Why a Reliable News Source is Important

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 |  Israel Today Staff

The fog of war is one thing, but when media outlets covering a conflict are, for one reason or another, publishing contrary reports, it can be very difficult to discern fact from fiction.

The war in Gaza is a very good example of this problem. Despite enormous, up-to-the-minute media coverage of what is a relatively small conflict in a very confined space, the details are often very blurry.

More often than not, that is by design as Hamas and its terrorist allies try to turn coverage of the Gaza war into a numbers game devoid of context.

Over 1,000 Palestinians have died, while only a few Israeli civilians have been killed, the implication being that Israel must be the aggressor and, therefore, in the wrong.

But by reading the news of casualty figures in proper context, a very different picture emerges.

Earlier this week, Israel Today ran a story about foreign correspondents confirming that they had been abused, intimidated and exploited by Hamas while reporting from Gaza.

Their revelations made clear that it is impossible to rely on the mainstream international media for a clear picture of the situation in times of conflict.

Israel Today is different. We are Israelis. We have sources within the military and government, as well as amongst other people on the ground near Gaza, who owe no allegiance to, nor fear the intimidation of Hamas.j

We can and do provide the context that others leave out.

We invite you to Subscribe Today to our monthly in-depth, feature-filled magazine to gain the full advantage of a reliable news source that truly understands the land and the conflict.

Our latest issue includes, among other things, the following important articles:

  1. A touching, faith-filled interview with Rachel Frenkel, mother of slain Israeli teenager Naftali Frenkel;

  2. The cries of a young Palestinian activist in Gaza (name withheld for security reasons) who is not alone in hoping for Israel to simply reconquer the coastal enclave;

  3. An interview with an Israeli Messianic Jewish pastor who was honored in his hometown for years of outstanding service in the defense of Israel;

  4. An analysis of the long-term implications of the current Gaza war, what Israel is doing to tackle the new challenge of terror tunnels, and what impact America’s waning focus on the Middle East will have on the Jewish state.

You don’t want to miss these and other important articles that provide real context from a Messianic perspective on what is happening here in Israel.

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