Hamas refuses to accept Israel, even for Jimmy Carter

Thursday, June 18, 2009 |  Israel Today Staff

If anyone could convince Hamas to accept Israel's right to exist, it would be former US President Jimmy Carter, right? After all, no world leader, past or present, has been so willing to give even the most blood-soaked Palestinian terrorists the benefit of the doubt.

But following Carter's visit to Hamas-ruled Gaza this week, the terrorists said they will not agree to his request that they recognize the Jewish state's right to exist in the Middle East.

Deputy Hamas Foreign Minister Ahmed Youssef told the Associated Press that his group greatly appreciated Carter's "historic" visit, but had to turn him down on accepting international conditions for officially including Hamas in the land-for-peace process.

"Hamas finds the conditions unacceptable," he said. "Recognizing Israel is completely unacceptable."

Hamas is still holding out hope that US President Barack Obama and liberal leaders in Europe will reverse those conditions and engage the group in direct dialogue even if its goal remains the destruction of Israel.

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