syria killed 39 civilians: “Russia Launches New Wave of Airstrikes in Syria.” On October 11, NBC News used a much more personalized headline – with victim profiles – when reporting on one Israeli air strike that killed two civilians: “Israeli Strike in Gaza Kills Palestinian Woman, Child as Violence Continues.” So are two Gazan civilians more worthy of attention and sympathy than 39 Syrian civilians?

Ironically, despite your endless bias in favor of Palestinian terrorists, they thank you by posing as journalists in order to stab Israelis – a deceit that only undermines the trust that combatants have in the label “PRESS” and potentially endangers true war correspondents.

Each small instance of bias may seem like a mere “journalistic microagression” against Israel, but its cumulative effect is toxic and sometimes deadly. At best, the persistent anti-Israel bias poisons many millions – from voters to policy-makers – against Israel.  Even worse, it can lead to anti-Semitic violence, by mobs and/or individuals thugs, as is so often the case in Europe.

You journalists are key to a fair and civilized world. Start acting like it.

Noah Beck is the author of The Last Israelis, an apocalyptic novel about Iranian nukes and other geopolitical issues in the Middle East.


More Religious Jewish Women Joining the IDF

More Religious Jewish Women Joining the IDF

The number of religious Jewish women volunteering for the Israeli army has almost doubled in the past five years. This according to a new report published by the IDF noting that while just 935 religious Jewish women signed up for military service in 2010, over 1,800 had already done so in 2015.

On Tuesday, the IDF put on a special presentation for young religious Jewish women who were interested in the possibility of military service. Some 1,600 women attended the event.

The head of the IDF’s Personnel Directorate, Maj.-Gen. Hagai Topolanski, addressed his audience’s various fears, chief among them the concern over restrictions on their religious lifestyle.

Gen. Topolanski stressed: “There are so many religious women with amazing qualities that can be put to use by the IDF. There are many opportunities [for these women].”

Brig.-Gen. Rachel Tevet-Wiesel, advisor on women’s affairs to the IDF chief of staff, made note of the “increasing number of religious women serving with us. They serve in elite units, training facilities, technology and communications. They can be found in the Air Force, the infantry brigades and the Armored Corps. Anywhere they are needed!”

Israeli women, just like men, have been conscripted into the IDF since 1949. Besides Eritrea, Israel is the only nation in the world that requires military service for women. However, there are exceptions. Religious Jewish women have traditionally been exempted, as have Arab men and women.

Currently, just over 40 percent of Israel’s fighting force are women, and it is a great encouragement to see more and more religious Jewish women joining that number.


Hanukkah - Light Drives Out Darkness

Hanukkah - Light Drives Out Darkness

Both Jews and Christians celebrate their "festivals of light" during the darkest period of the year. Sunrises are really late and sunsets occur in the late afternoon already.

Light was created during the creation story when God spoke light into being to expel the darkness (Genesis 1:1 - 5). A parallel can be found in the Gospel of John chapter 1 where the Messiah is referred to as the light of the world.

The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah - literally dedication - is the remembrance of the rededication of the Temple after the Jewish priestly family revolted against the Hellenistic Seleucid occupation. They could not tolerate the continued oppression and persecution of the Seleucids and ultimately liberated Jerusalem and the Temple (in 164 BCE).

Jewish tradition tells of a miracle that occurred when, during the rededication of the temple, a small jar of olive oil was found to rekindle the Menorah in the Temple. The jar only contained enough oil to burn for one day but the Menorah miraculously burned for eight days until more oil could be produced.

The Jews celebrate this festival by lighting an increasing number of candles each day of the festival until all eight candles are lit. This year Hanukkah will be celebrated from the evening of December 6 until December 14. This festival celebrates the victory of light over darkness!

We often feel that we cannot do much as individuals in this world of darkness, but this story teaches us that it is important to let our light shine - whenever the opportunity presents itself - and if we all do this we will be amazed how we can affect the world around us.

Hanukkah is a festival with the focus on children and we would like to assist many children in Israel, that live in poverty and can only dream of all the joys of this festival, to share in the joy and celebration.


Israeli Arab Anxiety

Israeli Arab Anxiety

Israel Today has spoken to many Israeli Arabs who just want to live in peace, but are taken in by Palestinian propaganda and believe the Jews want to kill them.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
CLICK HERE to read it all


'Judas' Betrayal Led to Massacre – Claim

'Judas' Betrayal Led to Massacre – Claim

The tragedy of Norway’s Utoeya massacre was directly linked with the country’s policy toward Israel, a new book claims.

A breach in the wall (available from relates how the Norwegian Labour Party, once Israel’s greatest friend, had turned Judas by betraying them into the trap of the Oslo Accords which have given them twenty-plus years of terror instead of the promised ‘land for peace’.

Norway had thus been left particularly vulnerable to attack in view of God’s clear statement that those who curse Israel will come under judgment (Genesis 12.3). And Jeremy Hoff concludes that it was surely no coincidence that the tiny island of Utoeya, where the ruling Norwegian Labour Party’s youth wing (AUF) was enjoying its annual summer camp, was the scene of the deadliest massacre by a single gunman in world history – also referred to as Norway’s 9/11.

On July 22, 2011, right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik murdered 77 people. After detonating a car-bomb in the heart of the Government complex, killing eight, he drove unhindered to Utoeya, where he slaughtered 69 left-wing political activists.

Only the day before, the campers had mounted a re-enactment of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, complete with security wall and checkpoint, to help illustrate what they perceived as the causes of trouble in the region. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was photographed in front of a ‘Boycott Israel’ banner, and Palestinian youth had previously been hosted at the site while AUF had encouraged terrorism against Israel. They had reaped a bitter harvest.

The party’s youth had long been aggressively campaigning for a much more pro-Palestinian stance and, by 1993, the mother party became the official peace broker for the Oslo Accords which set up the mechanism for negotiations towards a two-state solution dividing Israel – against the clear commands of God (Joel 3.2) – and breathing new life into the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) in the process.

Norway still presides over the committee responsible for channeling millions of dollars of aid to the Palestinian Authority, much of which is frittered away by corrupt leaders feathering their own nest.

The author sees the tragedy as a warning from God, giving Norway the chance to repent. And on a visit to Britain earlier this month, he suggested that the rest of Europe, including the UK, also needed to heed this warning.

He tells of a profound experience a year before the massacre during which he wept bitterly for the sins Norway had committed against Israel and that subsequently – in an email dated August 28 2010 – he published a ‘prophetic revelation’ pertaining to an attack about to happen in which he noted: “Norway’s critical role [in the Oslo Accords] has placed the nation in a dangerous position of standing against God! Judgments are scheduled against Norway unless she repents of this serious sin.”

UK-based South African, Francois Botes, in a message given at a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) base on another Norwegian island on May 11 2011, described a vision he saw of a flag flying at half-mast across the whole country “because of an event”, and it was soon after the tragedy that political scientist Per Haakonsen caused a media storm by linking Utoeya with the nation’s policy on Israel at a meeting organized by a local leader of the Christian Democratic Party.

Humanly speaking, the whole tragic episode could have been avoided but for a series of monumental communication blunders, starting with the approach road to the government complex, which had been flagged up as a security risk seven years earlier when it was recommended that it should be blocked off. Then there were questions as to why sufficient road blocks weren’t set up and how Breivik managed to board the only island ferry disguised as a policeman. Indeed, communication between police rescue teams broke down to the point of almost total confusion comparable to that which afflicted the ancient enemies of Israel in biblical records.

In fact there are too many ‘coincidences’ recounted in this book to allow any seriously open-minded reader to escape the conclusion that God takes a dim view of those who touch the apple of his eye (Zechariah 2.8).

The book is too important to be written off simply as the figment of overactive imagination, or even to be restricted to the ‘review’ section of theological journals. The message is basically a summing up of the Bible’s doctrine on the seed of Abraham – “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse” (Genesis 12.3) – with the help of meticulous documentation of a major modern catastrophe.

This was underscored by the first scripture publicly quoted by a Norwegian politician (Labour’s Oyvind Groslie-Wennesland) in association with the attacks – “He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep” (Psalm 121).

The author also emphasizes – as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has done in the past week – the PLO’s direct links with the Nazis. And yes, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, did help to persuade Hitler to annihilate the Jews rather than simply expel them.

Hoff also sees prophetic significance in the number of those killed – 77 – which is closely associated with vengeance in each of its three mentions in the Bible. In addition, the name Lord of Hosts (also translated Lord of Armies), a title denoting military authority, occurs exactly 77 times in the book of Jeremiah, generally seen as a prophet of doom despite many inspiring passages focusing on Israel’s future hope. And the generation experiencing the outpouring of God’s vengeance when Jerusalem was destroyed in AD 70 was the 77th from Adam.

As it happened, the official investigation into the tragedy found that the road to Utoeya remained open for at least 77 minutes [after the bombing] before the national alarm was triggered.

It seems that God’s hand of protection on Norway had been lifted.

Asked if he had a ‘word for Britain’, Hoff’s answer was brief. It was “pride”, he said.

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


One Unadulterated Report

One Unadulterated Report

Any professional report on the present manifestation of the Palestinian jihad is heard or seen only after editorial work that in many cases seriously distorts reality. 

At times this is simply a result of sloppy journalism. Most common, however, are reports deliberately slanted to serve political agendas. In either case, the result is a product that should be treated with a healthy measure of suspicion.

Amateur reports from those actually experiencing the violence demonstrate the stark difference between the real and the imagined. A Facebook report written on October 27 by Eyal Eshkol, a reserve IDF soldier, could serve as a showcase for this situation. 

The following is an excerpt of Eshkol's report that, clumsy as it may be, vividly conveys a sense of actual reality, rather than the synthetic "reality" produced by agenda-driven reports.

"The last mission for this morning was allowing Palestinian workers to enter their olive groves … in return not one but two explosive devices made from big propane gas tanks were waiting for us … Understand what this means – the terrorists who placed these explosive devices knew very well that we will not open the gate … they knew there is a big chance that someone from their village might trigger it unintentionally … thus ruining the olive harvest for dozens of their compatriots. You ask what one is doing about it? Are you assuming we told them they were screwed and should go home? No – we allowed them, their equipment and their children to pass through another gate."

"The situation is pretty shitty. Really. And may get worse before getting any better. Listen carefully to what I am telling you: the reserve soldiers that are taking care of you are giving their soul, but the true heroes are the army and Border Patrol soldiers constantly in danger, working around the clock, guys who are getting stabbed while helping a terrorist only to go on fighting without anyone knowing about it. And in the midst of all of that I am trying to rescue two horses held in abhorring conditions in Abu Tor [southeast Jerusalem]."

With this description of what's really going on, the writer remarks how proud he is to have the privilege of serving at such a time, of ensuring that Israelis are in good hands. He concludes with a call to show love for our soldiers who are keeping us safe. This kind of report and attitude, as the writer himself is well aware, is not heard on Israeli news channels, let alone foreign ones.


VIDEO: Do You Support Israel?

VIDEO: Do You Support Israel?

Hananya Naftali, a Messianic Jewish soldier serving in the IDF, has put out another YouTube video featuring Christians from around the world who proudly support Israel.

In the opening of the video (below) Naftali notes that while most people in the world hate Israel, the vast majority of them never even visited the Jewish state before forming their hostile opinion.

Instead, far too many people have allowed a biased media to wholly turn them against Israel, and that goes for a large percentage of Christians, too.

In an effort to counter this, and to bring some much needed encouragement to fellow Israelis, Naftali asked his own YouTube viewers to send in short clips saying who they are, where they’re from, and why they love and support Israel.


Will Netanyahu's Government Survive?

Will Netanyahu's Government Survive?

Many say the Likud won the last election in spite of Netanyahu because most Israelis understood the vote was really about the identity and future of the State of Israel. But is that enough?

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
CLICK HERE to read it all


COMMENTARY: Did the New Covenant Nullify the Sabbath?

COMMENTARY: Did the New Covenant Nullify the Sabbath?

As more and more Christians recover their stolen Hebraic heritage and begin to draw near to their Jewish brethren again, the question arises - “how do we keep holy the Sabbath day?” Surely this commandment is central to being part of God’s Israel – “for it shall be a sign between Me and you throughout your generations” (Ex. 31:12).

For centuries we thought as Christians we were keeping the Sabbath by going to church on Sunday. Then we discovered the Sunday Sabbath was an unauthorized change to God’s Law instituted by the Emperor Constantine in the fourth century. But does that mean God’s official day of rest is still Saturday? Or is there some other way to understand the fourth commandment in light of God’s New Covenant (NC) with Israel? I believe there is.

To begin, Jesus was quite clear about the purpose of his coming regarding the Mosaic Law: “I did not come to abolish [it] but to fulfill [it]” (Matt. 5:17). So none of the commandments and ordinances given on Mount Sinai were ever abolished by Yeshua. The key is understanding what Yeshua meant by “fulfilled.” For surely things were not the same in Israel after he left. 

As the inspired New Testament writers revealed, the original Mosaic commands were only “a shadow of the good things to come” (Heb. 10:1). They all pointed to a future spiritual fulfillment in Yeshua. So once the New Covenant (NC) fulfilled the first covenant, Israel’s understanding of how God wanted His people to serve Him also had to change. 

The command for physical circumcision became the required circumcised heart. The Levitical priesthood was replaced by the priesthood of believers. The temple building by the body of Messiah. Passover was now the remembrance of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God in the bread and wine. And the Sabbath became a command to rest, not just one day a week, but 24-7 in the finished work of Yeshua.

  • No one explains this NC truth concerning the Sabbath better than Watchman Nee. In his little book, Sit, Walk, Stand, a study of the Book of Ephesians, he reminds us the Sabbath law was based on God resting on the seventh day of creation.  We were to see that while God worked six days and rested on the seventh, man, who was created on the sixth day, began his work on God’s day of rest. This showed us man must first enter God’s rest in Yeshua before he could work. “For anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own works, just as God did from his” (Heb. 4:10).

To keep the Sabbath now we must sit down with Yeshua in heavenly places each day and cease from all our striving and unrest. We can rest from trying to stay saved, from trying to provide for ourselves and family, from trying to serve God – and just receive it all by faith, knowing God has already met all our needs and accomplished all our work for us in him. All we do now will be done in the Spirit. 

Ironically, that means the Sabbath is the only time we should work! All other times of labor for God, even if deemed a “good work,” will have no lasting value in God’s Kingdom. Do you realize how much religious busy-work would end if we were all truly keeping His Sabbath?

That doesn’t mean someone can’t designate one day to be a personal sabbath rest to honor God if he so chooses. It just means he won’t be stoned if he fails to keep it. 

The bottom line: “Let no one  act as your judge with regard to food or drink, or in respect to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath day, things which are a mere shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to Messiah” (Col. 2:16,17).

Brian Hennessy is the author of Valley of the Steeples, available at: ketchpublishing/BrianHennessyBooks.htm


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Better Separated Than Living in Hell

Better Separated Than Living in Hell

The new tactic proposed for stopping the terrorist knifing frenzy raging for the past month is that "the IDF will buffer between Jews and Palestinians" in the West Bank. In anticipation of the inevitable outcry accusing Israel of apartheid and racism, a few words of introduction are in order.

Though Asher Ginsburg, popularly known as Ahad Ha'am, wrote his essay regarding the difference between Judaism and Christianity a long time ago (1910), his conclusion still reflects what many Israelis think today. Ahad Ha'am boiled down the difference to this: Christians strive to live a perfect moral life, while Jews maintain that given the sinful man's nature the ideal is unattainable. 

Furthermore, Ahad Ha'am explained that uncompromising moral positions do more harm than good. As a case in point, he noted that divorce is forbidden in Christianity, but permissible in Judaism. According to Jewish logic, forcing a couple to live together against their wishes can damage the relationship far more than living apart. In certain cases, therefore, divorce is simply a lesser of two evils, and hence must be permitted.

It is from this perspective that many Israelis see the high moral ground taken by the IDF as reflecting a Christian sense of morality that inadvertently serves to prolong the conflict rather than end it. 

For instance, during the 2014 Gaza war, Israel identified five mortar launchers targeting Kibbutz Nahal Oz. When residents of the kibbutz asked the IDF why these mortars were not taken out, the answer was that they were positioned too near to residential homes in Gaza. Israel has repeatedly found itself in this conundrum by attempting to appease the Christian sense of morality reflected in the international community's demand that it avoid all collateral damage.

This high moral ground taken by the IDF has been harshly criticized by Israelis who see it as a twisted sense of morality that places the well-being of Israel's enemies over its own citizens.

The recent Palestinian knifing attacks have forced Israel to take certain actions to reduce casualties, and one solution now emerging is forced separation between Jews and Arabs. But this is not a new idea. 

After thousands of Israelis were killed and wounded during the Second Intifada, Israel built the "separation fence," as it is called in Hebrew, to physically divide between rivals. Though this fence has saved many lives, Israel's opponents insist on calling it the "apartheid wall." Yet, like divorce, this fence was the lesser of two evils: better separated than living in hell.

The new tactic Israel plans to implement in the West Bank is called "buffering," which means that soldiers will do whatever they can to prevent contact between Israelis and Palestinians. And though Israel risks being charged with racism, it is hoped that this time our government will not compromise the welfare of Israelis in a vain effort to appease the conscience of those who would demand that Israel either die or live according to an unattainable standard.


POLL: Israelis Dissatisfied With Netanyahu's Foreign Policy

POLL: Israelis Dissatisfied With Netanyahu's Foreign Policy

Israelis seem to be far more dissatisfied with their nation’s foreign policy than one might think. An overwhelming 74 percent of the population believes Israel has a poor standing in the international community. A mere 7 percent said Israel’s situation is good.

That was the primary finding by the Mitvim research institution, which performs annual surveys to determine attitudes toward foreign policy in the region.

Most respondents (58 percent) also recognized that Israel’s subpar showing extended even to its closest ally, America, with whom relations have been increasingly icy in recent years.

Furthermore, 58 percent of Israelis said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had failed in his diplomatic struggle to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons. Over the past year, Israeli media had a field day with this topic, accusing Netanyahu of utter failure despite being recognized as Israel’s most capable and effective spokesman.

Asked what Israel could do to improve its image around the world, 36 percent said better education regarding the conflict was necessary, while 27 percent said the government should take a more positive approach to negotiations with the Palestinians. Within the Arab population, 71 percent claimed Israel’s hostile treatment of the Palestinians was entirely to blame.

“The survey shows that the Israeli population has slowly but surely lost confidence in the nation’s foreign policy,” explained Dr. Nimrod Goren of the Mitvim Institute. “The population now understands that Netanyahu was incapable of stopping the Iranian nuclear threat, and as a result [of his efforts] Israel’s status has plummeted, [including] its relations with the American government.”

Most Israelis were already aware that their nation is unpopular around the world. No matter what goodwill gestures it makes or violence it endures, Israel is always seen as the culprit. Now most feel the nation’s foreign policy is, likewise, failing to convey the true face of Israel.


Coming to Faith in Muslim 'Palestine'

Coming to Faith in Muslim 'Palestine'

When I first met Mohammed at the Israel Today offices in Jerusalem, he seemed apprehensive about sharing his faith despite assurances we would not reveal his real name.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Better Israeli 'Hell' Than Palestinian Paradise

Better Israeli 'Hell' Than Palestinian Paradise

Israel Today and other media have spoken to many Palestinians who would like to move to this Israeli “hell,” but few will dare to admit it publicly.

The full article appears in the November 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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"...Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness."

"...Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness."

Israel's security situation continues to be precarious. Citizens stabbed, soldiers stabbed, people killed and wounded. There is no quiet.

But we would like to take the time to talk a little about the good things of "war in Israel."

Israeli soldiers are the soft underbelly of us all. They are, after all, our children that we raised with love and affection. And, as they reached the age of 18, are drafted into the army, not by choice but out of a sense of duty.

During these difficult days, as terror surrounds us on all sides, our soldiers are working day and night. We see them at each bus stop as they ensure civilians safety, checking buses, checking bags at the entrances to malls, performing guard duty at border checkpoints checking almost every vehicle. All this to prevent the next attack! You need to understand that this is not a normal state of affairs.

In most countries soldiers are occupied with the security of the state and NOT security within their state! But we are in the situation where the war against us affects every facet of life. Whether on buses, in the malls, bus stations on the streets, we face threats everywhere!

During these difficult times we see how Israeli citizens overwhelm our soldiers with appreciation. Mothers prepare home cooked meals for them and distribute them to our soldiers at checkpoints, to our children! Civilians stop and distribute packages of goodies to our soldiers out of thanks. Various organizations and donors adopt IDF units and treat our soldiers with lacking equipment so our troops can feel more comfortable and pleasant.

Everyone behaves as if each soldier is his own child and wants to express their thanks in their own special way. These things are the "good things of war in Israel." Differences are set aside and we are united as one nation.

These difficult days are both crazy and heartwarming. "... out of the strong came forth sweetness." Judges 14:14, is an expression that literally means out of a difficult situation good arises.

And we believe that it is in our power to hate the evil that is caused by our enemies and take this opportunity to build up and to love.


COMMENTARY: Is the State of Israel the Israel of God?

COMMENTARY: Is the State of Israel the Israel of God?

Although many Christians see the modern state of Israel as a miraculous fulfillment of prophecy, most still do not. Even many Jews denounce the State as being too secular, believing no legitimate national restoration can take place until Messiah comes.

But if God’s hand is truly involved in the creation of Israel today, as most Jewish and non-Jewish Zionists believe, how reverently should it be treated? 

I think it is safe to say that Israel has always been a work in progress. It began when God summoned one man from among the nations, Abraham, and promised him the land of Canaan and a myriad of descendants. This prophecy was fulfilled to a degree when the family grew into a mighty nation that dominated the region for a time. Though it eventually crashed and burned for its covenant transgressions, God’s ultimate calling upon Israel to be the light of the world remains. One day a holy nation of righteous descendants will arise to govern the planet as the Messianic Kingdom of God. 

Obviously, the Jewish state is not there yet. But surely this nation that was restored from the dustbin of history is on a path to becoming the Israel of God, is it not? Christians in the grip of Replacement Theology would quickly say – absolutely not! That the term “Israel of God” (Gal. 6:16) is a New Testament term to be applied only to the Christian Church, and has nothing to do with being Jewish. Or with the land of Israel.

 At the other end of the spectrum many Messianic Jews and Christians who do believe the State will evolve into the Israel of God, believe it is only about being Jewish. They say any entity called Israel is exclusively a Jewish province, and that all this nation needs now is for the rest of the Jewish Diaspora to come home so Yeshua can return and set up his kingdom.

I would suggest a third view is closer to the truth.

Surely the “Israel of God” is just another term for the righteous remnant of all Israel. And that we who are in Yeshua, both Jew and non-Jew, are that portion of Abraham’s seed chosen by God to inherit all the promises in Messiah with representatives from all twelve tribes. However, the Jewish State of Israel today is primarily drawn from only two tribes, Judah and Benjamin, the descendants of the House of Judah. We are still missing a representative remnant from the scattered ten tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel to join with Judah in Messiah. Didn’t Yeshua promise his apostles “you will sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel?” (Matt. 19:28) Where are these missing descendants if not the reborn followers of  Messiah who’ve been coming forth from the nations for the last 2000 years?

But how will this mostly secular State of Israel today, which includes a huge unsaved Arab population and a Christian minority, morph into the Israel of God as described in the Bible? It will take a mighty miracle, for sure! “Who has seen such a thing? Can a land be born in one day? Can a nation be brought forth all at once? As soon as Zion travailed, she also brought forth her sons” (Isa. 66:8)

Best advice is to hold on to your kippa! When God transforms today’s Israel into tomorrow’s Messianic kingdom, the world will never be the same again. Thank God!

Brian Hennessy is the author of Valley of the Steeples, available at: ketchpublishing/BrianHennessyBooks.htm


Help a Palestinian Christian Become an Ambassador for Truth

Help a Palestinian Christian Become an Ambassador for Truth

The following is a personal message and appeal from our Palestinian Christian contributor “Matthew.”

If you would like to help “Matthew” meet the goal outlined below, send an email to and we will put you in contact with him.

I was born in the Gaza Strip in 1994 to a nominal Christian family. I attended an Islamic school where I was taught day after day to hate all Jews and do whatever possible to destroy the State of Israel.

Despite growing up with this mentality, I was, as a Christian, nevertheless harassed and physically abused by Islamic groups trying to convert me, and responding angrily when I refused to do so, leading to more beatings and persecution.

Though I was a Christian in name only, I knew enough about Islam to make me reject converting.

At age 15, I decided to escape Gaza. As Christians, we would once or twice a year receive permits to visit Bethlehem or other “West Bank” towns. On Easter vacation of that year, we came to Ramallah, and I never went back.

At that point things went downhill as I got into drinking and partying and going out with the wrong people. I was stumbling continuously until one day I met a couple of strangers on the streets of Ramallah talking about the love of God, and that Jesus is the way and the savior.

I took these people for fools, but listened to them out of respect. They invited me to a meeting, and I thought to myself ‘what do I have to lose?’ So I went, and time after time the Lord changed my heart and filled me with love and compassion for all His people.

And He opened my eyes to a new perspective on Israel.

When I lived in Gaza, we were taught that the Israelis were our enemies and that we must hate them and fight to liberate Palestine from occupation. But when I came to the West Bank and started reading the Old Testament, I began to experience the love that God put in my heart for the Jewish people.

Soon, I had made hundreds of Israeli friends. I apologized for all the hate I previously held for them, and explained that I now understood that Israel has a right to exist as a nation and that God’s promise of this land to them is forever.

Holding such views has certainly caused me trouble in the West Bank, but it’s what I believe and I must share my faith.

Now I am embarking on a new journey to North Central College, near Chicago.

My time at North Central will help me in several ways. The course I will be attending is an English course, which will help me to more effectively open the eyes of those I speak to in the future. It will improve my English so that I can share the message of truth with a wider audience!

My calling is to spread the truth about the complex situation in this land, to open the eyes of many about the right of the Jews to this land, and to counter what the pro-Palestinian media tells the world.

The cost of my trip to the USA will be $6500 (tuition and flights). This does not include housing or personal expenses. The Lord has already blessed me with a family that will host me in their home for the duration of my stay. 

I want to thank you in advance for all your prayer and support! Feel free to contact me by email with any more questions.

If you would like to help “Matthew,” send an email to and we will put you in contact with him. This is to help ensure his safety.


Arab Christian Asks Forgiveness of Terror-Stricken Jews

Arab Christian Asks Forgiveness of Terror-Stricken Jews

Amidst the current wave of terrorist stabbings and other attacks, a local Arab Christian leader has published a YouTube video begging forgiveness of his Jewish brothers, and urging fellow Arab Christians to do the same.

In the video, this brave man calls on the Arabs to “not be overcome by evil, but to overcome evil with good.” Addressing fellow Arab Christians specifically, he insists they must not remain silent in the face of this terrorist violence.

To the Jews, this Arab Christian says he hopes they “can find it in your heart to forgive us.”

The man’s face and voice have been obscured in the video for his own safety, and he requested that we not reveal his name or any other details about him. Arab Christians who express love or other positive views regarding Israel and the Jews are often the targets of Muslim violence.

Embedding has been disabled on this video in case it needs to be quickly removed from the Internet. In the meantime, you can CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT >>


‘Russian alliance places Israel in peril’

‘Russian alliance places Israel in peril’

The peril in which Israel has been placed by Russia’s new Middle Eastern alliances was highlighted at a London conference held in the shadow of the UK Parliament.

In the run-up to the fifth anniversary of the outbreak of the so-called Arab Spring, it was noted that Russia’s new link with Iran, Iraq and Syria – sworn enemies of the Jewish state – was hardly a recipe for stability even if the intention was to deal effectively with the Islamic State terrorists.

Various leaders were addressing a gathering of Christian intercessors, linked with a campaign known as Together for the Nation, called to meet for urgent prayer (in light of the current grave crises facing the UK and the world) at the Emmanuel Centre in Marsham Street, Westminster.

Dr Clifford Hill, an eminent sociologist and author, repeated a statement made some years ago by a friend of his, the late Lance Lambert, that when the Shi’ite and Sunni streams of Islam have settled their differences, they would turn their attention to Israel.

And British evangelist David Hathaway pointed out that in giving military backing to Syria and their allies, Vladimir Putin was supporting the bitter enemies of Israel – “currying favour with the very people who will launch the attack on Jerusalem,” referring to a biblical prophecy of an Armageddon-style battle in the region (Ezekiel 38).

He warned against Britain backing the wrong side – i.e. Putin – adding that getting rid of Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gadaffi had been big mistakes that had “unleashed the tiger” of Islamic fundamentalism.

Dr Hill also tackled the migrant crisis currently affecting Europe which he believed could be the greatest opportunity ever for reaching Muslims with the gospel. He cited the case of Indonesia – the world’s largest Islamic country – where millions had turned to Christ as a result of a government-sponsored migration programme in which people had been moved out of crowded cities onto islands populated by Christians. The warm welcome they received sparked a new-found faith, which has since spread like wildfire.

In a similar way God could even bring good out of the evil of ISIS as ordinary Muslims are appalled by “behaviour which is on the model of Mohammed himself, who forced conversions and slaughtered Jews and Christians.”

“But is the church ready for a great harvest?” he asked.

A Congregational minister, Dr Hill is seriously concerned about growing secularisation in Britain, reflected in a catalogue of laws ‘freeing’ us from the constraints of biblical morality.

Later in the day, he made a public confession for having neither said, nor done, anything at the time the 1967 Abortion Act was passed. “I was leading a congregation of one thousand in Tottenham, north London. I was too busy running church to see the bigger picture of what was happening in our nation.”


A Positive Spin on Netanyahu's Blunder

A Positive Spin on Netanyahu's Blunder

A gross overstating is the worst that can be said about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's blaming the first "Palestinian" leader Haj Amin Al-Husseini for persuading Hitler to implement the "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem." 

In his speech to the delegates to the 37

th World Zionist Congress last week, Netanyahu stated that Haj Amin Al-Husseini played a "central role in fomenting the final solution … Hitler didn't want to exterminate the Jews at the time. He wanted to expel the Jews, and Haj Amin Al Husseini went to him [Hitler] and said, if you'll expel them they'll all come here [Palestine]. 'So what should I do with them' he [Hitler] asked. He [al-Husseini] said, 'burn them'."

Though criticism of this statement isn't out of place, too many of the responses from left-wing politicians and journalists are nothing more than attempts to derail what should be a proper discussion and turn it into a cheap political catfight.

Zionist Camp (Labor) MK Omer Bar-Lev's response comparing Netanyahu to Holocaust deniers is of such kind. "He is not recoiling from any means to demonize the Arabs," wrote Bar-Lev. Therefore, "in the same way we strongly denounce Holocaust deniers, so we will not allow statements demeaning Hitler's atrocities against our people." 

Merav Michaeli, also a Zionist Camp (Labor) MK, said on her Facebook page that Netanyahu's statement "is extreme and dangerous, such that plays into the hands of Holocaust deniers and Israel-haters around the world."

Such false innuendoes, however, couldn't stop the surge of responses that used Netanyahu's inaccuracy to remind everybody of Haj Amin Al-Husseini's very real involvement in murderous attacks against Jews, and about his enthusiastic collaboration with Nazi Germany. 

Among the many historians commenting on Netanyahu's statement was Wolfgang Schwanitz, who with Barry Rubin authored Nazis, Islamists and the Making of the Modern Middle East.

Quoting from his book, Schwanitz reminded everyone that "at their meeting [on November 28, 1941, Hitler and al-Husseini] concluded the pact of Jewish genocide in Europe and the Middle East, and immediately afterward, Hitler gave the order to prepare for the Holocaust. The next day invitations went out to thirteen Nazis for the Wannsee Conference to begin organizing the logistics of this mass murder."

Schwanitz also asserts that "al-Husseini made it clear that if Hitler wanted Muslims and Arabs as allies he must close Europe's exits to Jews. At the same time, al-Husseini and Arab rulers also told Britain that if it wanted to keep Arabs and Muslims from being enemies, it must close entrance to Palestine to all Jews. By succeeding on both fronts, al-Husseini contributed to the Holocaust doubly, directly, and from the start." 

Taking into account Edward Said's acknowledgement that al-Husseini "represented the Palestinian Arab national consensus," Netanyahu's gross overstatement on the role of the mufti in the Holocaust doesn't seem to deserve the kind of criticism it received from his political opponents.

Other reliable studies on the topic differ from Netanyahu on one thing only, that Hitler and no one else is responsible for the Holocaust. This, however, can't diminish al-Husseini's role in encouraging Hitler to implement his final solution, just as it can't diminish al-Husseini's crucial involvement in sending Jews to the concentration camps. 

When Netanyahu referred to the Palestinian leader as a war criminal, he was also referring to Yugoslavia seeking to indict al-Husseini for his role in recruiting 20,000 Muslim volunteers for the SS, volunteers who participated in the killing of Jews in Croatia and Hungary. The full story of al-Husseini's direct involvement in the Holocaust is found in Serbian scholar Jennie Lebl's book Haj Amin and Berlin

If it wasn't for Netanyahu's blunder, these and other inconvenient facts about the one who "represented the Palestinian Arab national consensus" would have all but remained forgotten.


Life in Jerusalem, Through a Foreigner’s Eyes

Life in Jerusalem, Through a Foreigner’s Eyes

It’s a beautiful Shabbat morning in Jerusalem. Children are happy and all is peaceful in our neighborhood. We have been in Jerusalem three weeks, arriving from Seattle, Washington.

Little did we know when we arrived that we would witness the fear, confusion and horror of unbelievable acts of terror on a daily basis. Innocent civilians and soldiers, attacked with knives and run over by vehicles, as they went about their daily activities. Those injured were children; someone’s father, mother, brother, sister, spouse or friend. Fear and apprehension showing on the face of each person we pass on the street.

Twice we were in locations where an attack had just taken place. One at the central bus station in Jerusalem and the other time when three separate events occurred on Jaffa Street. We witnessed the chaos resulting from these brutal attacks; people rushing to get out of the area. Employees in the shops along Jaffa Street fearing for their lives.

We also heard from parents whose children were summoned by the government to report for military duty. Their children have already completed their time in the military and are now part of the reserve forces. They were summoned to defend and protect those who wore an “invisible” target on their back just because they happen to be Jewish.

The news broadcasts outside of Israel have been disgusting. The media implies that Israel provoked this violence, downplaying these senseless and brutal acts of murder.

We are honored to stand with Israel in this horrible time in their history.

Our landlady was convinced we would leave the first week of our arrival due to the “situation.” When we told her we had no intention of leaving she was so touched. She was sure we would want to go. We told her that is exactly what the terrorists want us to do; we will not leave, rather we will show the people of Israel they are not alone.

Everywhere we go we share that the people of the United States are strong supporters of Israel. We honor those that God calls “the apple of His eye.”


Israel's biblical rights have to be recognized!

Israel's biblical rights have to be recognized!

Israel today is more than just a magazine - Israel Today is a lifestyle! What is taking place today in Jerusalem, Israel and the Middle East, has an impact on, and will soon be happening, in Europe!!

In the geopolitical and religious dispute over Jerusalem, Israel's biblical rights have to be recognized.

Stop being indifferent - know what is taking place in Israel and become an ambassador of the truth!

Read Israel Today's digital issue free and subscribe!


Controversy at Jesus’ Baptismal Site

Controversy at Jesus’ Baptismal Site

UN agrees with Jordan that "the direct descendants of the Prophet Mohammed...are those best suited to protect one of the holiest sites of Christianity."

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Rabbi Threatens: Messianic Jewish Evangelists Deserve Death

Rabbi Threatens: Messianic Jewish Evangelists Deserve Death

A well-known, though already controversial, Israeli rabbi recently released a video encouraging his followers that Messianic Jews sharing the Gospel deserve the “death penalty.”

“Whoever incites to idolatry, his punishment is death,” stated Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi. “And whoever follows him also deserves death!”

Mizrachi was referring specifically to Eitan Bar and Moti Vaknin, the Israeli Messianic Jews behind the One For Israel project that exists primarily to share the Gospel via the Internet.

In one of their more recent videos, Bar and Vaknin exposed several of Mizrachi’s false teachings regarding Yeshua and the promises about Messiah.

Mizrachi warned that “if they dare to speak up again, these two clowns, I will strike them down.”

In a video response to Mizrachi’s threat, Bar and Vaknin asked for prayers for their personal safety, but also expressed forgiveness and love for the wayward rabbi.

“Rabbi Mizrachi, we still love you, forgive your incitement, and refuse to hate you back,” said Vaknin.

Born in Israel, Rabbi Mizrachi now resides in New York where he heads an organization that teaches his brand of Judaism to both religious and secular Jews. He has courted controversy in the past by, among other things, suggesting that Down’s Syndrome and autism are “punishments for sins committed in a previous life.”

Watch the full video response by Eitan Bar and Moti Vaknin:

Famous Israeli Orthodox Rabbi publicly entices to MURDER two I…

Famous Israeli Orthodox Rabbi publicly entices to MURDER two Israeli Messianic Jewish evangelists for publicly sharing Yeshua (Jesus) over media in Israel. ~ Eitan Bar & Moti Vaknin need your prayers!! PLEASE SHARE!!! ~

Posted by One For Israel Ministry on Wednesday, October 21, 2015


REPORTS: Israeli Forces Enter Syria, Briefly

REPORTS: Israeli Forces Enter Syria, Briefly

Unconfirmed reports suggest Israeli ground forces briefly entered Syria on Saturday evening after an Israeli man paraglided across the border.

It was initially feared that the paragliding Israeli unintentionally drifted into war-torn Syria and would there be abducted by one of various terrorist militias. The northern Golan Heights region is popular with Israeli paragliders.

A large IDF force was deployed to the area, and several units were said to have infiltrated a short distance into Syria in order to identify the Israeli and bring him home.

It was later learned that the man was a 23-year-old Arab resident of central Israel who intentionally crossed the border in order to join an ISIS-affiliated terror group.

The Syrian side of the Golan Heights is largely controlled by the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front. But a small group has broken away from Al-Nusra and has instead declared allegiance to ISIS. The group known as Shuada al Yarmouq controls the area where the Israeli Arab man landed.

PHOTO: File photo of an Israeli tank on duty along the Israel-Syria border


IDF Captain Addresses Allegations of War Crimes

IDF Captain Addresses Allegations of War Crimes

The IDF officer explains to Israel Today that the biased media reports "don’t show what really happened and what we saw with our own eyes."

The full interview appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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The Reich, the Palestinians and 900,000 Jewish Refugees

The Reich, the Palestinians and 900,000 Jewish Refugees

Dr. Edy Cohen reveals a number of inconvenient truths in his upcoming book TheMufti and the Jews: The Secret War of Haj Amin al-Husseini against the Jews.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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We've Become Like Sodom and Gomorrah, Laments Israeli Judge

We've Become Like Sodom and Gomorrah, Laments Israeli Judge

The daily stabbings in Israel have had a serious impact on the local population. Everywhere, fear is palpable. People are afraid of being stabbed from behind or run over at the bus stop. In Jerusalem, every young Arab or covered Arab woman is seen as a potential threat.

Yes, Israelis are on edge. But that didn’t stop Israelis from doing some shock-induced soul searching after a young man from Eritrea (pictured) was mistakenly identified as a terrorist and lynched by an angry mob.

“This is strictly forbidden,” admonished Rabbi Ratzon Arussi, chief rabbi of the Tel Aviv suburb of Kiryat Ono. “This is not the way of the Torah. Even if our enemy behaves worse than an animal and is himself already dead, we are obligated to honor his body, for he was created in the image of God.”

Israel’s media has been full of heated debate over the Beersheva lynch. “Only because of his skin color,” screamed a front page headline in Yediot Ahronot.

Israeli politicians have been lamenting video footage of the incident.

“It’s just awful what is happening,” said opposition leader Isaac Herzog. “We must be careful not to allow the fear, anger and frustration that these terrorist attacks create to break our soul.”

Ofer Shelah of the centrist Yesh Atid party said he was deeply ashamed by the behavior of those caught on film attacking the innocent African, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to bring to justice all those involved.

In a related case, Tel Aviv district judge Shamai Becker ordered the police to hunt down an Israeli caught on video kicking the head of a suspected female Palestinian terrorist who had already been subdued. “We have become just like Sodom and Gomorrah,” said the judge. “Even if it were a terrorist, it is unacceptable for Israelis to kick that person in the head when she is no longer a threat.”

The Palestinian girl in question had indeed assaulted someone, but was later determined to be mentally ill and not an armed terrorist.

On local WhatsApp groups videos have been shared showing enraged Israelis at the scenes of very real attacks either cursing or beating terrorists who had already been neutralized. The videos also show an overwhelmed police force doing its best to keep the angry crowd away from the subdued or dead terrorists.

The panic and anger currently bubbling up in so many Israelis becomes evident in such situations. But such reactions are rejected and condemned by the majority of Israelis, as is evident in local media coverage in the past several days.


Christian Surfers in the 'Promised Land'

Christian Surfers in the 'Promised Land'

Israel Today speaks to a handful of Christian surfers working with their Israeli counterparts to do what they can to bring truth and peace to the Middle East conflict.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Israeli Chief Rabbi's Car Stoned by Palestinians

Israeli Chief Rabbi's Car Stoned by Palestinians

Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, visited Joseph’s Tomb on the outskirts of biblical Shechem (now known as Nablus) on Sunday evening to examine damage caused to the holy site the week prior by Palestinian rioters.

Yosef told Jewish Orthodox media that “what happened here is simply the actions of ISIS. What [kind of] people can destroy such a holy place? We, the Jewish Nation, guard their sacred sites, and their mosques, and they without shame treat such a holy place as Joseph’s Tomb this way?”

Joseph’s Tomb, the traditional burial place of the biblical patriarch and a prominent site of Jewish worship, was severely damaged by a fire set by a Palestinian mob late last week. Various reports suggest Palestinian Authority police not only did little to stop the destruction, but actually participated.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Palestinians had damaged and destroyed Joseph’s Tomb, which Israeli Jews are permitted to continue visiting under the currently signed peace agreements.

As the chief rabbi was leaving the site, he and his escort were set upon by a Palestinian stone-throwers. Yosef and his people were unharmed, but damage was sustained by several of the vehicles.

Amazingly, almost none of this was deemed newsworthy by the mainstream international media. One can only imagine the headlines if Jews burned a prominent Muslim holy site and then stoned one of the world’s leading imams when he came to inspect the damage.

PHOTO: A Palestinian mob destroys Joseph’s Tomb at the start of the Second Intifada in 2000 (Flash90)


The Truth About 'Disappearing Palestine'

The Truth About 'Disappearing Palestine'

The "Palestine" maps shown in the newsroom of MSNBC on October 17 represented what the pro-Palestine crowd believes to be the "disappearing Palestine." These maps, often seen at "free Gaza" demonstrations, are a gutter tactic aimed at manipulating the masses by fictitious visual aids. 

Following protests, MSNBC reluctantly apologized by saying that "in an attempt to shed light on the geographic context of the Israeli-Palestinian issue, we aired a map that was factually wrong." Even if sincere, this apology can't undo the impression these maps left on millions of viewers that pay little attention to the well-documented anti-Israel bias exercised by MSNBC.

The "disappearing Palestine" maps shrewdly misrepresent the word "Palestine," which until 1948 was a territory ruled by Great Britain. This is why from 1917-1948, people dwelling in Palestine – both Jews and Arabs – were given certificates identifying them as Palestinians. This is why Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir could say that "we [Jews] are all Palestinians. Want proof? I still have my old [Palestine] passport."

This is why "disappearing Palestine" actually represents the gradual British retreat from their original plan designating all of what is now Israel and Jordan for a Jewish state.

<div style="text-align:center;"><img src="" alt=""/></div><br/>

The map above shows how the British envisioned the borders of the future Jewish state in 1920. In an attempt to pacify its Arab allies, however, just two years later these borders were dramatically changed to what actually represents present-day Israel. The map below shows the new 1922 British borders designated for the Jewish state.

<div style="text-align:center;"><img src="" alt=""/></div><br/> 

Dramatic as this change was, "Jewish Palestine" was reduced even further by the "partition plan" to roughly half the size of the 1922 borders. The map below shows the 1947 UN Partition Plan, where the white areas represent Jewish territory.

<div style="text-align:center;"><img src="" alt=""/></div><br/>

The Arab rejection of the Partition Plan sparked the 1948 War of Independence, which left the West Bank in Jordanian hands. The map below shows that the borders of Israel from 1948-1967 were slightly larger than those of the Partition Plan.

<div style="text-align:center;"><img src="" alt=""/></div><br/>

Following the Six Day War in 1967, the Jordanian West Bank, Egyptian Gaza and Syrian Golan Height were conquered by Israel. Following the 1993 Oslo Accord, Israel agreed in principal to shrink its borders once again back to those that existed until 1967, but instead of returning the West Bank and Gaza to Jordan and Egypt, respectively, a brand new Arab state would receive the land. The map below shows Israel's future borders in light green.

<div style="text-align:center;"><img src="" alt=""/></div><br/>

Palestinian/MSNBC propaganda says the exact opposite simply by misrepresenting Mandate Palestine as a Palestinian state that supposedly pre-existed Israel. If anything, therefore, "disappearing Palestine" represents nothing less than the disappearance of Israel. Since Arabic is written from right to left, the proper meaning of these maps becomes obvious. The yellow areas in the MSNBC map represent the envisioned gradual disappearance of Israel.

<div style="text-align:center;"><img src="" alt=""/></div><br/>


I have no other country...

I have no other country...

Whether you like it or not,
whether you choose or not,
or how much we pray or not,
We, in Israel, still find ourselves in a bloody conflict with the Arabs.

Sending our children to schools and kindergartens with concerns that the bus will explode on the way.
Or some madman will ram his car into those waiting at a bus station at full force and crush them sending their bodies flying in all directions.
We travel the streets - whether to a supermarket, school, or work, or just to meet with friends - and some crazy kid could pursue us with a knife indiscriminately plunging it into someone's body as long as the victim is Jewish.
And life here become more bizarre as time goes by.

People walk around with guns, tear gas, and those without will use any means - a club, a rolling pin or even a selfie-stick. Anything in order to defend onesself from monstrous attacks.
In the last week people were seen walking the streets with sticks, looking in all directions making sure nothing suspicious appears or even an attacker.
As the days passed one saw fewer and fewer people on the streets, the malls were empty, markets empty and even cafes were empty.
People only did necessary errands and business and quickly returned to their homes or offices their "safe" places.
Even kindergartens and schools went on strike because parents felt that there was not enough security. Parents volunteered to do guard duty shifts. Some even refused to send their children to school.

The question is have we become accustomed to the situation?
This is a bizarre question, because on the one hand, yes, we have become accustomed to these difficult situations. On the other hand we want to live.
For God's sake let us live in peace, we really do not want war.
We love and revere life, work, fun and togetherness with family and friends.

All we want is to live a normal quiet and simple life.

We are fed up with becoming accustomed with the situation, we are tired of this madness.
The worst madness is always accompanied with the cry "Allah HuAkbar" - "Allah is Greatest" heard as each terrorist commits his attack.
I ask, "what kind of god sanctifies such things? What kind of god demands such hatred? What kind of god?"
Then comes the news from the world which seems to twist the knife in the wound and just exacerbates the bleeding wound.

Terrorists are presented as the unfortunate victims, those protecting lives as the killers.
Everything upside down.
It's frustrating and disparaging.
How many strikes can one absorb? How many?
Israel has become accustomed to severe beatings.
And yet Israel still remains merciful and compassionate.
And this is the truth even if the world says otherwise.

And your role is to be attentive.
To be ambassadors and show your love through your actions.
I really mean that - I have no other country...


The Mission to Israel, Part I

The Mission to Israel, Part I

In order to understand the latest attacks onMessianic and Christian evangelists in Israel, we must consider the history of modern missions to the Jews in the Holy Land.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Do We Need To Worry About Gog and Magog?

Do We Need To Worry About Gog and Magog?

Almost every end-time teaching today has Gog/Magog invading Israel before the coming of Messiah. All the Biblical nations mentioned in this invasion have been matched up with today’s countries and are being carefully monitored. With Russia’s sudden reentry into the Middle East allied with Syria and Iran many are asking nervously, “is this Gog’s Axis of Evil?”

But could all our concern about Gog’s army be completely misplaced? The Bible only mentions Gog and Magog in two places: Ezekiel 38:1- 39:16 and Revelation 20:7-11. Ezekiel’s prophecy doesn’t give us a precise timing for Gog’s attack other than he will be summoned “in the latter years.” But John’s revelation is very specific. He places Gog’s invasion at the end of the 1000-year reign of Messiah. 

So why are so many biblical prognosticators certain Gog will attack before Yeshua even gets here? Especially when the conditions needed to provoke his attack in Ezekiel’s prophecy depict the  supernatural peace of the Messianic Age? Ezekiel’s prophecy describes an Israel – “restored from the sword, whose inhabitants are …all living securely, all of them…and without walls and having no bars or gates.” But how can that type of peace and security exist prior toYeshua coming and destroying Antichrist and the evil world system? (Rev. 19:11-21)

I know many believe Antichrist will trick Israel into accepting a false peace plan. But in today’s world, does anyone seriously think Israel would dismantle its nuclear deterrent, Iron Dome defense and world-class army and air force, and just kick back and raise sheep? I don’t care how beguiling Antichrist’s peace plan might be, Israel has learned its lesson about trusting any Gentile power with its security. Their slogan is, “Never again!”

I believe it’s time to reconsider some things. When we look at the preceding chapters in Ezekiel we see a succession of prophecies that must be fulfilled for this unprecedented peace and security to be present in Israel before the Gog/Magog invasion.

Starting in chapter 28: 24,25 we read the security starts after scattered Israel comes into the land, and all her enemies “who scorned them round about” are no more. God’s holiness will then be manifested in them “in the sight of all the nations.” Neither is the case today.

In chapter 34, we learn the scattered ‘sheep’ of BOTH Israel’s two kingdoms must be regathered, not just the descendants of Judah, and all living under one shepherd, Messiah. “And I will make a covenant of peace with them…and they will live securely and no one will make them afraid” (v. 25). Even harmful animals will be eliminated so the people “…may sleep in the woods.”

In chapter 37 we have the famous two-stick prophecy that graphically symbolizes the reunion of Judah and Israel under “My servant David.” And it states, “I will make a covenant of peace with them” – which results in Israel entering her Millennium rest with “…My sanctuary in their midst forever.” 

That brings us to chapter 38 where we find this amazing peace now in place and Gog being summoned “after many days” to attack “the land restored from the sword” and those “who are at rest.” Surely this describes the millennial reign of Messiah when “the wolf will live with the lamb” (Isa. 11:6). And “nation will not lift up sword against nation, and never again learn war” (Isaiah 2:4) – that is, until Satan is let loose one more time! 

If so, whatever Russia’s presence might mean today, we know Gog won’t show up for at least another thousand years! 

Maybe we should be focusing on what’s needed to bring about this awesome end-time peace and security – namely, the reunion of Judah and Israel. And if this growing fellowship of Zionist Christians and Jews today isn’t the start of that reunion, I don’t know what is.

Brian Hennessy is the author of Valley of the Steeples, available at: ketchpublishing/BrianHennessyBooks.htm


WATCH: Israeli Yachters Rescue Drowning Syrian Refugees

WATCH: Israeli Yachters Rescue Drowning Syrian Refugees

Israelis on a yachting trip around the eastern Mediterranean on Sunday came across a group of drowning Syrian and Iraqi refugees and saved their lives.

The refugees, like so many others, had been set adrift by a Turkish government that doesn’t want them. They were put in a rubber life raft and pointed in the direction of the nearby Greek island of Kastellorizo.

The Israelis, who are part of the Poseidon Yacht Club in the southern coastal city of Ashdod, told the Ynet news portal that they were surprised to suddenly hear a faint call for help coming from the sea.

“We stopped the boat and found a young refugee wearing a life vest,” said the yacht’s captain, Shlomo Asban. “We lifted him from the water and he told us his brother was lost, and was likely dead.”

At first, the Israelis believed the young man was alone.

“We asked the first young man if there were more people out there, but he started to weep,” said Gal Baruch, another of the Israeli yachters. “We scanned the area with binoculars and discovered a large group of people, including a man going into diabetic shock. We gave him sweet food and were able to save his life.”

In all, there were 11 more refugees clinging to the side of a sinking rubber raft. One, a baby held tightly by his mother, had tragically already died. All were brought safely aboard the Israeli vessel.

“We gave them water and let them use our cellphones. Then we told them we are Jews from Israel, and they kissed us,” recalled Asban.

The Israelis brought the refugees to the nearby Greek island where they were processed and provided asylum.


Liar and a Scoundrel: How Can Israel Make Peace With Abu Mazen?

Liar and a Scoundrel: How Can Israel Make Peace With Abu Mazen?

Mahmoud Abbas, often called by his nom de guerre “Abu Mazen,” lied, and that should never be forgotten, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated emphatically.

Abbas was supposed to be the great moderate hope for peace when he replaced Yasser Arafat. But many forget that Abbas was long Arafat’s protege and served for decades as the arch-terrorist’s right-hand-man. Today, that is becoming increasingly apparent, as Abbas sounds more and more like Arafat with each round of violence.

As the Palestinian terror stabbings reached a climax last week, Abbas released a video statement to his people. World leaders, including those in Jerusalem, hoped Abbas would use the opportunity to calm the situation. He did the opposite.

Parroting past assertions by Arafat, Abbas insisted that the Jews were trying to take over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, and urged his people never to surrender. And just in case some of his listeners weren’t motivated by religious fervor, Abbas went on to claim that Jews were wantonly murdering Arab youth in cold blood.

Israeli police are “executing children like Ahmed Manasra,” the Palestinian leader charged angrily. No mention was made of the fact that Manasra had stabbed and nearly killed a 13-year-old Jewish boy.

Of course, the entire world now knows that Manasra is alive and well in an Israeli hospital, where he is receiving the same care as his victim, because that’s how Israel treats its enemies.

But the damage of Abbas’ lie had already been done. Nor was this the only time he had resorted to such deceitful incitement.

At the beginning of the current wave of violence, Abbas’ ruling Fatah faction published two flyers praising the “martyrs” involved in some of the initial stabbing attacks. The message was clear: These men had been heroically reacting to Israeli “aggression,” and any who followed in their footsteps would receive similar adulation.

These are but a handful of example of how Mahmoud Abbas, far from being a genuine partner for peace, is stoking the flames of conflict.

Yasser Arafat was a liar and a scoundrel. And the power brokers behind the Middle East peace process eventually came to realize Israel could never reach a viable, genuine and lasting peace with him. To believe that Abbas is any different has always been a fantasy that is finally being undone under the weight of reality.


VIDEO: Let's Fight the Media Lies

VIDEO: Let's Fight the Media Lies

The current wave of terrorism in Israel has more than ever exposed the biased and faulty mainstream media coverage of what is happening in the Holy Land.

Some of the coverage has been so erroneous as to be almost comical. But ultimately it’s not funny given the seriousness of the situation and the fact that these biased media reports are in many cases actually fueling the violence.

Hananya Naftali, a Messianic Jewish soldier in the IDF, has made the following brief video compilation explaining the problem, and how believers around the world can fight it.


How Relevant is the Bible?

How Relevant is the Bible?

The Jewish population in the Land might appear less religious than the Muslim population, but the Bible plays a strong role in daily life and in society.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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When the News Leaves You Less Informed

When the News Leaves You Less Informed

Jerusalem is burning, and Israel Today is more relevant than ever for those looking to be watchmen and ambassadors of what God is doing here.

The current violence in Israel has been characterized by two things: an unbridled bloodlust among an entire brainwashed generation of Palestinian Arabs, and an unprecedented level of faulty and biased media coverage.

As an example of the latter, The Los Angeles Times headlined a recent online article “4 Palestinian teens are killed in Israeli violence.”

The headline, and much of the story, very deliberately nudged readers toward the conclusion that innocent Palestinian Arabs had been murdered in cold blood by Israelis.

The truth was that two of those Palestinians were shot while in the act of stabbing Jews in Jerusalem’s Old City, and the other two died while assaulting the Gaza-Israel border fence.

Another example (many, in fact) came from the BBC, which told viewers of its website: “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.”

Of course, the two killed were Israeli Jewish civilians, and the Palestinian was shot dead because he was the murderer. But the BBC would like you to think otherwise, especially if all you’re doing is skimming headlines.

In most instances, the lies are incredibly absurd considering that the attacks were recorded by security and traffic cameras. What’s more absurd, and terribly sad, is that so many people are so predisposed to believe the worst about Jews that they will swallow these lies despite the evidence.

Israel Today exists to combat this trend.

If you want to really know what’s going on in Israel, and gain a deeper understanding of the situation, you owe it to yourself to SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Similarly, if you want others to know the truth, send them a gift subscription to the only Messianic-run Israeli news magazine!


The Hand that Rocks the Knife

The Hand that Rocks the Knife

Based on his previous "successes," John Kerry's pending visit to Israel will either end up achieving nothing or actually increasing the violence. Since Kerry has discovered the reason why so many Palestinian hands are rocking so many knives, it is worth looking into it. 

In his Harvard lecture this week, Kerry determined that "there’s an increase in the violence because there’s this frustration that’s growing." This frustration, he says, is caused by “a massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years.”

I don't know the source for Kerry's information. A safe guess would be that he was given short headlines from radical left-wing Israeli sources that are manipulating statistics for their own gains. 

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, however, true to 2014, construction of new homes in Judea and Samaria increased by 3.1%, representing a 52.5% decrease from the previous year. Additionally, the 7% increase in the Jewish population in these areas actually supports the settlers' complaint of a de facto building freeze in Judea and Samaria.

Kerry's explanation is found to be baseless, but there are other popular explanations about the Palestinian frustration that causes them to knife Jews, including poor living conditions and unemployment. 

But over the course of the past weeks, enough information has surfaced to demonstrate that this, too, is not the source of frustration. Pictures of the dead knife-wielding terrorists are proudly displayed in the spacious houses of their families or next to their expensive cars. 

Nor can a lack of education opportunities be blamed, considering one of the would-be stabbers, Israa Abed, is a chemical engineering student at the prestigious Israel Institute of Technology, popularly known as the Technion.

Of course, there is the explanation that Palestinians are extremely frustrated because Israel refuses to give them a state. Even if it is true, and Israel is the one refusing a Palestinian state, statistics show that more than 60% of Palestinians reject the two-state solution and hope to regain control over what they call "historical Palestine," which includes the whole of Israel.

This, I propose, is the real source of Palestinian frustration. For more than a hundred years, they failed to regain control over "Palestine." In fact, they have achieved the opposite. 

The pretense for the present "wave of terror," as it is called, is the rumor that Israel intends to harm the Al Aqsa Mosque. This well-crafted strategy to rock the hands that hold the knives has consistently proved to be an effective tool to rally Muslims for yet another attempt to free Palestine.

With all the frustrations Israelis feel about the lukewarm response of their government to the present Palestinian attacks, there should be little doubt that Israel simply can't afford to be defeated.


Soldiers instead of Superman, Policemen instead of Spiderman - these are our true superheroes!!

Soldiers instead of Superman, Policemen instead of Spiderman - these are our true superheroes!!

From north to south, from east to west, terror, violence and hatred has gripped the country. Who knows where and when the next attack will happen? The burden of the security of our beloved land has fallen on the shoulders of our security forces - police, special forces and our soldiers!

Last week some elementary school children decided to express their gratitude for this enormous task that has befallen our young soldiers and police forces. Each scholar lovingly packed a small package and placed a personal letter of thanks inside.

The heartfelt and meaningful words of the children, conveyed the respect and veneration for the difficult and dangerous work of every soldier and policeman. The words are balm for the strained spirits of our security forces thanking them for risking their lives daily for the safety of the country and the children!

You could also help us bless our Israeli servicemen and women during this difficult time right now!


How Lies are Fueling Conflict

How Lies are Fueling Conflict

"In Islam, it is common to spread lies about one’s enemy in order to create new ‘truths’ within one’s own religion,"

Israeli Arab academic tells Israel Today.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Israeli Soldier Calls For More Love, Less Hate

Israeli Soldier Calls For More Love, Less Hate

This is a call for love. I call on Jews and Arabs to stop the hate. We always talk about peace, but how about we start to live in peace.

We always say that both sides are bad, maybe because of what we hear or see, but it doesn’t matter. How about we give one another a new chance to prove love.

We always see each other at the bus station and give “the stare,” but how about we welcome one another in peace. That’s a good start for peace. Don’t talk about peace, make peace.

Forget the hate, forget the lies.

I think that the Israeli army is the only army that gives medical care to its enemies.

When a terrorist goes out and stabs an innocent Jewish person, the police and the military do their best to keep the terrorist safe from the angry crowd (and I can understand their anger, I mean, if that was your relative you wouldn’t remain silent). We make sure the terrorist remains alive and do not “execute” him, as some falsely claim.

I have been serving for two years in the IDF and still have NEVER received a command to go and injure or kill innocent people.

In fact, the opposite is true. Our commanders tell us to be human before we being soldiers. To be patient when stones are thrown at us, because we prefer to take that on us rather than hurt an innocent Arab kid that was brought to the riot by those who want us to hurt him so they can send the footage to the media and claim that we are children-killers.

But we also can’t remain silent when our soldiers are hurt.

Can you understand this dilemma?

It’s all lies that the media spreads, and I am still asking why? I mean, it’s easy to lie to people that are not here to witness the truth. But, why?

The IDF is the only place where both Arabs and Jews, Muslims and Christians, can fight and defend together. It’s hard to imagine until you actually see a Muslim soldier hanging with an Orthodox Jewish soldier, drinking cola.

We suffer, but for what? What does either side gain from this? More respect? More money? I don’t really care, all I care about is what we do.

Stop the hate. Stop the lies. Spread love, because that’s how we can end this “war of hate”.

This is a call to love, all the way from the IDF.


Arabs, Iranians Voice Support For Israel In Trying Times

Arabs, Iranians Voice Support For Israel In Trying Times

The pro-Israel advocacy group Stand With Us is using its Facebook page to conduct a #StopIncitement campaign aimed at getting people around the world to pressure the Arab leadership to stop encouraging the murder of Israeli Jews.

Those responding are asked to send in a photo including a note of support and the cover of their passport.

A number of the respondents have been from Arab and Muslim nations that are officially at war with Israel, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and even Iran.

Saudi calling for an end to Palestinian incitement against Israel. #StopIncitement

Posted by StandWithUs on Sunday, October 11, 2015

A message from an Iranian joining our campaign against incitement #StopIncitement

Posted by StandWithUs on Sunday, October 11, 2015

A message from a Lebanese friend of Israel! Thank you for speaking out! #StopIncitement

Posted by StandWithUs on Sunday, October 11, 2015


Why Do Palestinian Christians Stand against Israel?

Why Do Palestinian Christians Stand against Israel?

"This article is part of my ongoing efforts to shed light on uncomfortable facts about the Palestinian church, which has become a victim of an Islamic mentality," says Palestinian Christian student.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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'They Are Slaughtering the Passengers!'

'They Are Slaughtering the Passengers!'

Palestinian Arab terrorists boarded a public bus in Jerusalem on Tuesday morning and began a bloody assault that left two people dead and another 15 wounded, eight of whom remain in serious-to-critical condition.

The attack happened in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv. In an interview with Arutz Sheva Radio, the driver of the bus behind the one targeted by the terrorists recalled the horror:

“…Yisrael - the other driver, my friend - got out of the bus and ran towards my bus (shouting): ‘stop, stop, there’s a terrorist in the bus.’ …he shouted to me ‘he’s slaughtering them, he’s slaughtering them,’ and we had nothing we could do, we were trying to contact the police, there’s nothing we could do.”

As the two bus drivers tried frantically to contact police (who were in fact already en route), the two terrorists, one armed with a gun and the other with a large knife, closed the doors of the first bus and began to systematically stab, hack and shoot each passenger they came across.

And it wasn’t the only attack of the morning in Jerusalem. Across town near the entrance to the capital, a Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into a bus stop, killing a 60-year-old rabbi and wounding another. The terrorist then jumped out of his car and stabbed two more people before being shot by police.

Elsewhere, five Israelis were wounded in two separate terrorist stabbings in the central town of Raanana. In both instances, the attackers were Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem.

Tuesday’s wave of attacks come just a day after several serious terror incidents in Jerusalem, one of which left a 13-year-old Jewish boy fighting for his life after being assaulted by two knife-wielding Arab teenagers from the adjacent neighborhood.

A senior security official told The Jerusalem Post that the series of attacks increasingly appears to be “a planned and timed assault.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting of his security cabinet to address the situation. Government and municipal officials were said to be in favor of closing off Arab neighborhoods on the eastern side of Jerusalem until the attacks cease.


Terrorist Admits Stabbing Jews 'Just Because'

Terrorist Admits Stabbing Jews 'Just Because'

Nazi-style anti-Semitism is alive and well under the Palestinian Authority, Israel’s ostensible “partner” for peace.

Five years after Palestinian terrorists stabbed Israeli tour guide Kay Wilson and her visiting Christian friend, Kristine Luken, police documents reveal the motivation behind the attack was simply to “kill Jews.”

Wilson, who survived the attack despite suffering 12 stab wounds, had the following to say about the details of the interrogation:

This is an absolutely critical document. It is from the investigation that the Israeli police conducted with the terrorist Kifach Ginimat after the machete attack on myself that resulted in the death of my client and friend Kristine Luken Z"L - an American Christian murdered because of mistaken identity, culled because they thought that she too was Jewish.

ACCORDING TO THE TERRORISTS THEMSELVES, the sole reason behind murdering Jews has nothing to do with the ‘occupation,’ ‘politics,’ the ‘settlements’ or anything else. The only reason for terrorism is Jews must be ‘killed.’

Wilson posted a photograph of a portion of the police document to Facebook. It reads like this:

Kifach: We came to kill
Investigator: Kill who?
Kifach: Jews
Investigator: why?
Kifach: Just because. We came to kill.
Investigator: Is there a reason?
Kifach: No reason


Nazareth Mayor Slams Arab MKs For Driving Out Jews

Nazareth Mayor Slams Arab MKs For Driving Out Jews

Arab lawmakers sitting in Israel’s Knesset are painting Israel’s Jews as responsible for the violence gripping the Holy Land. But Nazareth Mayor Ali Salam knows who the real troublemakers are. That’s why he’s demanding the Arab MKs stop coming to his town so the Jews will return.

Salam told the Israeli business newspaper Globes that “on a regular weekend, 20–30,000 Jews come to Nazareth, but yesterday there were none. One a regular weekend, they [the Jewish visitors] spend a minimum of 10 million shekels. Yesterday not one shekel was spent.”

The impact has been devastating.

“Restaurants are closed. Businesses are closed. They [the business owners] come to the municipality and weep,” said the mayor, noting that it will now take months to return business to where it was before the most recent outbreak of violence.

Salam blames the situation not on the Jewish state, but on fellow Arab leaders who are fomenting strife between the nation’s Jews and Arabs.

Arab Members of Knesset are holding regular rallies in Nazareth, Israel’s largest Arab town, during which rioting is the norm. According to Salam, the Arab lawmakers just want to get on camera, but the city of Jesus’ youth is paying the price.

“I’m sick of them,” a frustrated Salam stated. “They should work for the benefit of those who elected them. I have told these Knesset members to leave Nazareth, to leave us alone.”

Indeed, just hours earlier, Salam was driving through the center of Nazareth and interrupted a live Channel 2 News interview with the head of the United Arab List, MK Ayman Odeh (seen fifth from the left in the above photo).

In the live broadcast, the mayor could be heard shouting at a shocked Odeh, “Take your 'business' elsewhere. ...You have destroyed our city. ...Not one Jew came [to Nazareth] today. Not one! ...Shut up and get lost!”

Bishara Shlayan, a Nazareth Christian who proudly reached the rank of captain during his voluntary service in the IDF, praised Salam in a Facebook post.

“We the majority are against these demonstrations in Nazareth and in the entire Arab community,” insisted Shlayan. “We oppose racism, and call for a strong police presence to protect us.”

PHOTO: Israeli Arab Members of Knesset lead an anti-Israel march through the streets of Nazareth. (Flash90)


WATCH: Israeli Places Pork on Dying Terrorist's Body

WATCH: Israeli Places Pork on Dying Terrorist's Body

Israelis are growing frustrated with the escalating wave of Palestinian shootings, stabbings and bomb attacks. A few are resorting to violence themselves, but others are looking for more creative ways to deter the Muslim terrorists.

In one such instance following Friday’s stabbing of Border Police officers outside the Jewish town of Kiryat Arba near Hebron, a Jewish witness to the attack very publicly placed what he said were scraps of pork on the dying terrorist’s body.

Given that the terrorist decided to attack a group of fully armed officers, he was quickly gunned down following a few swings of his knife.

Despite the fact that he had just tried to murder their colleagues, Israeli military medics immediately began administering CPR to the terrorist.

That’s when one quick-thinking man sprung into action. Cell phone in one hand, and scraps of meat in the other, he ran through the crowd yelling, “Pork, this is pork,” before placing the raw meat on the terrorist’s face and body.

“Enjoy it,” the Jewish man is heard saying sarcastically in the closing moments of the following video.

Muslims, like Jews, aren’t allowed to eat pork. But for Muslims, the ban goes even further. They can’t even touch pork, and if it should come in contact with their dead or dying body, they might not reach Allah’s “paradise.”

Right-wing activist and lawyer Itamar Ben-Gvir told the Walla! news portal that this man’s actions were “the idea of the year” and that he “deserves a medal.”

Not a few Israelis were inclined to agree.


Know the truth about Israel and share it!

Know the truth about Israel and share it!

Given the media reporting of what is happening in the Holy Land, do you have the material to know the truth?

Violence has been raging in Israel for the last two weeks. It has been dubbed "the lone-wolf intifada". Israelis, people in Israel with first-hand knowledge and those that are informed, cringe at the mainstream media reporting. Overt anti-Semitism is being skilfully packaged as one-sided, biased and fictional reporting. We read of:
"pistol packing Israelis"
"Israel bombs Hamas positions"
"5 Palestinians killed in recent clashes"

The mainstream media seems to have intentionally missed - Israelis being murdered in cold-blood, daily stabbing attacks, hundreds of stone throwwing attacks, attempted lynchings and dozens of wounded Israelis (some critically)!

Stop being indifferent - know what is taking place in Israel and become an ambassador of the truth!


Israelis Demand Netanyahu Do More to Fight Terror

Israelis Demand Netanyahu Do More to Fight Terror

A survey conducted by Israel’s Channel 2 News at the weekend found that a firm majority of Israelis might no longer view Benjamin Netanyahu as the most capable prime minister when it comes to their personal safety.

Nearly three quarters (73%) of those polled said they were either “dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with Netanyahu’s handling of the current wave of Palestinian terrorism targeting Israeli Jews.

When asked who was best suited to serve as prime minister during a time like this, 22 percent said former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, 17 percent voted for Education Minister Naftali Bennett, and just 15 percent chose Netanyahu.

This is a serious blow to the prime minister, who won the last national election based primarily on his image as the best candidate to keep Israel safe.

Over the weekend, Netanyahu released a statement explaining that he had ordered the mobilization of 16 additional Border Police companies to secure mixed Jewish-Arab cities across the country, and that his security cabinet would be discussing means of silencing the Muslims Brotherhood and its local branch, the Islamic Movement, which is inciting so much of the violence.


Concerning Israel, Don't Trust Proportional Journalism

Concerning Israel, Don't Trust Proportional Journalism

The foreign media dealing with Israel has transformed from news reporting to malice. 

Known for his crisp Facebook posts, Israeli Lev Solodkin is wondering how British people would have reacted if during WWII, newspapers had reported that "a 21-year-old German peace-loving pilot was killed by British security forces over British skies"? 

This, however, is exactly the type of reports about Israel emerging from many respected media outlets. 

UK newspaper The Independent is involved in such distorted journalism when it portrays the present stoning and knifing of Jews as legitimate "riots" and "clashes" carried out by peace-loving Palestinians. A Saturday issue of this newspaper reported that five Palestinians were killed and five Jews were stabbed. The headline and content of the report was every bit like that of an innocent Luftwaffe pilot flying aimlessly over Britain.

Though disguised as news, the Independent piece is a political manifest carefully crafted to create the impression of defenseless Palestinians killed during legitimate "protests" against murderous Israel. The paper's reporter spared no effort to make sure this point was not missed. The fact that armies around the world recruit 18-year-old men for active military service doesn't matter much to the Independent, which described the Palestinians involved as "boys." 

"A 19-year-old Palestinian boy stabbed three police officers" creates the desired impression of criminal Israel killing defenseless, under-aged youths. In the same manner, to legitimatize the Palestinian violence allegedly sparked by the Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, the Independent chose to replace the Jewish Temple Mount with the Muslim "Noble Sanctuary" (Haram al-Sharif) to create the desired impression of who the real perpetrator is.

RT America (Russian Television) has done much the same in the way it chose to report on the "day of rage" that took place last Wednesday in New York City. The anchor gave American Palestinian activist Lamis Deek an undisturbed time to spew her venom. Deek did a fine job lying through her teeth about the reasons leading to the present Palestinian stabbing frenzy. Among her lies was blaming the Israeli government for allowing para-military settlers to rain terror on innocent Palestinians. Deek's rant went unchallenged.

The New York Times didn't fare much better. A headline from Tuesday inserts doubts about news coming from Israeli officials, thus conditioning readers to trust reports coming from the NYT's "proportional journalism." 

For example, a headline concerning the killing of Eitam and Naama Henkin announces that "Israel says 5 from Hamas confess in Israeli couple’s killing." What "Israel says" is contrasted with what the NYT says, which is, "Israeli forces fatally shooting two Palestinian teenagers — one 13" who was "innocent and was shot in cold blood." The report goes on to give the names of innocent dead Palestinian "kids," while omitting names of Israelis killed by such innocent "kids."

The "peace-loving German pilot" type of journalism, euphemized as "proportional," has become so prevalent that it is no longer possible to escape, let alone justify it. Considering the means of news proliferation 70 years ago, Germans could barely hide behind the excuse of "I didn't know." Today, however, none but a villain could say the aforementioned reports are even worth the ink used for their printing.


Cat Exhibition 2015; No, Israel's Not All Conflict

Cat Exhibition 2015; No, Israel's Not All Conflict

The following is a press release for the upcoming 2015 Cat Exhibition to be held in Tel Aviv. While the content will be somewhat humorous to most, and might seem out of place on Israel Today, it serves to demonstrate that even in the midst of incessant terrorism, life goes on in Israel.

The international cat exposition never ceases to amaze, with a new variety of unique pedigree cats, activities and prizes.

Cats with six fingers, curly fur, a “dog-cat”, giant Maine Coon cats, Bengali cats with tiger-like fur, cats with no tail, a cat with one blue eye and one green eye - the world’s most unique cats are all coming to Israel, for the 2015 Cat Exhibition!

Tens of pedigree cats, from various species across the world, will partake in the “2015 Cat Exhibition.” The international event takes place Saturday, October 17th. The show is sponsored by the voluntary association NICA (New Israeli Cat Alliance), under the international organization TICA, and in cooperation with Royal Canin, the experts on quality food products for pets.

The top three award-winning cats will win luxurious prizes.

For the first time at the Cat Exhibition, the only cat psychologist in Israel (diploma holder) will be on hand to give guidance and counsel to cat owners!

Unlike other cat exhibitions around the world, in addition to the pedigree cat competition, a second event will be held, where non-pedigree house cats will compete for luxurious prizes as well! The purpose, stated NICA chairwoman Mrs. Viktoria Strodobchev, is to raise awareness for defending stray cats, as well as nurture pedigree house cats.

“Snow in the Middle of Summer”

For the first time at the Cat Exhibition, a special show featuring various species of white cats will be held: Persian, Exotic, Oriental, British, Scottish Fold, Canadian Sphynx, Devon Rex.

The cat enthusiasts that arrive at the exhibition can deepen their acquaintance with their favorite felines, learn closely about the differences between species and the advantages of each, receive counsel and guidance from a professional veterinarian regarding the manner in which cats should be nurtured and groomed, participate in the various activities for children and much more.


IMPORTANT! Palestinian Christian Speaks Out on Wave of Terror

IMPORTANT! Palestinian Christian Speaks Out on Wave of Terror

The following is a brief response to the wave of anti-Jewish terror now engulfing Israel and how Palestinian society is relating to it. This post is important because of who wrote it. It was penned by “Matthew”, our Palestinian Christian brother whose true identity must be concealed for obvious security reasons.

The original title of “Matthew’s” article as submitted to Israel Today was “When News Becomes Lies”

Perhaps you were unable to discern what I want to say from the title (“When News Becomes Lies”). To understand my articles and my perspective, you need to know a little about me and my background.

I am a young Palestinian man, living in the Palestinian-controlled territories. Until recently, I hated Israel and the Jews as much as anyone could. I used to rejoice every time I heard that Jews had been killed.

But God changed my heart, and through the love of Christ, I now love the Jewish people. I have written more extensively about this transformation in previous articles (see the June 2015 issue of Israel Today, page 22).

Over the past week, more than nine terror attacks have been carried out by Palestinian terrorists against Israelis. This wave of terror began just after Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas delivered his speech before the United Nations.

My heart bled when I heard the terrible news of the first attack, in which Palestinian terrorists assaulted an Israeli family and murdered the parents in front of their young children.

My sorrow was deep and real, but the thing that shocked me most was the lack of any condemnation of this barbaric crime from the Palestinian side. In fact, most people here rejoice in the murder of Jews, and celebrated this deadly attack.

But their reaction was much different when Israel responded by killing the terrorist responsible. Suddenly, Palestinians began demanding justice against the “racist” Israelis.

And then the news begins to lie to the people, who are told that these terrorists who were shot by the Israelis weren’t really trying to stab anyone. They are told that the Israelis invented stories about the attacks, that the Palestinians who were shot weren’t really armed, and that the Jews killed them simply for being Arabs.

The media’s publishing of these false accounts sadly transforms them into a kind of pseudo truth. Please do not allow such lies to influence your thinking. Use your brain and seek out true justice.

I know that my words are simple. I am just one person who has for years been living under these chains of hatred and lies. But God set me free, and I feel a calling to share the truth with the world.


God of Truth Will Slay Israel's Enemies

God of Truth Will Slay Israel's Enemies

The stage is being set for what could turn into an almighty battle in the Middle East. Israel was already surrounded by sworn enemies before Russia entered the toxic fray, and we are now witnessing an extremely dangerous situation which could erupt into a major conflict at any moment.

But the entire scenario needs to be seen through a biblical lens. With such a focus, we should be in no doubt that this is a battle for truth more than anything else; it is not just a physical reality, but a spiritual certainty. The God of Israel is pitched against the old enemy, Satan, who is employing all his usual tricks in a bid to deceive the world with a torrent of lies.

Through the natural lens it may well appear as yet another young David facing up to the seemingly impossible task of slaying the nine-foot Philistine giant Goliath. But in fact David, through whose line Jesus traces his ancestry, never saw it that way: “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” (1 Samuel 17.45)

David became the greatest king Israel ever had, and today’s re-born nation would do well to adopt their hero’s total faith and trust in Elohim.

True, today’s Israeli society is as secular as Britain’s in many ways. But there are encouraging signs that this could soon change. The prophets foretold that, before Messiah’s return, there would be a great spiritual awakening among God’s people whose hearts would be melted as they recognised the One who declared his everlasting love for them with outstretched arms.

The stage is set for this great unveiling, and the key lies in the Word of God. Israel has miraculously survived many attempts to destroy her, but when the beleaguered nation finally takes her eyes off the ‘horses and chariots’ that have helped defend her thus far, they will surely put their total trust in the Lord. It is heartening to know that Prime Minister Netanyahu is a convinced believer in the Bible, which is well able to impart ultimate truth (2 Timothy 3.16) as he seeks the Lord on major decisions. We also hear of a colonel working to bring strong biblical values to IDF soldiers. A recent survey has revealed that an impressive 95% of Israelis have a Bible in their homes. And the heart of its message is: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105) The Jewish people will very soon welcome their Messiah.

But the onus is not only on them. The Gentiles have a big responsibility to help in this process through their love and support, and indeed through sharing the message originally passed on to them by Jews such as the Apostle Paul. In this respect Russia’s establishing of a military base in the Syrian city of Latakia is a wake-up call to the Church. The city was known in ancient times as Laodicea, home of the first century church which earned a stern rebuke from our Lord that they were neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm, and he was going to spit them out of his mouth. It’s a good description of the Church’s attitude to Israel’s predicament today; they’re neither hot nor cold about it; they simply can’t see its relevance to them. (Revelation 3.14-22)

Russia’s presence, complete with tanks, ships and airplanes, is meant to prop up the Assad regime, a key ally of Iran which has made no secret either of its intention to wipe Israel off the map or of its support for the Hezbollah terrorists posing a major threat on Israel’s northern borders. In fact Iranian forces are now reported to be on the Golan Heights. The clash of interests is as obvious as it is frightening. All the while tensions in Israel itself are almost at boiling point with seven children orphaned in recent attacks on innocent Jews.

Against this background the world continues to witness the deceit and hypocrisy of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas who, at the UN, compared Israel to apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany, and declared that the PA no longer considered itself bound by the 1993 Oslo Accords. Does this mean they’re now officially terrorists again as the Oslo Accords had legitimized them? The PA has never kept the agreement anyway as their former leader Yasser Arafat was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on the basis of dropping Israel’s destruction from its charter. That never happened!

The raising of the PLO flag at the UN headquarters for the first time was about as effective as Goliath’s shield. All that is needed is one well-aimed rock of God’s truth and the whole sorry propaganda edifice will come crashing down as people finally realise there never was a Palestinian state and that it was the Jews who were known as Palestinians before 1948.

As bestselling author Jack Engelhard wrote last week, “The entire world is arming itself against radical Islam, and it was to support radical Islam that Mahmoud Abbas came to the United Nations.”

The word of God says: “The day of the Lord is near for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head.” (Obadiah 1:15)

And now Jew-hatred is effectively being exported to Europe where many of the refugees fleeing Muslim countries will have been brought up on decades of anti-Semitism learned and promoted through schools, newspapers and social networks. Worse still, some of the refugees will undoubtedly turn out to be ISIS fighters in disguise.

Also in the Middle Eastern firing line are Christians, who worship Jesus, the Jew. I have just received a shocking report (from California-based Assist News Service) of the beheading and crucifixion of a dozen indigenous Christian workers near Aleppo in Syria.

Supported by US-based Christian Aid Mission, they had opportunities to escape, but chose to stay in order to provide aid and comfort in the name of Christ amidst the carnage. All were ex-Muslims who refused to renounce Christ, and were badly brutalized before being executed, with the two women among them publicly raped. Yet they prayed throughout their ordeal. And in the midst of such unspeakable horror, the region’s underground church has mushroomed since June 2014. One former ISIS fighter fled to Jordan where he intended to kill Christian aid workers. But something stopped him from following through with his plan and that night he saw Jesus in a dream. He subsequently received Christ with tears, and now he’s helping in the church.

A spokesman said: “In the past we used to pray to have one person from a Muslim background come to the Lord. Now there are so many we can barely handle all the work among them.”

Jews and Christians are in it together because they share their Messiah who is clearly coming soon judging by the many signs of his imminent return. The nations are being shaken. It’s time to stand with the God of Israel and the Israel of God!

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


Jerusalem Mayor Tells Residents to Carry Guns

Jerusalem Mayor Tells Residents to Carry Guns

The stabbing and other terrorist attacks just keep coming in Jerusalem, causing a great many residents to be fearful of going outdoors at all, and certainly not daring to venture into certain parts of town.

Two Israelis were killed in Jerusalem’s Old City earlier this week, and many more have been stabbed and wounded since them by Arab residents responding to calls by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and other jihadists to “liberate” the Holy Land from the Jews.

Amidst this escalating situation, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is urging all licensed residents of his city to carry their guns with them at all times.

That recommendation stands in stark contrast to the gun control movements and policies prevalent in Europe and the United States.

But Barkat knows the value of law-abiding, gun-toting civilians, especially during a time of such troubles.

“Given the current escalation in the security situation, those with a licensed firearm who know what to do with it must go out with [their weapon] - it’s an imperative,” Barkat told Army Radio. “In a way, it’s like military reserve duty.”

The mayor further explained to Israel’s Ynet news portal that “possessing weapons increases the confidence of residents, who know that in addition to police there are many people who are not afraid to intervene.”

A statement released by the Jerusalem Municipality noted that Barkat himself carries a Glock pistol at all times. Indeed, the mayor has on at least two occasions assisted in thwarting terrorist attacks and neutralizing the would-be perpetrators.

Israel’s police and army cannot be everywhere at all times, and in the past armed civilians have managed to thwart or cut short what would have otherwise been even more catastrophic terrorist incidents.


COMMENTARY: Should Christians Be Looking for Another Jewish Temple?

COMMENTARY: Should Christians Be Looking for Another Jewish Temple?

A recent poll in Israel showed almost half the citizenry wants the third Jewish temple built, the Levitical priesthood established and animal sacrifice resumed. Amazing, considering the high-degree of animal-rights sensitivity today. But even more amazing (to me) is how many Christians also want to see the temple up and running.   

Jews obviously want it so they can again worship in the way God instructed them through Moses. But most Christians see the temple as just a temporary edifice needed to fulfill a handful of Scriptures for Antichrist to “take his seat” and declare himself God. Or to be the “holy place” where the abomination of desolation can stand.

But does the New Testament actually say a third Jewish temple will be built? Or can those few Scriptures that imply the presence of an end-time tabernacle be understood in some other way?  I believe they can. I believe all should be understood as carrying the alert Matthew attached to the so-called  “holy place” mentioned by Jesus  - “Let the reader understand” (Matt. 24:15). 

Oh, there surely will be a third temple that will be more glorious than Solomon’s. But it won’t be a building! How can God allow another stone temple to arise when the entire New Testament is an argument against the reestablishment of an animal sacrificial system? I have no doubt the reason God allowed the Muslim Dome of the Rock to be sitting where it is today was to block the temple’s rebuilding. Or it would already be up.

With the New Covenant, God moved into a new kind of house. The Mosaic Law permitted His presence to dwell with us, but now he could dwell in us. The body of Messiah is now His only official place of residence on earth: “Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” (1 Cor. 3:16). 

Didn’t Isaiah tell us, “Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool, where then is a house you could build for Me?” (Acts 7:48,49).  

But that still begs the question: Will God allow even a false or temporary temple to be built for end-time purposes? And should Christians (or Jews) expect to see it as a sign of Messiah’s coming?

My advice is to scratch that sign off your list. God can’t allow another physical temple to be built or it would be a denial Messiah has already come. The author of Hebrews explained it this way: “The Holy Spirit is signifying this, that the way into the holy place has not yet been disclosed while the first tabernacle is still standing, which is a symbol for the present time.” (Heb. 9:8,9)

In other words, the very existence of the Mosaic Temple meant God’s presence could only be accessed through the Levitical priesthood and the blood of animals. But when the curtain in front of the Holy of Holies was supernaturally torn from top to bottom at Yeshua’s death it signified we could now go directly into His presence by “a new and living way” (Heb. 10:20).  And there was no going back.

Let’s not become so distracted looking for a red heifer we miss the completion and coming of God’s true temple in Yeshua…”in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord”  (Eph 2:19-22).

“Yes, it is he who will build the temple of Yahweh, and he who will bear the honor and sit and rule on his throne.” (Zech 6:12,13)


With Whom Are Israeli Arabs Identifying?

With Whom Are Israeli Arabs Identifying?

Following her Facebook post, Hanin Majadli from Jaffa was awarded an interview on Israel's Channel 2 TV. Majadli, who participated in what she called a "demonstration of solidarity with the latest events in Jerusalem and the West Bank" in her hometown, explained that "whether they call themselves Arab Israelis or Palestinians, they are part of the same people living in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Both share the same religion and the same nationality."

The demonstration in Jaffa involved Palestinian flags, blocking roads, throwing stones and three wounded policemen. Legally, it must be recalled, Jaffa is part of Tel Aviv, officially the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. 

Nor was the demonstration in Jaffa an isolated case. The same happened in Lod, Nazareth and Um El Fahm, while firebombs were hurled at Israeli motorists on Highway 6, the Trans-Israel highway. 

These violent acts of solidarity with the Palestinians are a clear indication to whom the loyalty of Arab Israelis is given.

Israeli officials try to play down these acts of insurgency by claiming the rioters are a minority amongst local Arabs. While it may be true that a majority of Arab Israelis prefer co-existence, it is also true that it is the militant minority that matters.

This militant minority does not represent a fringe, but actually includes the Arab Israeli leadership, which almost without exception shares the exact same Palestinian agenda that envisions not a two-state solution, but the eradication of the Jewish state. 

Arab Member of Knesset Ahmad Tibi of the United Arab List has demonstrated time and again his solidarity with his Palestinian compatriots, and like them sees dead terrorists as shahids (martyrs). Arab MKs call Israeli soldiers "murderers," and routinely use the exact same inciting rhetoric heard from Palestinian leaders.

In light of this, Majadli's post challenges the convenient "minority" argument in that it appears to express the position of the Israeli Muslim elite. Characteristically, she is attempting to hold the stick from both ends –benefiting from her Israeli citizenship and hoping for the returning of Palestinians to the bygone Arab villages of Salameh, Abu Kabir and Sheikh Munis, all of which are are now part of Tel Aviv.

Dangerous as it is, her solidarity with her people is tainted with racism as she shows callous indifference to other Arabic-speaking Israelis. 

Saying that Palestinians share the same religion means that Majadli and others like her ignore not only the many Arab Christians living in Jaffa, but also other Arabic-speaking minorities living throughout Israel, such as the Druze and Maronite and Aramean Christians. 

Furthermore, given the proper context, her solidarity is with Palestinians who are now killing Jews in the name of Allah. If Majadli genuinely represents the wishes of a majority, Israel has no choice but to brace itself for intensified conflict with a fifth column already present in her major cities.


A wave of bloody terror has gripped Israel

A wave of bloody terror has gripped Israel

The violence that has engulfed israel in recent days has left all Israeli citizens feeling vulnerable.

Our young men and women, serving in our security forces, risk their lives daily in order to protect us.

We ask you, all of our friends and supporters, to enfold our young security forces with your prayers now more than ever!

Help us help our Israeli security forces feel appreciated in these difficult times and show then that there are people that love and care for them.

Help us support Israel's soldiers!


Why Do Muslims Flee to Christian Countries?

Why Do Muslims Flee to Christian Countries?

"Jews and Christians know how to be merciful but Muslims do not," one refugee told Israel Today.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Wave of Terror Has Netanyahu Under Pressure

Wave of Terror Has Netanyahu Under Pressure

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under increasing pressure as Palestinian Arab extremists continue their bloody rampage against Jews in Jerusalem an elsewhere in Israel.

On Wednesday, a female Palestinian stabbed and wounded two Israelis near the Lions’ Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City. Just south of the capital, a Palestinian lynch mob stoned a female Jewish motorist and attempted to drag her out of the vehicle. The victim managed to speed away from the scene and reach a nearby Israeli army checkpoint.

On Tuesday, Israeli Arabs living in Tel Aviv-Jaffa joined the fray by violently demonstrating in Israel’s usually peaceful seaside metropolis.

Over the weekend, four Israelis were killed in stabbing and shooting attacks, and several more were wounded, including a two-year-old child. Israeli reprisals and clashes with Palestinian rioters led to the deaths of three Arabs.

Netanyahu vowed tougher security measures, and thousands of Israelis demonstrated opposite his official residence in Jerusalem on Tuesday to make sure he sticks to that promise.

Already the government has demolished the homes of several of the terrorists who hailed from Jerusalem itself, and arrest raids are ongoing in Judea and Samaria.

Palestinian groups have complained over what they call “collective punishment,” but as is widely known, the families of these terrorist “martyrs” receive generous compensation from the Palestinian Authority.

Israel holds the regime of “moderate” Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas responsible for this wave of terror given that Palestinian state-run media and its official school curriculum have brainwashed an entire generation of Palestinian Arabs to violently oppose the very presence of Jews in their midst.


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10 Years Later: Gaza Pullout Was a Mistake

10 Years Later: Gaza Pullout Was a Mistake

"The pullout was a mistake," admits Isaac Herzog, now leader of the Labor Party. Israel Today examines others whose positions have changed after the Gaza "disengagement" failed to play out as expected.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Blatant Anti-Israel Bias at the New York Times

Blatant Anti-Israel Bias at the New York Times

The anti-Israel prejudice at The New York Times ("NYT") is so extensive and persistent that the paper's partiality is now undeniable and well documented (see the endless archive of NYT bias reports at two media watchdogs: CAMERA and Honest Reporting). Here are just four egregious examples from the last few weeks.

On September 10th, the NYT singled out Jewish lawmakers on the Iran deal.

On September 15th, the NYT suggested that the Israeli who was murdered by rock-throwing Palestinians had died of a "self-inflicted accident" after the attackers had merely "pelted the road" (rather than his car). The National Review provided a detailed critique of this farcical "reporting."

Unbelievably, Diaa Hadid, a NYT "journalist" responsible for reporting on Israel, used to work for an anti-Israel hate group, so it's no surprise that she authored an article suggesting that Palestinian attackers pelted a road with stones on which an Israeli's self-inflicted car accident caused him to die.

On September 29, Hadid used an anonymous European advocate of Palestinian rights as a witness to contradict Israeli army claims that a Palestinian woman shot at an IDF checkpoint was armed with a knife, but then omitted confirmatory reports from another witness mentioned in the article, a Palestinian named Fawaz Abu Aisheh, who said the woman had dropped her knife after being shot (even though Amnesty International mentioned Aisheh's corroborating testimony about the knife).

On September 30, the NYT struck again with false historical information and tendentious coverage of Abbas' UN speech. The article, by Rick Gladstone and Jodi Rudoren, noted that "Mr. Abbas accused Israel of having systematically violated these pacts" without mentioning the many violations of the Oslo Peace Accords by Palestinians. In an article exceeding 1,000 words, the reporters made not even one reference to Palestinian terrorism, a basic historical fact that is essential to any fair and balanced understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Indeed, since the Oslo Peace Accords, there have been 22 years of Palestinian terrorist attacks -- including 140 suicide bombings -- which have murdered over 1,500 Israelis (in U.S. population terms, about 60,000 people killed) and made Israeli compliance with a complex and risky "peace" agreement even harder.

The paper's token attempt at balance was to quote some perfunctory response to Abbas' speech from Israel's foreign ministry (“Israel does uphold its agreements”), as if anyone could -- in a quotable soundbite -- possibly provide sufficient details to refute the sweeping accusations that Abbas made in his speech.

The article editorializes by noting that "Mr. Abbas delivered the speech...against a backdrop of growing frustration among many Palestinians over the paralysis in peace negotiations with Israel," as if the Israelis aren't equally frustrated, and as if the Palestinians aren't largely responsible for the lack of peace progress.

Gladstone and Rudoren then combine outrageously skewed reporting with blatantly false historical claims: "Compounded by new strife over contested religious sites in Jerusalem and other festering issues, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the most protracted dispute vexing the United Nations since the organization’s founding 70 years ago."

The reporters shamelessly failed to note that the "new strife over contested religious sites in Jerusalem" was produced by Palestinian incitementanti-Jewish harassment, and violence.

Equally egregious is their patently false claim that "the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the most protracted dispute vexing the United Nations since the organization’s founding 70 years ago." A basic Wikipedia research reveals that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began in 1948 and has produced about 24,000 fatalities since then, while the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan began in 1947 and has produced about 47,000 fatalities, and the conflict over Kurdish separatism in Iran began in 1946 and has caused at least 30,000 fatalities.

So Gladstone and Rudoren have twisted history to suggest that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the world's most pressing issue. When combined with Abbas' quotes (left unbalanced by any other perspective or facts), their article implies that Israel is to blame for lack of peace after 70 years -- as if Israel hadn't participated in numerous peace efforts and withdrawn from conquered territories (for peace with Egypt and for rocket attacks from Gaza and Lebanon).

The reporters then suggest that Abbas has unilaterally pursued Palestinian statehood out of frustration with Israel but conspicuously fail to inform readers that such Palestinian unilateralism is itself a violation of the Oslo accords.

The consistent and blatant anti-Israel bias at the NYT should cause anyone who cares about Israel to stop trusting the paper for Israel-related news, and -- more generally - to stop supporting the newspaper, because every NYT issue purchased or article viewed online only supports more defamatory reporting on Israel.

And any NYT readers who want facts and unbiased reporting should find another source of information because the NYT's anti-Israel bias calls the entire newspaper into question. After all, if the NYT can't be trusted to report fairly and accurately on a conflict that is closely watched by millions of people -- which interest level should create a strong incentive to achieve fair, balanced, and precise reporting -- then why can it be trusted to provide reliable information on any other topic? What other latent agendas or biases skew the news produced by the NYT? Indeed, the severity of the NYT's anti-Israel bias should defrock the newspaper of its status as the "paper of record."

The NYT might be appallingly biased only when it comes to Israel (in which case the paper's prejudice becomes even more damning). But it's more likely that the newspaper allows its political leanings to color its reporting on many other topics, even if they are less monitored for unfairness. Either way, the NYT simply can't be trusted any more.

Noah Beck is the author of The Last Israelis, an apocalyptic novel about Iranian nukes and other geopolitical issues in the Middle East.


Palestinian Authority's Grotesque Response to Jerusalem Attacks

Palestinian Authority's Grotesque Response to Jerusalem Attacks

Jerusalem, or at least the area around the Old City, has become something of a war zone over the past few days.

In at least two separate attacks, two Israelis have been knifed to death, a Jewish toddler has been stabbed, and several more people have been wounded for no other reason than walking in certain areas while being Jewish.

And how have Israel’s peace partners in the Palestinian Authority responded? By blaming Israel, naturally.

When a 19-year-old Palestinian man mercilessly killed two Israeli men, critically wounded the wife of one of the victims and stabbed their helpless 2-year-old child near Lions’ Gate on Saturday, he was shot and killed by soldiers responding to the scene.

Similarly, when another knife-wielding terrorist stabbed and seriously injured a 15-year-old Israeli near Damascus Gate on Sunday, he, too, was gunned down to prevent any further bloodshed.

The statement released by the Palestinian Authority in the wake of these attacks insisted that the “killing of two young men in occupied Jerusalem” was part and parcel of Israel’s “policy of escalation.” The regime of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas urgently called upon the international community to intervene against Israel.

Nowhere in the statement did Abbas acknowledge that the two slain Palestinian men had only been shot because they had first perpetrated murderous attacks against passing Jews. In fact, the statement didn’t mention the Jewish victims at all.

Tellingly, some foreign media followed Abbas’ lead, headlining the story in a way that sought to disconnect the deaths of the Palestinian men and their Jewish victims, and to blame Israel for the former.

For example, the BBC first headlined the story of the Lions’ Gate attack “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.” A more fitting and accurate headline would have noted that two ISRAELIS had been killed and their attacker eliminated.

אין גבול לחוצפה!כך נראית הכותרת באתר הBBC כרגע:״פלסטיני נורה למוות לאחר שבהתקפה בירושלים נהרגו שניים״גשו כעת לדף של…

Posted by ‎המטה הלאומי בליכוד‎ on Saturday, October 3, 2015


This War is Taking Our Best

This War is Taking Our Best

Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin from Neriyah were killed last week by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, the military arm of Fatah, the "moderate" faction of "moderate" Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. 

But this well-planned killing of Jews was not a crime. Eitam and Naama were not murdered by savage, blood-thirsty sub-humans. This pre-meditated attack was carried out by people who are at war against Israel's very existence, a fact that is well masked by what is presented as a legitimate "fight for freedom" against the Israeli occupation of the "Palestinian state" whose flag now flies at UN Headquarters.

This attack was carried out just hours after Abbas' "speech of lies" at the UN, where he once again wrapped his hate for Israel in rhetoric palatable for the gullible West. The support of the countries of the world, he said, is needed for the sake of truth, freedom and lawfulness. A Palestinian state, he continued, will be "the greatest contribution to peacemaking in the Holy Land." 

It is for good reason that following this speech, Islam expert Mordechai Kedar labeled Abbas a soldier in a "'political Jihad' whose goal is the establishment of Muslim State No. 58 on the ruins of the one and only Jewish State." The doctrine of Islamic Jihad, continued Kedar in stating the obvious, "mandates the inclusion of an element of deceit, and Mahmoud Abbas is a master of deception."

The disheartening part of it all is that almost every Israeli, from President Rivlin to the fish merchant at Ben Yehuda market, continues to use terms taken from the criminal vocabulary, and Israel continues to fight this jihad as if it were some sort of criminal activity. 

It is notable that the first to arrive at the scene of the killing of Rabbi Eitam and his wife was the forensic unit of the Israeli police. Similarly, Israeli media continues to describe murderous rock and Molotov cocktail attackers as "youths," "activists," "militants" or "human animals."

But the killing of a young rabbi destined for greatness and of his lovely wife is a chilling reminder that Israel is at war, a war that for some reason tends to consume her very best. In a moving Facebook post Aharon Rose mourns his friend: "We lose our very best; the greatest among the next generation leadership of religious Zionism was murdered." A man of "great genius of noble spirit" he calls him. A gaze at Eitam's blog shows just how accurate this description is, and how urgent it is for us Israelis to wake up to the fact that the Henkins are casualties of war, and not victims of heinous crime.


The Origins of Anti-Judaism

The Origins of Anti-Judaism

There are three types of antagonism toward Jews: anti-Judaism, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. All of them seek to defame and even annihilate the Jews or Israel. In this article, we will discuss the origins and development of anti-Judaism.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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In a heated debate, Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick and Amir Oren of Ha’aretz discussed how things got to bad and if there is any way for the two allies to move forward in the final year of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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Terrorists Murder Israeli Couple In Front of Their Children

Terrorists Murder Israeli Couple In Front of Their Children

Palestinian Arab gunmen on Thursday murdered and Israeli man and his wife in front of their four young children.

The attack occurred on a highway in Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”). The victims were struck by a hail of gunfire from a passing vehicle.

The Israeli man and his wife were pronounced dead at the scene by first responders. Their children - aged 4 months, 4, 7 and 9 - were unharmed, at least physically.

The perpetrators escaped into the safety of a nearby Palestinian Authority-controlled village.

Israel holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for such attacks given that Palestinian state-run media and its official school curriculum have brainwashed an entire generation of Palestinian Arabs to violently oppose the very presence of Jews in their midst.


Bethlehem Church Burns; No One Cares

Bethlehem Church Burns; No One Cares

Earlier this summer, a fire broke out at the Church of the Multiplication (of the Loaves and Fish) on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The perpetrators are believed to have been Jewish extremists, and the suspected arson made headline news around the world.

Over this past weekend, the St. Charbel church in Bethlehem was similarly set alight, suffering even more extensive damage. Oh, but there weren’t any Jews involved? Well then, never mind…

That would seem to be the approach taken by the Palestinian Authority, the mainstream international media, the United Nations, world governments, and just about anyone engaged with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

An Arabic-language Christian news source reported that the Palestinian police were investigating and leaning toward ruling the fire an accident, but that local Christians in Bethlehem were insisting it was an act of arson by Salafi Muslim extremists.

Once a predominantly Christian town, Bethlehem today has a Muslim majority that plays host to groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Father Gabriel Naddaf, the Nazareth-based priest encouraging local Christians to integrate as part of the Jewish state, demanded in a Facebook post the “denunciation of the burning of the holy St. Charbel Church at the hands of Palestinian extremists.”

He also called out the Palestinian Authority for its “incompetence” in protecting Christians and their holy sites.

“I hope those Christians who demonstrated against the burning of the Church of Loaves and Fish will also demonstrate against this severe attack,” added Naddaf.


COMMENTARY: Israel - the Apple of God's Eye

COMMENTARY: Israel - the Apple of God's Eye

As we get into the swing of the Jewish New Year, with the sweet taste of honey-dipped apple still in our mouths, I pray that Israel will have a fresh revelation of their destiny as God’s chosen people.

And I am reminded of the fact that the Lord describes them as the “apple of his eye” (Zechariah 2.8) for which he longs with an everlasting love. And with the eye being the most sensitive part of the body, anticipating trouble almost before it happens, we can be sure that Elohim will be watching over his beloved at this particularly dangerous time.

I have written much about the signs of the Second Coming, but I wasn’t expecting to get one during a visit to family in leafy Hampstead, north London.

Walking up a pathway I have used for the past 45 years, I suddenly noticed the spreading branches of an overhanging fig tree. It was like the one we had in our garden in South Africa, but I have never seen one in this part of the world before. What particularly struck me was that it was laden with fruit, almost ripe for harvest.

I was reminded of the words of Jesus in describing the signs of his imminent return. “Now learn this lesson from the fig-tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it is near, right at the door. I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.” (Mark 13.28-30)

The fig tree is used in the Bible as a symbol for Israel. So it seems the Lord was saying that when it started to blossom – i.e. Israel’s long-promised restoration to their land and their subsequent growth into a vibrant nation state – we would know that his coming was not far away.

Yet this Hampstead tree wasn’t simply in blossom; it was almost ready for harvest. It was, after all, late summer. Was God perhaps speaking to my heart saying that Israel’s salvation – that is, her full restoration, both physically and spiritually – was about to happen; that we are about to witness a bountiful harvest among his chosen people in the form of a mass recognition of Yeshua as their long-awaited Messiah who, with loving arms, is coming to rescue them from their many enemies? Are we about to witness the spiritual restoration, following their return to the land, spoken of by Ezekiel: “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” (Ezek 36.26)

In the passage quoted earlier, Jesus suggests that the generation witnessing the physical restoration of Israel, along with signs from heaven and increasing turbulence on earth, would also see its spiritual re-birth and the return of Christ himself.

My friends, no-one knows the day or hour, but of this we can be sure: Jesus is coming again – and very soon it seems!

Israel’s significance in all this cannot be overstated and was re-emphasised to me the day after my Hampstead stroll as I was admiring the Savill Garden on the Queen’s estate near Windsor. I took a series of pictures of the beautiful borders and, when I viewed them later, was mystified by one of the ‘photos’ which seemed to have a Star of David – Israel’s national emblem – imprinted against a murky grey background. Make of that what you will. And then, in the early hours one morning, I heard a still, small voice asking me to be a ‘doorkeeper’ in the house of the Lord. I took that as confirmation of a calling to continue watching for signs of his coming, and convey that to readers.

As Haggai predicted, everything is being shaken in preparation for the return of Messiah (Haggai 2.6,7). Tens of thousands of refugees, possibly including jihadist infiltrators, are swarming into Europe, putting huge pressure on EU countries already creaking under the weight of increasing political, social and economic upheavals. Yet no-one asks why Saudi Arabia, which has both the economic and physical capacity to take them, has so far completely failed to do so. The Gulf state is reported to have 100,000 air-conditioned tents capable of housing three million people sitting empty – used only for five days each year to accommodate pilgrims to Mecca.

Meanwhile Britain has been severely jolted by the election of an extreme-leftist as leader of Her Majesty’s opposition. At his first public engagement, Jeremy Corbyn even refused to sing ‘God save the Queen’, the national anthem. And the UK’s 290,000 Jews – already under increasing attack from anti-Semites – now fear a Labour leader who has referred to Hamas and Hezbollah as ‘friends’. What on earth is going on?

But be comforted, O Israel, for all this trouble also points to hope, when the glory of the Lord will be revealed (Isaiah 40.5) and Yeshua HaMashiach will return.

“I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand… those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish.” (Isaiah 41.9-11)

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen (available from Amazon) and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


Israel Today magazine offers more than just the daily online news...

Israel Today magazine offers more than just the daily online news...

InterNations conducted an international survey of "The most family-friendly countries in the world".

When you think of all the dangers of everyday life in Israel it would not seem obvious that Israel is one of the best countries in the world to raise children. Who would have thought that?

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Egyptian Activist: Arabs Are Jealous of Israel

Egyptian Activist: Arabs Are Jealous of Israel

Sherif Gaber, a 22-year-old Egyptian man who made a name for himself in 2013 by denouncing Islam, has released a new Arabic-language YouTube video explaining why he admires and supports Israel in its conflict with the Arab world.

Gaber explained that just four years ago, in 2011, he was among the great many Egyptians ready to answer the call for a “Third Palestinian Uprising” in which the entire Arab world would unite in a final attack on Israel.

But that was when “I was a dumb Muslim,” explained Gaber.

Fortunately, Gaber took the time to try to really understand the situation. Even before accepting Israel’s right to the land, he imagined a reality in which there was no Israel, or in which Israel had been defeated. His conclusion? There was no chance “Palestine” would have made half as good a use of the land as Israel had.

Gaber likened the situation to a mute man finding a microphone, and then a second man who can speak just fine comes along and wants the microphone. “If you think about it rationally,” insisted the young Egyptian, “you’ll find that Israel, or the guy who can use the mic, is the one who should take it because it will benefit him personally, along with the guy who could not use it.”

He then went on to briefly list just some of Israel’s disproportionate achievements, especially in the fields of science and technology, as well as its population growth, increased agricultural output and expanding industrial production, all while reducing its consumption of key natural resources.

A Palestinian state, on the other hand, “would be just like any other Arab country…that robs its people,” warned Gaber.

He concluded by noting that even if the Arab world somehow miraculously defeated and destroyed Israel, nothing would change because, contrary to the claims of the international community, the true source of the Muslim world’s anger isn’t Jewish sovereignty over the land.

Israel’s accomplishment “in a very short amount of time is evidence of the intelligence and strength of the Israelis,” explained Gaber. “And this shows us how weak the surrounding countries actually are. …All this anger and violent resentment is about envy. Deep inside that anger and resentment you actually find great admiration [for Israel]…because they wish their countries could one day be like it.”


Israel Concerned by Iranian Ground Forces in Syria

Israel Concerned by Iranian Ground Forces in Syria

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz on Tuesday expressed growing concern over the presence of Iranian ground forces in neighboring Syria.

The embattled regime of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has long been propped up financially and logistically by the Islamic Republic. But fresh reports suggest Iranian ground forces are now massing in Syria to help Assad remain in power. This in addition to the large-scale presence of Iranian proxy Hezbollah, and the introduction of Russian military forces in recent weeks.

Steinitz stressed in an interview with Army Radio that Israel continues to take no official position on whether or not Assad should be deposed, since most of the rebel forces opposing him are actually worse than the ruling regime, but that permitting Iran to flex its military muscles in such a way is a dangerous mistake.

This move “has opened a direct front [between Israel and] Iran,” warned Steinitz, urging Russia and the international community to “ensure the Iranian army remains in Iran.”

Already Israel fears unintentional exchanges of fire between its own forces and the Russian military in Syria. Such a flare-up between Israeli and Iranian forces could give Tehran the excuse it needs to launch a long-range missile assault on the Jewish state.


ISRAEL: A Great Place to Raise Kids

ISRAEL: A Great Place to Raise Kids

This is what international pollsters and Israeli columnists had to say about why, despite all the challenges and threats, expats living in Israel see it as the best place to raise children.

The full article appears in the October 2015 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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'Netanyahu Government Will Fall in 2016'

'Netanyahu Government Will Fall in 2016'

It’s been in power a mere six months and already there is talk of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s current government collapsing and Israel being subjected to yet another early election.

“We will be a force to contend with in the 2016 elections – and I can say with full confidence there will be such elections,” declared former Foreign Minister and Yisrael Beiteinu party chief Avigdor Lieberman late last month.

Last week, Lieberman echoed that prediction, insisting that the next time Israelis vote, the outcome could look very different. “There are many alternatives to Netanyahu in the political system,” he told the ultra-Orthodox radio station Kol Barama. “Yisrael Beiteinu could reach twenty seats and become the ruling party.”

In separate remarks to the Knesset Channel, former Finance Minister and Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid concurred. “This government’s days are short,” said Lapid. “The budget they have produced is one that indicates that they will no longer be in power in another year.”

The Hebrew press has been debating this topic and views early elections as a very real possibility. Netanyahu currently heads a narrow majority coalition of 61 out of 120 Knesset seats, and already a number of potential crises with coalition partners have threatened to leave “Bibi” with a minority of seats.

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COMMENTARY: When Have Christians Ever Made Jews Jealous?

COMMENTARY: When Have Christians Ever Made Jews Jealous?

Wasn’t that supposed to be our job? Didn’t the apostle Paul say he magnified his ministry to the goyiim to move his fellow countrymen to jealousy in order “to save some of them” (Rom. 11:14)? Implying, I thought, that the more gentiles he could convert to the faith, the more his brethren would become envious and want to know Yeshua.

But when I searched the New Testament I couldn’t find one example of where a Jew met a saved gentile and said, “I want what he has!” And then repented and gave his life to Yeshua. Instead, all I saw was Jewish outrage at the idea unclean goyiim would dare think they could be accepted by God apart from the Law. Look at the murderous intent Saul (before he became Paul) showed towards Jewish believers, even sanctioning the stoning of Stephen.

Of course, after gentile Christians gained the upper hand and began persecuting Jews, the chance Jews would become envious of anything we had plummeted to zero. That’s when I realized we might have this all backwards. That the real purpose for making Jews jealous was not to attract them to the gospel, but to repel them! Didn’t Paul tell us later, that from the standpoint of the gospel they were being made “enemies for our sake” (Rom. 11:28)?

Backing up a few verses, I found my suspicion confirmed. Paul reveals that his brethren should have realized their fury towards the incoming gentiles was actually a fulfillment of a prophecy by Moses: “I will make you jealous by that which is not a nation, by a nation without understanding will I anger you” (Rom. 10:19). There it was – anger!

And if we read the whole prophecy we learn the punishment fit the crime. “They made Me jealous with what is not God; They have provoked me to anger with their idols. So I will make them jealous with those who are not a people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation.” (Deut. 32:21)

God then used this anger to drive the gospel out from Jerusalem to find more of that “foolish nation” scattered among the goyiim who had ears to hear.

But what about Paul’s salvation plan for the Jews? If God’s purpose for bringing in gentiles was not to make Jews envious, but furious, why did Paul say, “I magnify my ministry, if somehow I might move to jealousy my fellow countrymen and save some of them” (Rom. 11:14)?

Paul knew his countryman’s time of salvation was not then, but future. I believe he saw the only way he might rescue some of his beloved brethren was to preach the gospel all the more to the gentiles. Hopefully, it would make them so hopping mad they’d connect it to the prophecy and realize this was that. And seeing it was all tied to God’s justice for the nation’s historic sin, repent.

It was a desperate plan, but from Paul’s perspective the only hope they had back then. But it’s a new day. I believe the judgment of jealousy with its Jewish anger has served God’s purposes. Now it’s time for the salvation of “all Israel.”


The Yom Kippur War - 42 years on...

The Yom Kippur War - 42 years on...

Yesterday was Yom Kippur - the Jewish Day of Atonement. 42 years ago Yom Kippur fell on October 6th when Egypt and Syria, backed by other Arab states, attacked Israel by surprise from both the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. The war lasted from 6 to 26 October 1973 resulting about 2,000 dead and 6,000 wounded Israelis.

The Yom Kippur war was probably the worst war that Israel experienced to date, leaving deep scars to this day - scars that may never heal completely.

Shimon, 75, said: "I was 33 years old and led my soldiers in battle on the Golan Heights. Two of my battalion commanders and seven soldiers fell beside me on the front. I was only thinking about my wife and three young children at home and asked our Lord fervently to sustain me and spare my life. God heard me.

For a long time after the war, I could not forget the images of the war. In Judaism, the body of a dead person must be completely buried. We were not allowed to leave even a torn limb of the dead on the battlefield. Even during the battle we had to collect every body part of the fallen. After a few days I couldn't tolerate the sight of my fallen comrades and body parts."

There is no Israeli family that has not experienced the ravages of war or terror. Israel was bleeding and it became harder for a mother to take leave of her children as they were recruited into the IDF, into the great unknown.

You, our honored friend of Israel, have the opportunity to support our children and grandchildren. Give a donation to a package of our soldiers and show your love and care. May our Lord bless you in this time. Amen!

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The Danger of the Blood Moon Phenomenon

The Danger of the Blood Moon Phenomenon

A good friend called me this week to ask what I thought of the Year of Shemitah and what some are saying is the beginning of the end of the world. He had been following many of the popular Christian and Messianic books, magazines, videos and sermons prophesying that there would be devastating financial turmoil in the American economy coinciding with this year’s Jewish holidays.

I told him it is wrong for Christians and Messianics to make doom and gloom predictions based on misguided misinterpretations of ancient Jewish practices. America may very well be on the verge of calling down God’s judgments because morality has imploded, not because of Jewish agricultural customs connected to the Land of Israel.

Nevertheless, when reports of a fall in the stock markets appeared just days ahead of the Jewish New Year, Christian and Messianic media screamed again with headlines of “Bloodbath in Global Markets” and “Blood Moons.” Of course the temporary drop in stock prices had nothing to do with the ancient Hebrew practice of resting the land every seven years, nor with cycles of the moon. Stocks dropped over concerns in the slowing growth of the Chinese markets, and rebounded quickly because the American economy is, in fact, getting stronger.

Here is why we must not let ourselves be lead astray by these sensational, unfounded interpretations of the Hebrew calendar, as I told my friend.

Christians and Messianics are wasting precious time and resources waiting for a financial collapse that never happens. It reminds me of an old Bedouin Muslim I befriended in the Sinai Desert. When I asked him why the Bedouin’s don’t plant crops on their land, he replied, “Seven years ago there was a flood that destroyed all of our crops. It is Allah’s will that it be destroyed, so why should I plant again?” That is the Islamic belief in fatalism that prevents progress and development. Christians who follow these sensational proclamations about the end of the world likewise paralyze themselves by foolishly believing a lie.

Some Christians might find it convenient to disengage from a world they believe will soon collapse.

Following these unbiblical prophecies is dangerous on many levels. We are left scratching our heads in unbelief when Christian and Messianic predictions of collapse based on sensationalistic interpretations of Scripture continually prove false. Some have lost faith altogether.

Nowadays, these popular predictions of collapse spread like wildfire over the Internet for all the world to see. What do people think about Christians obsessed with a financial crisis that never happens, or red-colored moons that never appear? These sensationalistic pronouncements have become an embarrassment to the good name of our Lord Jesus and are making a mockery of our Messianic faith. It is hard enough explaining to my people how so many terrible things could happen in the name of Jesus. Now I also have to explain to Israelis why Christians believe that American financial markets will crash on a Jewish holiday? Oy.

I am not excited about the world ending anytime soon, and I would appreciate it if Messianic Jews and Christians would stop using misguided attempts to misinterpret Jewish customs to sow fear. What we already know to be true about our sinful nature and the state of our fallen world are more than enough to remind us of the coming judgment. Sufficient to the day is its own evil.


Does the World Really Care About Palestinians?

Does the World Really Care About Palestinians?

The video of Palestinian Authority (PA) police officers brutally beating a young Palestinian boy (see below) forces us to once again raise the question: Does the world really care about the Palestinians?

Yes, the video went viral on Arab social media, where it sparked a widespread angry response. But it was hardly mentioned outside the Middle East, and when it was emphasis was placed on how the officers acted independently and were punished. The PA was spared blame.

Imagine had a group of IDF soldiers or Israeli police officers administered this particular beating. A special session UN Security Council hearing, American and European condemnations, and threats of International Criminal Court lawsuits would not be long in coming. To say nothing of the widespread global media attention the incident would elicit.

But the boy wasn’t beaten by Jews. Sure, the effect on him was all the same, but the identity of the criminals is everything. Palestinians beating a Palestinian is nothing. Israelis beating a Palestinian is something.

Which is why we must again ask: Does the world actually care about the well-being of Palestinians? Or is this really all about badmouthing Israel? Is it the treatment and well-being of individual Palestinians that matters, or is it rather the identity of those doling out the abuse, be it real or perceived?

If Israel wasn’t involved, would the Palestinians garner any attention at all? Does the world give any thought to the hundreds and thousands of Palestinians that are routinely abused by Hamas, Fatah and any number of other Palestinian armed groups?

This video and the very muted response to it again highlights that the only time most in the international community give a damn about a Palestinian life is when doing so provides an opportunity to smear the Jews and condemn their state.


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