Freed suicide bomber: 'I'll try to kill Jews again'

Monday, October 24, 2011 |  Ryan Jones

Wafa al-Bis got a new lease on life last week when she was one of 1,027 jailed terrorists freed by Israel in exchange for Gilad Shalit. But unlike more reasonable people given a second chance, Bis said she intends to again try her hand at being a suicide bomber.

Bis was arrested in 2005 when soldiers at a border crossing between Gaza and southern Israel found a 22-pound bomb sowed into her underwear. Bis had intended to use a permit for medical treatment in Israel to gain entry and blow up the hospital. Instead, she tried to kill the soldiers who stopped her, but the bomb's detonator malfunctioned.

After six years in jail, and despite being freed by Israel, she has no regrets and will try to kill again.

"As long as there is going to be occupation over all of Palestine [i.e. a Palestinian state in just Judea, Samaria and Gaza won't be enough], martyrs will be there to resist and to fight, and I will be among the first of the strugglers," Bis told London's Daily Telegraph. "This is an honourable thing and I would be a suicide bomber three times over if I could."

Sickeningly, Bis' mother told the newspaper that what her daughter aspires to "is an honorable thing and I am proud of her."

Bis is not alone. Many more of the terrorists released in the Shalit deal have vowed to return to terrorism. In fact, unlike in previous exchanges, it appeared that Israel didn't even bother having the prisoners sign agreements to not return to terrorist activity, knowing full well that they would do so anyway.

Another former prisoner who intends to once again target innocent Jews is Ahlam Tamimi.

In 2001, Tamimi acted as the driver for a suicide bomber who blew up the Sbarro pizzeria in downtown Jerusalem, which killed 16 people and wounded another 130. Among those killed were seven children, and five members of one family.

Tamimi was sent to neighboring Jordan as part of the terms of her release. In an interview with AmmonNews at the weekend she said, "I have never regretted what I have done, and if given another chance I'll do it again." [h/t The Muqata]

In the weeks following the Shalit exchange, many more of the Palestinians who were freed are exepected to speak to local media and make known their future plans.

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