The Church of Scotland's Freudian Slip

Sunday, May 12, 2013 |  Tsvi Sadan

The Church of Scotland recently published a report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a Christian perspective entitled "The Inheritance of Abraham - A Report on the Promised Land." You won't be able to find this report online, as it was quickly removed from the church's website following sharp protest from Scotland's Jewish community and Israeli officials.

There was nothing new in the report, per se. The Church of Scotland's anti-Israel stance has been rather consistent. But the document did, in its brief appearance, reveal the true reason behind the church's vehement opposition to the Jewish state.

The Church of Scotland's anti-Israel position has nothing to do with human rights, but rather a theological argument. As I have said repeatedly, all the human rights accusations against Israel are nothing more than a clever mask for modern anti-Semitism, and the Church of Scotland's theological argument is proof of this.

In its conclusion, the church document made the startling claim that only the dissolution of Jewish sovereignty in the Holy Land would bring "peace and security and human rights," and eliminate "racial intolerance, especially in the forms of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia." The Bible was used to support this vile and twisted moral position.

After providing scriptural "evidence" from Palestinian theologians, the document went on to state that "the lack of detailed archaeological evidence supports the view that the range of scriptural material makes it inappropriate to try to use the Hebrew scriptures to determine an area of land meant exclusively for the Jewish people."

Another conclusion read: "Exclusivist tradition implied Jews had a special, privileged position in relation to God. But the prophetic tradition stood against this. The narrative of the Babylonian captivity demonstrated that God was not confined to 'their' land, nor was He concerned only for 'them.'"

[Editor's Note: It is important to note that the Jews as a whole have never made such claims. Such libels are the domain of historical Christian anti-Semitism.]

Another bizarre portion of the church document used the book of Jonah to somehow prove that Israel's existence necessarily breeds evil. "The Book of Jonah is a key text for understanding the Hebrew Bible’s promise of the land to Abraham and his descendants," according to the Church of Scotland. "Written at a time when Jewish people were turning inwards, the book presents Jonah as a Jewish nationalist to drive home the point: God's universal, inclusive love is for all. God in Jonah is merciful, gracious, a liberator of the oppressed and sinful who looks for just living. …Jonah suggests a new theology of the land, because God was not confined within the Land of Israel, but also embraced the land of Assyria."

The conclusion must be that, unlike Jonah, Israeli Jews today are unmerciful, ungracious, unjust and unloving.

The cherry on the cake, so to speak, was the Church of Scotland's referencing of Jesus, who, according to this august body, "offered a radical critique of Jewish specialness and exclusivism ... Jesus' cleansing of the Temple means not just that the Temple needs to be reformed, but that the Temple is finished." Of course, by extension, this also means that the right to Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel is finished.

Jews must not stand alone against misuse of Scripture, but must be joined by all who care for truth.

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