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Sunday, October 10, 2010 |  Ryan Jones

With Israel having just played host to thousands of Christians participating in the Feast of Tabernacles celebrations and other gatherings, Israelis were again reminded (or for some, made aware for the first time) of the vast support for the Jewish state that exists in churches around the world.

Israel Today thought it an opportune time to ask Israelis to answer some of the questions Christians most often ask us regarding this land, the threats it faces, and how Israelis view their friends and enemies.

First, we asked how Israelis view Evangelical Christian support for their state. A firm 59 percent majority said they view it as a position thing, while only 23 percent said they do not like Christian support. Interestingly, a 40 percent plurality of Israeli Arabs said they view Christian support of Israel, otherwise known as “Christian Zionism,” as a positive thing.

Next, we asked Israelis if they, like many Christians abroad, feel that Israel is about to face a regional war with their Muslim enemies. A 49 percent plurality said they see such a war happening soon, with the percentages rise sharply among religious Israeli Jews and Arabs.

One of the likely causes of such a war is an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, which a 48 percent plurality of Israelis said should be carried out. Again, support for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities was much higher among religious Israelis.

For further analysis of these and answers to other questions (including a couple on Israeli views of Obama), be sure to subscribe for the upcoming issue of Israel Today!

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