Some of What Hamas is Smoking

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 |  Ryan Jones

With all the wild and exaggerated claims coming from Hamas and its apologists around the globe as the Gaza war extends into its third week, an informed observer wouldn’t be remiss in wondering, “What are they smoking?”

As it turns out, Hamas and/or its terrorist allies are indeed smoking something!

Overnight, Israel intercepted Palestinian smugglers attempting to cross the Dead Sea with a supply of small arms and marijuana. Just the combination one needs if planning to wage a forlorn war against a superior enemy and then bullshit the world regarding the particulars.

[Author’s note: Pardon my French, but there was no better word to explain what Hamas is doing.]

It would seem that some of the Palestinians’ giggle weed has also made it to the White House.

On Monday, the Obama Administration demanded that Israel “live up to its own moral standards” and do more to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza.

Never mind that Israel has used leaflets, telephone calls and warnings shots to notify Palestinians, even those it’s targeting, of impending strikes.

Never mind that the bulk of the Palestinian dead are males of fighting age and that relatively few women and children have died, despite being deliberately placed in harm’s way.

Never mind that more than 3,500 Israeli aerial and ground attacks have resulted in, comparatively speaking, just 500 deaths, even if you pretend they are all “innocent civilians.”

Clearly, Israel isn’t doing enough!

Oh, and never mind that America produced far higher ratios of deaths-to-military strikes when operating in Iraq and Afghanistan, or that it’s drone strikes continue to result in civilian casualties. These kinds of things only really matter when Israel is involved.

If these, our reasonable and informed leaders, aren’t smoking something before making such remarks, then truly the world has gone mad.

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