Will Bosnia Be a Precedent for 'Palestine'?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 |  Tsvi Sadan

During a fundraising gathering for a major Israeli hospital that took place in Germany earlier this month, two Israeli boys from the Kinderlach boys’ choir that participated in the event were asked to conceal the fact that they live in Judea and Samaria (the so-called "West Bank"), lest the choir be forbidden to perform.

This threat to boycott Israeli singers on German soil happened just days after the European Union’s new foreign affairs chief, Federica Mogherini, stated while visiting the region that "it is not only the people of Gaza that can’t afford having a fourth war, the world cannot afford this.”

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One would be naïve to think that the incident with Kinderlach and Mogherini's visit to Gaza are two unrelated events. Mogherini's statement was nothing short of an implicit threat and a denial of Israel's right of self-defense. Her words were especially annoying to this author, considering that this blond, smug-looking woman was born the same year I fought in the Yom Kippur War (1973).

Like so many of her European colleagues, Mogherini enjoyed an uneventful and good upbringing in her native country. Her political activism started at a young age, and her entire adulthood has been spent in the political arena.

Mogherini, a professional politician with no real life experience, is now rebuking Israel over its perceived lack of desire to pursue a "two-state solution"; and she is doing so knowing full well that Gaza has proved that the land-for-peace formula works here just about as well as it did for the Native Americans, who once traded their land for "peace."

Europe’s obsession with Israel under the new policy regime of Mogherini was astutely criticized in a response to the article titled "European Nations Threaten to Recognize Palestinian State" that appeared on The Times of Israel. A commenter going by the name of Gregory Aharfi correctly observed:

"They (the Europeans) don’t give a sh*t about how palestinians live, they just want a piece of paper (with their name on it) saying a state of 'palestine' exists. And when they'll realize it does not change anything, they will ask Israel to take on fake refugees and to disappear. And when they'll realize it did not change anything, they'll just look the other way. May God give them what they deserve..."

But it may be that Europe will do more than just look the other way.

Smug European politicians who have never even had to pick up a stick to defend their country, repeatedly condemn Israel for waging war against those who vow to destroy the Jewish state. The loud and repeated demands that Israel adhere to sterile textbook theories regarding the ethics of war stand in sharp contradiction to the understanding Europe shows to the fanatic religion (Islam) that is growing in its midst.

After Mogherini's implicit threat, one wonders what Europe might do in the likely event of Israel launching another military operation. In light of Europe's policy so far, one can imagine that in such a scenario Europe will immediately begin to meticulously count bodies in order to prove that Israel is committing "war crimes." And after reaching its pre-conceived conclusions, Europe will then move to declare Israel a pariah state, enabling the implementation of severe economic and other sanctions.

Seeing as such a world power is tacitly backing Muslim terrorism, we can expect Muslims to continue provoking Israel, such as is now taking place in Jerusalem. And, since Israel can't tolerate indefinitely the stabbing of Jews in the streets of Jerusalem or other attacks, Muslims in and around Israel may be setting themselves up for another disaster.

Flabby and complacent as Europe is, it is not unthinkable that, just as it did with Bosnia in 1995, the European community could use the situation to help birth yet another Muslim state in the Middle East. Perhaps in doing so the Europeans see atonement for allowing a Jewish state to come into existence in the first place.

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