Was it a coincidence? Or was it a hint?

Friday, December 29, 2006 |  by Staff Writer
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, on his last visit to Washington, presented to US President George W. Bush the book, First Strike, written by Israeli journalist Shlomo Nakdimon. The original Hebrew name of this book, however, is “Tammuz in Flames” (1986) and Nakdimon writes, surprisingly, about the bombing of the Iraqi nuclear reactor called Tammuz (named after a Babylonian god mentioned in Ezekiel 8:14).

In his book the author documented how the Israeli Air Force, early in the morning in June of 1981, hit the reactor in Ozirak. The reactor was part of Saddam’s plan called “Sword of Nebuchadnezzar” intended to eliminate his enemies and rebuild a new Babylon. Further, the author published the negotiations and discussions between the Israeli and US governments then and exposed the secret document where the US regime confirmed the intelligent information delivered by the Israelis about Iraq’s nuclear plan. Nakdimon also exposed in his book how the Germans supplied hot cells for reprocessing its HEU (highly enriched uranium) irradiated fuel with Sadaam’s clearly stated intention of developing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and make Iraq the main power in the Mideast and Arab world.

One of the main players in First Strike was James Baker, who recently convinced Bush to change his policy of support for Israel. He who still needs proof of Baker’s anti-Semitic attitude will read how he pushed former US President Ronald Reagan into carrying out sanctions against Israel because of this military action in Iraq.

But still, it leaves open the question of why on earth would Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert give this book today in light of another nuclear power (Iran) arising today?

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