Norwegian Journalists favor Olmert as a Nazi

Thursday, August 24, 2006 |  by Staff Writer
The ethical board of the Norwegian Press Association has rejected a complaint by the Israeli Embassy in Oslo against anti-Semitic caricatures that were published in Norwegian newspapers depicting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as a Nazi officer and as the devil.

In the first caricature, published prior to the war in the newspaper Dagbladet, Olmert is depicted as S.S. officer Amon Goeth who is shooting innocent civilians just like in the movie Schindler’s List.

The second caricature was published in the popular Norwegian newspaper, Verdens Gang, where Olmert is depicted as a devil with chicken legs, shaving over a sink where the metal parts are made out of golden Stars of David, while looking in the mirror that is reflecting the face of Nasrallah.

The Israeli Embassy in Norway has expressed its protest against these caricatures and filed a complaint to the ethical board of the Norwegian Press Association. Israeli Ambassador to Norway Miryam Shomrat said that “I have zero tolerance to the use of the Holocaust in political caricatures. There is no comparison between what Israel is doing to protect itself and what Nazi Germany did to the Jews.”

Nevertheless, the secretariat of the ethical board of the Norwegian Press Association has told the embassy in response that it is not a violation of journalistic ethics and that the secretariat is siding with Dagbladet that there is a need to show a high level of tolerance towards caricatures and that it is a tradition in the Norwegian press.

Meanwhile, several Jewish organizations in the Czech Republic and the Israeli Embassy have received a letter from the Neo-Nazi group “National Resistance” in which they wish to join the Iranian Islamic Army in its war against the Zionists and the Jews that will probably happen. A copy of the letter was also sent to Czech president Vaclav Klaus.

According to the organization, if their request is not granted to join the Iranians, they will do the fighting within Prague.

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