Is Israel a Fulfillment of Prophecy?

Thursday, December 11, 2014 |  Israel Today Staff

Israel’s increasingly vocal Christian antagonists have been trying to blunt support for the Jewish state by Christian Zionists by teaching that it must not be viewed as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

This despite the wholly unprecedented survival of an exiled people for 2,000 years and the eventual rebirth of their nation, and the fact that all this appears to line up pretty neatly with what the prophets foretold.

The reality is that the rebirth of Israel as a nation-state is the most tangible piece of evidence today that God exists and is faithful to His promises. That some leading Christian figures are teaching the opposite is a big problem, according to Tel Aviv-based Messianic Jewish congregation leader Ron Cantor.

“What is the purpose of prophecy if not to confirm the Word of God,” Cantor wonders rhetorically in a video posted to YouTube (see below).

The trick, of course, is being able to properly discern between what is prophetic and what isn’t. As Cantor goes on to explain, there are a few tests that can determine whether or not something is prophetic.

The first test is time. Despite being repeatedly attacked by numerically-superior enemies, the State of Israel has not only continued to exist these past seven decades, but has today become the region’s strongest economic and military power.

The second test is the direct fulfillment of other related prophecies. Jeremiah 16 speaks of a day when people would no longer chiefly identify God as the One who brought the Israelites out of Egypt, but rather as He who brought them home from the “land of the north.” The massive immigration of Jews from the former Soviet Union, an “exodus” that outnumbered its biblical counterpart, can not but be referring to this event.

“The evidence is pretty overwhelming,” sums up Cantor. “The only way you can conclude that Israel is not a prophetic fulfillment is if you interpret these passages with a preconceived anti-Israel, anti-Jewish bias.”

Check out the full video below:

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