Lebanon will deploy its army in the south

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 |  by Staff Writer
Lebanese Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat said that after the war, the Lebanese government is determined to deploy its armed forces in the south of Lebanon. “Up until now, the government was afraid to confront Hizballah and was hesitating between an internal conflict and a war with Israel. When we see the damage this war has brought, the decision will be for the first alternative, despite all the difficulties.”

In an interview with the Egyptian newspaper Al Haram, Fatfat criticized Hizballah and said they underestimated Israel’s reaction. Hizballah officials told the Interior Minister and the Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora that Israel will react in a limited fashion to the kidnapping of the two soldiers. “Hizballah thought that Israel will react the same way it does in Gaza and will most likely only bomb a number of bridges in the south. The mistake in their assessment has brought Lebanon to where it is today.”

According to Fatpat, it was Hizballah’s “Balance of Fear” slogan that led to the destruction of Lebanon. He accused Hizballah in the destruction of Lebanon and according to him there is a fear that tens of thousands of people will leave Lebanon because of the war.

Fatfat added that that the damage to Lebanon was fatal. All bridges in Lebanon have been destroyed, electricity to some parts was cut off, basic goods cannot be delivered to the south because of bridge destruction and because Israel bombs every truck that reaches the area.

The number of refugees is in a constant increase and only yesterday 66,000 new refugees arrived in Beirut. The seaport should be operational quickly but the airport will take months to repair.

The interior minister called for international intervention and mentioned that most of all, the Lebanese are in need of food, blankets, tents, and beds.

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