Popular Blog Takes Messianics to Task Over Christ at the Checkpoint

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 |  Israel Today Staff

Popular Messianic Jewish blog “Rosh Pina Project” has posted a biting critique of the upcoming Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem, and of the Israeli Messianic leaders who continue to participate in and speak at the event.

On Sunday, we highlighted that Israeli terror victim Kay Wilson was turned down after requesting to speak at the 2012 Christ at the Checkpoint. Kay and her visiting Christian friend, Kristine Luken, were brutally attacked by Palestinian terrorists in 2010. Kay was severely wounded and forced to watch Luken murdered before her eyes.

As both Israel Today and Rosh Pina Project clearly suggested, Kay Wilson would have been an ideal speaker at Christ at the Checkpoint, assuming the organizers genuinely intended the event to be a platform for reconciliation. But that wasn’t the case.

“Once again in Bethlehem, there was no room at the inn,” wrote the authors of Rosh Pina Project.

As the blog noted, “there was always a sense that the dice were loaded in Bethlehem.” Few could ignore the fact that the conference had welcomed endorsements from the Palestinian Authority and the former mayor of Bethlehem, who has documented ties to terrorist organizations. Not to mention the star-studded line-up of Christian theologians famous for advocating what can only be honestly described as Replacement Theology.

As such, it wasn’t all that surprising that Christ at the Checkpoint had no interest in hearing from Kay Wilson. What was truly galling, as Rosh Pina Project pointed out, was the utter lack of a public response by those same Messianic leaders who insisted Christ at the Checkpoint was and is a genuine platform for reconciliation.

Nor is the problem confined to those few Messianic leaders who take part in the conference. The rest of the body of believers in Israel, while generally opposing Christ at the Checkpoint’s central message, seems too cowed to take a unified and determined stand and confront the misguided teachings of their Palestinian brothers in faith.

Head over to Rosh Pina Project and read the full account.

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