Soldiers Solidarity Package

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Give your gift today for a Soldiers Solidarity Package, and let our forces know that there are very special people who care, and appreciate their sacrifice and their duty.

This Summer we are planning to bless 500 of our country's best.
We need you to help us reach our goal of $27500.

Your gift of $55 will sponsor a package for one soldier.
$220 will sponsor 4 soldiers -
$550 will sponsor 10 soldiers -
$2200 will sponsor 40 soldiers.

Although the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), as the name suggests, is primarily a defensive army, our soldiers place their lives at stake on a daily basis. Over time, almost every family has lost relatives in defense of the Promised Land.

Protection and preservation can come only from the Almighty but we can show our appreciation of the efforts of our soldiers and reservists.

Our young men and women endure tough programs during their military service and most times under extreme conditions in order to be prepared for any challenge against enemy attacks.

Let us show 'our children in uniform' - our soldiers they are appreciated! (The majority of IDF soldiers are young men and women just out of school.)


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