Acquittal for former Prime Minister Olmert

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 |  Aviel Schneider

Yesterday, Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was acquitted by a Jerusalem Court on all main counts. He had been accused of corruption four years ago and for this reason he was forced to resign. Israel’s media called Olmert’s acquittal a “juridical earthquake” in the history of the State of Israel. “There are still true judges in Jerusalem,” Olmert stated after the pronouncement of the judgement, which declared the accusation unfounded, that lead to the overthrowing of Israel’s Head of the government. On the counts of Talansky and the travel agency Rischon Tours, Olmert was acquitted of suspicion of having received illegal money at all. As to the investment affair he was found guilty of embezzlement in one minor point. In the media abroad, the issue was exaggerated in the headlines: “Olmert found guilty of embezzlement by Israeli Court”. It was no headline at all that he was acquitted on the two main counts!

Israel’s media, who have been accusing Olmert publicly during the past years due to the public prosecutors, are blaming Israel’s Public Prosecution now for the juridical fiasco against Olmert. Just as the media were forcing Olmert to resign back then, they are trying to do so now with public prosecutor Moshe Lador, who failed absolutely in his indictment. The leading politician and former minister Haim Ramon blamed Jewish right-wing millionaires abroad, who wanted to overthrow Olmert at any cost because he was prepared to give up biblical territory while negotiating with the Palestinians during his term of office. “There have to be investigations who acted behind the scenes in Olmert’s accusation,” Ramon claimed.

Most people in Israel are of the opinion that the former boss oft he Kadima party was wronged and that he had to resign from his government office needlessly. The people is calling for accountability. Initially, everyone was sure that Olmert was corrupt and now the opposite proved to be true. People feel ashamed and believe to have judged someone too fast. Now, there are speculations if Olmert will return to politics, which many among the people are expecting from him. This will cause the current Head of the government, Benjamin Netanyahu, some headache: Olmert is the only alternative candidate for whom Netanyahu could lose the elections.

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