What do Israelis think of Iran nuke threat?

Thursday, July 11, 2013 |  Jonathan David

With rumors that Iran has activated yet another underground nuclear facility, Israel Today’s Jonathan David took to the streets of Jerusalem to ask average Israelis what they think should be done about this existential threat.

Here's what they had to say:

Meyer Amon: “First of all, our government knows what to do. People outside of Israel should not rally or demonstrate against Israel’s actions, because that’s what hurts the most.”

Omri Karavani: “I think the government and the army should take care of this. It’s a really big problem, you know. Israel can disappear from the map.”

Avigail Shomron: “I don’t personally think we can stop it by ourselves. We do need the help of God, that’s for sure. Even though we have all the (technical ability), that isn’t enough to at least cause them not to think to destroy us.”

Bill Ashendorf: “Netanyahu, I think is willing to make the tough choices, but he has terrible pressure from the President of the United States, President Obama, and I don’t know if he can stand up to the pressure. It’s something that troubles us.”

Arab Girl from Israel’s North: “I don’t care if (Iran) destroys Israel. It doesn’t bother me. Destroy it!”

Elliot G.: “Many people have done it in the past and they’ve all failed; even Hitler. He was quite successful, but at the end of the day, the Jews are thriving again.”

David B’tesh: “An organization like the United Nations, which is created to preserve the peace, should take more action in the matter. Always, when it comes to Israel they start taking steps back. It’s the only organization with power to do something about it, and they don’t.”

Elad Edri: “Both sides should take into consideration that the Western world did not deter North Korea from getting a nuclear weapon, and it’s having a long lasting effect on the peace in the area. When North Korea threatens South Korea, it has a smaller regional effect compared to Iran’s threat to take control over Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. The effect is much bigger and has much more effect on world peace and world economy.”

Asher Trujeman: “I think it’s going to make a lot of problems, and it’s going to be World War III. If Iran pushes the button, what we’ll have is all the world is going to the end.”

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