Your People, My People by The Shachar Band CD

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Martin & Ricki Neeb, Andre Villeneuve, and Joel Hilsden are The Shachar Band - music with international touches of gospel, latin, jazz, country and folk, in a surprisingly joyful and praiseful blend. Songs are both in Hebrew and English.

Artist: Shachar group
Album (name): Your People, My People
Genre: Messianic worship
Jacket Text: English translation and Hebrew transliteration

Release date: 2002
Number of CDs: 1
Label: Shachar group


1. Bo'u Nashir

2. Who Is He?
3. Ana Elach

4. Mayim La'Tzme'im
5. Adonai Ro'i
6. Ten Bi Geshem

7. Ronu Shamayim
8. Ki El Somrenu Ata
9. Your People, My People
10. Prisoner Of My Love For You
11. B'veit Ha'Yotzer
12. Faithful Friend Of Mine
13. Smile My Friend

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