Hamas claims it has no problem with Jews, just Zionists

Monday, August 25, 2008 |  Ryan Jones

Hamas promises it will treat Jews with the same dignity and respect Muslims have always shown if given a chance in the future to impose its brand of Islamic rule over all the lands west of the Jordan River.

In an interview with IslamOnline, senior Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk said in response to a question submitted by an Israeli that after seizing control of "Palestine" Hamas will deal with Jews "in accordance with our ethics, religious teachings, and historical values."

To clarify, Marzouk pointed to previous centuries during which all Middle East Jews supposedly lived in peace and prosperity alongside their Muslim neighbors.

"We do not have a problem when it comes to dealing with the other. We understand and recognize other people's rights, which are part of our belief system and ethics," he said.

Marzouk left out that Islam demands non-Muslims living under Muslim rule must pay an infidel tax and cannot practice their own religions in public.

The Hamas Charter provides a more realistic view of how Jews would fare under Hamas rule. In the charter, Jews are blamed for every global conflict since the French Revolution.

The Hamas Charter also quotes a well-known Koranic verse that points to an apocalyptic time during which even the trees and the stones will aid Muslims in finding and murdering Jews.

Hamas has long held up the venomous czarist anti-Semitic blood libel "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" as evidence that the Jewish race is inherently greedy, conniving and desirous of global domination at any cost.

Those beliefs stand behind regular mosque sermons that demonize the Jews as a bloodthirsty race that went so far as the perpetrate the Holocaust on its own people.

Most recently, a popular Hamas children's television program called "Tomorrow's Pioneers" taught young Palestinian viewers that Jews, not just Israelis, are the scourge of the earth, the enemies of Allah and the murderers of their favorite fuzzy fictional characters.

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