Israelis speak out for religious freedom on Temple Mount

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 |  Jonathan David

Recently, Knesset member Danny Danon (Likud) said it’s time for Jews to have religious freedom to pray on the Temple Mount. Israel Today’s Jonathan David talked to Israelis on the streets of Jerusalem to get their reaction.

Amity Lerer: “Yes, it’s important. They say it in the Knesset (parliament), but they don’t really want to do it because they’re afraid of the Arabs.”

Aline Szewkeis: “I think it’s important for everybody to have freedom of religion in Israel. My particular opinion is I think we can give the Temple Mount to all religions.”

Rali Ben David: “It’s not important to me because I’m secular, but it’s important to the Jews. I think they should give us the ability to pray over there.”

Arlene Alyehs: “It’s the site of our Temple and there’s no reason for the Arabs to have control of the Temple Mount, except that the Jews are always giving in to them in hopes of peace. If there’s any restrictions it should be on the Arabs, but that may be too much to hope for.”

Eliran Maalumi: “Yeah, religious freedom is important, because it’s Israel. It’s the Jewish land.”

Naom Shiff: “I think that if everyone had religious freedom on the Temple Mount, it would create a friction that wouldn’t be good for the area.”

Agee Gottdiemer: “The rabbis say otherwise, at least certain rabbis. They say it’s forbidden to ascend the Temple Mount.”

Tamar Roller: “It is important to me, but because I’m a religious Jew, I know that it’s not the time of our redemption yet. So, I know that whenever God redeems us, the mosque will be demolished and our Temple will be built over there. Now, we have to fix ourselves internally and be better Jews and do whatever God wants us to do.”

Yosef Simon: “Religious freedom on the mountain site is based on the purity of the Jewish people. A lot of Jewish religious people don’t hold that you should really go up there unless we have the right purity… It’s important that the Messiah will come, because the Messiah will actually tell us the right way to purify ourselves.”

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