Israeli army: Media paints incomplete picture of terrorist threat

Sunday, May 13, 2012 |  Ryan Jones

The Israeli army complained in a blog post last week that both the international and the Israeli medias paint a grossly incomplete picture of the terrorist threat facing the Jewish state by regularly ignorning significant security incidents.

In the post, army officials listed a selection of nine abortive or thwarted terrorist attacks in 2012 that received almost no media coverage. Most of the incidents involved Israeli soldiers apprehending armed terrorists before they could reach Jewish targets. For instance:

  1. On January 2, soldiers arrested two Palestinian men armed with automatic rifles as they attempted to leave the Samarian town of Nablus. Had the two reached a Jewish settlements or a town in Israel proper, a massacre could have ensued.

  2. On April 11, again at the Nablus checkpoint, soldiers stopped a Palestinian man carrying several homemade bombs, three knives and 50 bullets. The incident occurred over the Passover holiday, a time when Israeli regularly congregate in public in large numbers.

  3. On April 21, two Palestinian teenagers were arrested after soldiers found them to be in possession of five pipe bombs, a gun and ammunition.

In addition to the incidents listed, it should be noted that towns and villages in the western portion of Israel's southern Negev region continue to suffer regular mortar and missile attacks from neighboring Gaza. Most attacks are not reported, as they have become a regular occurrence.

The sad reality is that terrorist incidents have become so commonplace in Israel that they rarely make headlines, even in Israel, unless people are hurt or killed. The unfortunate result of that practice is that the security situation in Israel is painted as far less severe than it really is.

The IDF stressed that terrorists are still trying to kill Israelis every single day. Thanks to the efforts of Israel's security forces, the vast majority of those attempts are thwarted, but that does not diminish the fact that Israel is facing an enemy as determined and hostile as ever.

While these incidents are probably often ignored simply because without casualties they wouldn't sell newspapers are bring in viewers, there are many in the media that gloss over the unrelenting terrorism facing Israel because it does not mesh with their political agendas vis-a-vis the region.

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