BDS Would Rather Hurt Israel Than Help Palestinians

Monday, December 01, 2014 |  David Lazarus

The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) National Committee are trying to block a $5.4 billion investment to rebuild the Gaza Strip.

The huge sum of money was pledged during a conference this October in Egypt in order to help reconstruct some of the damage done during the recent Israeli military campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The Norwegian foreign minister who played a role in organizing the fundraising conference announced that half of the 5.4 billion dollars was to be used for rebuilding efforts in Gaza, while the remainder was to support the budget of the Palestinian Authority through 2017.

But the BDS boycott-Israel people are not happy with the project and are actively protesting the Gaza rebuild. Anti-Israel boycott groups are opposed to the rebuild because they are more interested in damaging Israel than helping the Palestinians. They want to keep the Palestinians in poverty, show pictures of destroyed terrorists’ houses and stir up more anger, aggression and sanctions against the Jewish nation.

“It is time the UN feel the extent of public outcry as details emerge of the UN’s complicity in keeping Gaza under siege,” the BDS people claim in a mass mailing demanding that the UN reject the multi-billion dollar support for the Palestinians.

The boycott-Israel groups have run out of ways to criminalize and boycott Israel, so they are now focusing their attention on preventing the Palestinians from developing their lands. They have learned that keeping the Palestinians in poverty and increasing their suffering stirs up international anger and backlash against Israel.

That is the same strategy these hate groups tried when they called for a boycott of the popular SodaStream factory east of Jerusalem. The boycott-Israel groups tried to shut down the factory that employed over 600 Palestinians and and put food on the table and shelters over the heads of their thousands of children. The Palestinians themselves refused to cooperate with the boycott-Israel extremists whose policies would only hurt them while trying to destroy the Jewish nation.

This new BDS rejection of such substantial aid to the Palestinians in order to stir up hatred towards Israel is alarming on many levels, but even more dangerous is their direct support for radical terror groups.

The Palestinian Authority had requested the $5.4 billion for the rebuilding project not only as a chance to repair the damage from the war, but also to weaken the Hamas militants who ousted the PA from Gaza in 2007. The boycott-Israel people want that money to go to Hamas in order to rebuild their terrorist armament.

Israel contends that the building materials donated in the past for building projects in Gaza were used to construct tunnels into Israel intended for terror attacks. Guy Inbar, the spokesman for an Israeli military body that oversees shipments to Gaza, said, “Some of the tunnel-building materials were destined for Palestinian aid agencies, but most of it came through former smuggling routes underneath the Rafah border between Egypt and Gaza.”

It is unclear how much of this material, if any, wound up with Hamas—an estimate the Israelis were not prepared to make. What is clear is that the BDS and other boycott-Israel affiliates are anti-Semitic warmongers whose only desire is to destroy Israel. By channeling UN funds and other international investments to support Hamas terrorists and other jihadist organizations they are robbing the Palestinians of their rights to live in this land, making them dangerous enemies of both Jew and Arab.

PHOTO: A BDS campaign grotesquely misuses a picture of Jewish Holocaust survivors for its anti-Israel agenda.

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