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Hayu Lailot – There Were Nights CD

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Ester Ofarim, one of Israel’s most beloved entertainers, sings 21 of her best-loved songs.


Hayu Lailot - Those Were Nights
Rakefet - The Cyclamen
Ba'yit Lishna'yim Kibui Orot - Lights Out
Hare'ut - Friendship
Hu Lo Yada Et Shma - He Didn't Know Her Name
Neula Hi Dalti - My Door is Locked
Stav - Autumn
Ish Ilem Gavoah Vedak
Shirat Hanoded - Song Of Wayfarer
Al Giv'ot Sheich Habrek
El Hama'ayan
Shtu Adarim
Agadat Hamichre
Hadayag - The Fisherman
Alai Giv'a - Up On The Hill
Cha'yai Adam
Pizmon Layakinton

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