Why did Obama legitimize terrorist rule of Egypt?

Thursday, February 03, 2011 |  Ryan Jones

A few weeks ago, the Obama Administration very publicly warned against a Lebanese government controlled by the terrorist militia Hizballah. Whether or not Washington carries through on its threats now that Hizballah has in fact installed its man as prime minister remains to be seen.

But in Egypt, US President Barack Obama appears to be taking a totally contradictory approach. On Monday, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs legitimized future control of Egypt by radical Islamists when he said the next government in Cairo will have to include “important non-secular actors.”

Of course, the only significant non-secular actor on the Egyptian stage is the Muslim Brotherhood, and it is not only “non-secular,” but is in effect the godfather of Middle East Islamic extremism.

Gibbs tried to qualify his remarks by stating that the US will want those future rulers of Egypt to reject violence and recognize democratic values, but few are still naive enough to believe Washington will stop treating with Cairo if the Brotherhood takes over and maintains its current goals.

The Muslim Brotherhood that the White House accepts as the possible future power broker in Cairo is the forerunner of groups like Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, and counts among its former members Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s second in command.

The group has previously vowed to annul the peace treaty with Israel if it ever came to power, and would be expected to severely curtail the freedoms of Egyptian Christians. The Muslim Brotherhood lists as one of its goals the total subjugation of the entire world to Islam and the establishment of an Islamic empire.

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