Hamas spokesman: terrorist organizations are responsible

Monday, August 28, 2006 |  by Staff Writer
In a rare showing of internal self-criticism, Hamas government spokesman Dr. Ghazi Hamad is blaming the armed terrorist groups for the anarchy, corruption, and failure that have turned into a way of life in Gaza since the Israeli withdrawal one year ago.

This is the first time such a senior Palestinian official is shifting the blame for the chaos from the Israeli occupation, to the terror groups which operate within the Palestinian society and leadership. “The situation in Gaza today is of sadness, neglect, and failure. The anarchy, needless-killings, land grabs, and street thuggery are not caused by the occupation. Let’s admit our mistakes,” Dr. Hamad wrote in his article today.

Hamad asks for mercy on Gaza: “After Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, we hoped for a brighter future, and thought we were about to pick the fruits of our sacrifices, but I ask myself today – Why has the occupation returned to Gaza?” he asks. “The wise men and the commentators would say that the occupation is responsible. I am not here to defend the occupation, but I want us to stop at our mistakes, those mistakes that we used to blame on others.”

“When there are efforts made to open the Rafah crossing in order to ease the suffering of the population, there will always be someone who will fire a missile at it. When there is a talk about calm, someone will always fire another missile,” Dr. Hamad added.

Focusing on civilian issues, Dr. Hamad says that when Israel withdrew its settlements from Gaza, the Palestinians hoped that the hundreds of thousands of acres of greenhouses would employ about 4,000 workers and would create income to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. However, according to Hamad, everything went to waste as corruption got hold of the company which ran the operation.

Hamad does not ignore the latest trend of kidnapping foreign journalists by various groups in Gaza. He says that these kidnappings, including the latest abduction of a Fox News crew, may be profitable in the short run, but may hurt the cause in the long run.

Hamad concluded and said that it is time to “admit mistakes and examine ourselves and place the general interest in front of us. Only then will we see that the future of Gaza will change.”

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