Why you should support an Israeli soldier

Wednesday, November 02, 2011 |  Anat Schneider

Small blue bag, army boots, and olive green uniform, till today I remember my mom taking all these things from the top of a closet. This ceremony immediately informed me that father was leaving us for a few weeks to do his reserve duty as an Israeli soldier.

Each night during my father's absence I would wait until my brother was asleep and the lights were out, and then I'd start crying - crying and praying. I was afraid that my father wouldn't come back, so I'd pray for his safe return.

Time passed and I got married and became a mother, yet the feelings and fears I had as a child returned to me when my husband, Aviel, was called upon again and again to do his duty as a reserve soldier. Now it was I who reached to the top of the closet and brought down the blue bag, the army boots and the olive green uniform.

During my husband's reserve duty, it was up to me to survive, to maintain a fully function house and to take care of the kids on my own. Only now it occurs to me that I might not have been as sensitive to my children as I should have. I wonder if they, like me, waited each night for the lights to go out so they could cry and pray.

Bless an Israeli Soldier
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This is our sacrifice and the sacrifice of generations to come. IDF reserve duty and the confrontations with our neighbors that make it necessary are part of our lives. It has been this way since before Israel's declaration of independence, and unfortunately it continuous till today.

With your kind assistance we have a chance to thank those who leave everything behind and go to defend our nation. By doing so we also let the concerned wives and children of these brave soldiers know that they are not alone in praying for the safe return of their husbands and fathers.

We thank you, our readers, for the warmth and support that you give to our loved ones.

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