October Flyer

Daily Prayer Book The Siddur is a daily prayer bookwhich contains a set order of daily prayers and blessings that Jews worldwidereciteonweekdaysandShabbat.Con- tains the morning (Shacharit), afternoon (Minch- ah) and evening (Ma’ariv) daily prayers $12.50 $10 BOE005 “Jerusalem” Bottleneck decorations Surprise your guests with these extraordinary and elegant accessories for your wine bottle! These exquisite cuffs are ideal for decorating the wine bottles on your table. Brings back precious me- mories of Jerusalemand the roots of your faith! Each bottleneck ornament has “Jerusalem” relief engraved in English and Hebrew. Made of polished stainless steel, 5 cm high and open at the rear. Will fit a bottleneck of approx 2.9 cm diameter” Bottleneck Decoration - Jerusalem’s Old City $21.00 FWS003 Bottleneck Decoration - Jerusalem / Montefio- reWindmill $21.00 FWS002 NEU Messianic Fish Pendant - Silver & Roman Glass The fishwas an important symbol for Christian believers during the first century. Incorporated within the messianic seal. This pendant is an expressive piece of jewelry. Includes a silver chain. Pendant length: Approx. 3cm. Only while stocks last! $69.00 JNC202 “David’s Tower” - Oil Painting on Jerusalem Stone Decorate your wall or study desk with this stylish hand paintedartworkonauthenticJerusalemstone!Includesa sturdymounting.Sizeapprox.10x20cm.Everypainting is unique therefore deviations can result. $90.00 JST003 The Jewish High Holidays are here! Get 20% off until October 22nd, 2017! Messianic Seal Pendant - Silver & Roman Glass Abeautiful and elegant pendant. Themessianic seal symbol incorporatesafishandamenorahunifyinginamagenDavid. The sign was discovered on potsherds from the 1st century AD. Includes silver chain. Pendant length: Approx. 3cm. Only while stocks last! $72.00 JNC203 Pomegranate Candle Holders Attractive pomegranate shaped candle holders depicting Jerusalem’s Old City, decorated with sparkling red stones.Whether for Shabbat, for holidays or as an appealing table decoration, the two pomegranate candle holders simply fit every occasion! Approx. 5 x 6.5cm $47 $37.60 YSB044 Crystal Candlesticks - Shabbat Kodesh A pair of elegant crystal candlesticks with the lettering “Shabbat Kodesh” - “Holy Shabbat” makes this set a wel- come sight in every home. When not being used for their primarypurpose,theyserveasabeautifuldecoration. Shab- bat Shalom! Approx. 22.5 x 9cm $130 $104 YSB043 Shofar The shofar, awell knowsymbol of RoshHashanah, is one of theearliest instrumentsused inJewishmusic.Madefroma ram’shorn.TheScripturestellusitwillannouncethecoming oftheMessiah!Size:Approx.12”-14”(colorandsizevary,as each shofar is unique). $29 $23.20 YSH002 October 2017 www.israeltoday.co.il 32 Prices DO NOT INCLUDE shipping and handling! www.israeltoday.co.il US & Canada: 1- 866-854-1684 UK & Norway: 00-800-60-70-70-60 Worldwide: +972-2-622-6881 I raelTodayShop