EXCLUSIVE: IDF Captain on How His Troops Handle Arab Rioting

Tuesday, July 08, 2014 |  David Lazarus

As tensions run high following a series of high profile kidnappings, murders and other terror attacks that continue to rock the nation, Israel Today met with the IDF officer in charge of training the soldiers now struggling to put down violent Arab riots in Jerusalem.

We hear that the people in Israel are angry and that some IDF soldiers are calling for revenge against Arabs. What are you doing about this?

IDF Captain: "I called an emergency meeting with all of our soldiers and explained to them that this kind of behavior is illegal. As soldiers in the IDF they cannot take these matters into their own hands. The IDF has a clear code of ethics and guidelines requiring restraint in order to preserve innocent lives, Arab and Jewish. There is absolutely no place for any anti-Arab behavior in the IDF.

"I warned all of my soldiers that they cannot make these kind of statements. Not on Facebook, not on the internet or even in conversations. It is absolutely forbidden, by law, for an IDF soldier to make these kinds of statements."

But your soldiers are angry. They want to do something. What do you tell them?

IDF Captain: "I told them that if they take revenge on the Palestinians, that they are no better than the terrorists. They teach their children to hate and kill the Jews. I told my soldiers that in the IDF we will not allow our soldiers to fall into that dark hell. Anyone who breaks that code of ethics of this naiton will be punished to the full extent of the law."

What do you tell your soldiers about the recent kidnapping and killing of the Palestinian youth by Jews?

IDF Captain: "I told them that we cannot do whatever we want just because we are angry. This is a civilized country with very high moral standards. We cannot have a country that allows anyone to kidnap and kill whoever they want. There would be chaos here.

"These acts of vengeance are especially dangerous here in the high-risk, war-crazy Middle East.

"I believe that the punishment for the Jews who kidnapped and killed that Arab boy should be the same way that we mete out against the Palestinians for their terror against Jews. Many Knesset members are saying that we should destroy their homes just like we tear down the homes of the terrorists we capture."

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