VIDEO: How America and Europe fund Palestinian hatred

Sunday, April 14, 2013 |  Israel Today Staff

For Israel, the biggest obstacle to concluding a genuine and lasting peace agreement is that the Palestinians have been indoctrinated with a deep-seated hatred for the Jews, and therefore any deal is likely to fall apart at the first opportunity.

And those portraying themselves as the overseers of this peace process are actually guilty of both initiating and perpetuating this phenomenon.

The first and greatest mistake of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process was importing Yasser Arafat's PLO to speak for and rule the Palestinians. Inexplicably, Western power brokers, and even Israel, trusted that Arafat and his terror gang would suddenly become peace-loving, and transmit that new attitude to the next generation of Palestinian youth.

Instead, the PLO has set up a school system that systematically instructs Palestinian youth to hate the Jews and to seek death in service to the ultimate goal of destroying Israel.

What's worse is that America and Europe, failing to learn from their original mistake noted above, are to this day footing the bill for much of this indoctrination of hate.

A large number of Palestinian public schools operate under the auspices of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the only separate refugee agency ever set up by the UN for any refugee population (even though the Palestinians are not the largest refugee population in modern history).

UNRWA, primarily funded by the US and EU, spends roughly $500 million per year on Palestinian schools, and it employs over 10,000 local teachers. However, UNRWA does not produce texbooks for these schools, but rather lets the PLO-run Palestinian Authority use Western dollars and euros to teach whatever they deem appropriate.

The following video produced by the Israel Resource News Center shows the extent of that mistake.

One striking point made by the documentary is that the so-called Palestinian "right of return" is a major theme in UNRWA schools. Teachers are seen openly instructing their students that they have the right and duty to take back from the Jews towns and villages across the region, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

"They [the Jews] stole it from us" is the message hammered into each of these young girls and boys.

Some of the teachers go further than that. As one educator explained, the basic curriculum is narrow, and teachers are free to "enrich" it in order to help students fully understand their responsibilities. For instance, he said, religiously-minded teachers in UNRWA schools might teach their students that "Israel must be wiped out."

A scene showing young female students gathering in the courtyard of their school before beginning their daily studies is very telling. The girls repeatedly perform what looks conspicuously like a Nazi salute while chanting the words, "Glory to a liberated and Arab Palestine, Glory to the martyrs...Jerusalem is ours!"

Watch the shocking video:

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