Gaza Casualty Data Doesn't Support Massacre Claims

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 |  Israel Today Staff

Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian apologists around the world have been screaming “massacre” over the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in and around Gaza.

Armed with only vague numbers, the Jewish state’s detractors insist that the disproportionate number of deaths in Gaza compared to Israeli fatalities is evidence that “the Zionists” are indiscriminately killing Palestinian civilians.

The noise has reached Western halls of power, and leaders are demanding an immediate ceasefire seemingly based on casualty figures alone, while all but ignoring the reasons for and objectives of the war.

But Al Jazeera, the global Arab news network that has thrown in its lot with Hamas, has been publishing a running tally of those killed in the Gaza Strip that would suggest misinformation is behind the charges against Israel.

The data includes names and ages for most of the deceased, and an analysis of this information by enterprising Israeli blog Israellycool reveals something quite interesting: the vast majority of Gaza’s fatalities over the past two weeks have been males of fighting age.

According to the list published by Al Jazeera, 81.9 percent of the Gazans killed in the war have been males, which already blows out of the water assertions of an overwhelming number of dead women and children.

The number of children killed stands at around 18 percent of the total, which Israellycool noted is quite interesting, given that census figures put the number of Gazans under the age of 14 at 50 percent of the population.

Among the male casualties, more than 70 percent were between the ages of 18–48. While it is impossible to know how many of those were actual gun-toting terrorists, the high number of men killed within this age range would suggest many of them were targeted by Israel, and for a reason.

All speculation aside, this data demonstrates the genuine nature of Israel’s claims to be going out of its way to avoid casualties among innocent civilians in Gaza. The numbers are simply too skewed toward men of fighting age to reasonably conclude that Israel is indiscriminately bombing Gaza, let alone purposely targeting women and children.

Unfortunately, this will all be lost on those who have pre-determined that Israel is in the wrong. Hamas knows this audience well, and knows just how to play to it. The Hamas Interior Ministry last week instructed its people that when taking to Facebook and other social media, they should use only the words “innocent civilians” to describe anyone killed in Gaza.

Predisposed to hostility toward Israel, apologists around the globe have been eating up that message, with nary a concern for the facts.

PHOTO: Demonstrators participate in a “die in” in Brussels to protest Israel’s military action in Gaza.

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