Website highlights disproportionate media coverage of Israel

Thursday, June 03, 2010 |  Ryan Jones

With nearly the entire international community participating in the public lynch of Israel over the deaths of nine violent "peace" activists aboard the intercepted Gaza aid flotilla, one website worked to snap people out of what it called their "OCID" - Obsessive Compulsive Israel Disorder. noted that the flotilla incident was only the latest example of the enormously exaggerated media coverage and UN attention Israel receives any time it acts against its enemies.

While the deaths of a handful of activists who used lethal force against the Israeli boarding party resulted in days worth of front page news and emergency sessions by every major UN body, outright massacres and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people have gone almost entirely unnoticed.

In a moving video circulated on the Internet, the team recounted the story of Aisha Hassan, a little girl from the blood-soaked Darfur region of Sudan. Aisha's baby brothers and big sister were burned alive, her father was beaten to death and her mother was raped and then hacked to pieces, all by government-backed Muslim militiamen. Her story failed to make make headlines or evoke any kind of response from the UN.

Watch the video:

Aisha is far from the only one to be dismissed as the world salivates over every opportunity to skewer Israel.

In recent years, some 300,000 people, most of them innocent civilians, were raped and massacred in Darfur. Two million people, 60 percent of them children, were and remain displaced. Some in the international community focused passing attention on Darfur, but it was far less than is focused on Israel. And most stopped caring about these Africans as the Darfur conflict became passe.

In a more specific example, PajamasMedia recalled the frantic coverage and UN attention elicited when Israeli forces taking part in the 2009 war against Hamas in Gaza accidentally killed 40 civilians while returning fire on terrorists who were using those civilians as cover.

Just a week earlier, 100 men, women and children seeking refuge in a church in the Democratic Republic of Congo were hacked to death by members of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a Ugandan rebel group. The story received scant media coverage, and again, no major response from the UN. The lack of media coverage in that instance was especially surprising as the LRA claims to be a Christian movement that wants to establish a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments, all while using brainwashed child soldiers to carry out its brutality. Considering the media's seeming desire to besmirch Christians at every turn, one would think the LRA and its actions would warrant at least as much coverage as Israel.

But Africa is old news, or rather news that very few ever really cared about. Tens of millions there continue to die every year from AIDS and starvation, but the comparatively tiny conflict between a few million Jews and their Arab neighbors is for some reason far more interesting and evokes far greater passion.

In light of this logic-defying obsession with Israel, it is difficult not to recognize a spiritual connection.

The Jews are the people chosen by God to demonstrate His relationship to all mankind, and the restoration of Israel as a nation-state is part of His ultimate plan of redemption. The spiritual forces opposed to God's will would naturally like to do everything possible to disrupt and destroy those physical components of His plan.

And so, while millions suffer and die elsewhere, those who are deceived and manipulated by the enemies of God squander the international community's vast resources on disproportionate media coverage and bloated monitoring and aid agencies all aimed at bringing Israel low.

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