He Set Me On High Places by Martin, Riki & Friends CD

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Martin & Riki Neeb are an incredibly talented couple who have come from the Netherlands and Germany, respectively, to make Israel their home. A pleasantly surprising blend of jazz, folk, and Middle Eastern influences in a collection of 13 original praise songs in Hebrew. Contains an accompanying booklet with transliterated Hebrew lyrics.

Artist: Martinriki & Friends
Album (name):He set me on high places
Genre: Messianic worship
Jacket Text: English translation and Hebrew transliteration
Number of CDs: 1
Label: Martinriki


1. Shir T'hila

2. Nasfshenu K'tzipor Nimleta
3. Adonai Ori V'yish'i
4. Adonai Ro'i
5. Ein Kamocha
6. Va'yikra Shmo
7. Ma Shmo

8. Abba Toda L'cha
9. Lev Tahor
10. Neshek Ha'Elohim
11. M'shave Raglai Ka'ayalot
12. Rom'mu Adonai Eloheinu

13. Medley Hu Yoshi'einu / Yom Tru'a / Eved Tov V'ne'eman

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