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"424 Below Sea Level" gourmet salt from the Dead Sea * Specials in our online shop change regularly and are only valid as long as supplies last! Spice up your meal with an exquisite natural salt from the Dead Sea and let yourself be spoiled by this gourmet experience from Israel! Enjoy the intense and full-bodied aroma of sea salt - hand- picked from the lowest point on earth! Diamond Salt Pure natural salt fromtheDead Sea, coarse-grained and pure white - an absolute must in every gourmet kitchen! 110 g FSP062 $9.00 Salt &Black Pepper This classic combination of white salt with natural black pepper enhances each of their dishes! 110 g FSP063 $9.00 Salt with Organic Dill An exciting encounter of the in- tense taste of the Dead Sea salt with the powerful aroma of orga- nically cultivated dill! 110 g FSP064 $9.00 Dead Sea - Set of 6 Gourmet Salts Merlot salt, coarse-grained black salt, gold salt, Smoked salt, chili salt, garlic salt with pepper. 6 x 30 g FSP065 $21.00 Galilee Silan - Date Honey Highly aromatic Israeli date honey. Used as a spread and to sweeten cakes, biscuits and teas. Silan is a deli- cious middle-eastern specialty. 250g FGS050 $4.95 Galilee Wild Flower Honey Bring the Land of Milk and Honey into your home! Savor the taste of the Galilee with this quality product! 250g FHO011 $11.00 "Fond Grandpa" Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold pressed “Blue &White” olive oil from quality selec- tedolives.WiththequalitysealforIsraelioliveoil.750ml FOO010 $20.00 ADANIM Teas Assortment Our newADANIM tea assortment is flavorsome andwholesome. All ingredients are organic and a boost to your health! 20 x 1.5g sachets The following flavors are available :- Earl Grey • Chai Masala • Lemon Verbena and Lemon Grass • Mango and Passion Fruit • Green Tea with Jasmine • Mint • Green Tea with Nana • Pomegranate with Rooibos FTW007 $5.30 YOUR GIFT WITH YOUR ORDER: above $25 order value: 1x Spirulina "Excellent dark chocolate" above $50 order value: 2x Spirulina "Excellent Dark Chocolate " above $200 order value: Cookbook "Food at the Time of the Bible" US & Canada: 1-866-854-1684 • UK&Norway: 00-800-60-70-70-60 Worldwide: +972-2-622-6881 IsraelTodayShop