Anti-Semitism up sharply around the world

Thursday, August 17, 2006 |  by Staff Writer
Anti-Semitic acts have increased sharply around the world since July 12, the first day of the war in Lebanon. Until today, 70 different instances of anti-Semitism were reported, 15 of them violent.

Amos Hermon, who heads the Taskforce against Anti-Semitism in the Jewish Agency, said that the increase in anti-Semitic occurrences is felt mostly in countries which house large Lebanese and other Arab and Muslim communities.

“We see a peak in activity since the Qana incident and we certainly fear that there will be an increase in anti-Semitic activities in the coming weeks as pictures from southern Lebanon start pouring in as the refugees return to their homes,” said Hermon.

According to Hermon, the Leftist anti-Israeli arena is very active, especially in the area of propaganda. “We see a renewed phenomenon we saw during the second Intifada and Operation Defensive Shield where there is a very quick shift from legitimate criticism against the actions of the IDF and the Israeli government to violent anti-Semitic actions,” Hermon added.

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