Violence, Hatred Characterize Anti-Israel Protests

Monday, July 28, 2014 |  Israel Today Staff

Around the world, people are taking to the streets to protest Israel’s war against Gaza’s Hamas rulers (while ignoring far deadlier conflicts elsewhere). By and large, those protests have been characterized by violence and hatred that often manifests as flat-out anti-Semitism.

The following is a letter we received from a reader in Denmark who recently participated in a small, pro-Israel demonstration, only to be chased away by hostile pro-Palestinian activists.

We were only approximately 250 brave Israel-supporters, who had gathered in front of the Danish parliament yesterday. That’s a significant decline from 10 years ago, when we garnered 2,000 for a similar demonstration.

It was a mix of very few Christians, a few Iranians, and Danish Jews. The Israeli ambassador, who was supposed to address us, had to be escorted away before he could give his speech, since the police couldn’t guarantee his safety.

People were a bit nervous as Arabs drove by and shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ again and again. Some Arabs were watching us and shouting ‘Allahu akbar.’ Myself and a Jewish woman took our huge Israel flags and walked backed and forth to demonstrate in front of the Arabs, shouting ‘Eretz Yisrael.’ At that point, a couple of wild-looking Arabs were tackled by the police and Israeli guards, after they advanced toward us suddenly and quickly.

After an hour or so, we were told to immediately move to the back of the Parliament building by order of the police. The reason was that a gang of Arabs known as ‘Loyal to Famiglia’ had begun hurling stones and explosives at the police. This gang has killed before, and many carry guns in public.

We were outraged by this threat, but also annoyed with the police for not dealing with the threat in a more harsh way. These people come to our countries and behave like this?!

The police later warned us that during the demonstration we had been filmed by Muslims and their left-wing supporters. These bastards keep records of Israel supporters, and have publicized photos along with names. I can’t believe the police allowed them to do that. Many of our number had to be escorted out by police (for their own safety).

I told some of my co-demonstrators that this might be the last time we could publicly gather in support of Israel in Denmark. I really fear it is coming to that, and I predict the Jews of Europe - in particular those in Norway, Sweden, France and the UK - will have to move to Israel soon. It is becoming increasingly dangerous to be a Jew here.

I wish to see Israel as ONE state, not a divided one. I wish to see Gaza and the West Bank in Israeli hands, and I pray for the safety of all IDF soldiers and the people of Israel.

Shalom from ‘Lenny’ in Denmark

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