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Jewish Israeli Holiday Songs CD

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A collection of the songs Israelis sing on the Jewish holidays, including songs from Shabbat - "Shabbat Shalom," Rosh Hashana (The Jewish New Year), Hanukkah (The Festival of Lights),"Halleluya," and many more.

Artist: Various
Album (name): Jewish Holiday Songs
Genre: Jewish Falk
Jacket Text: English
Release date: 1995
Number of CDs: 1
Label: Hataklit


  • SHIREI SHABBAT - Sabbath songs
    1. HAYOM YOM SHISHI (Today is Friday)

    2. EREV SHABBAT (Sabbath eve)
    3. LECHA DODI (Go forth my beloved)
    4. SHABBAT SHALOM (Peace be with you on the Sabbath)
    5. ELIAHU HANAVI (Elijah the Prophet)
    1. HA'KAYITZ AVAR (The summer is over)
    2. SHANAH TOVA (Good year)

    3. BEROSH HASHANNAH (On new years)
    4. CHAG LI (My holiday)
  • SUCCOT - Feast of Tabernacles
    1. Medley: Songs of the Feast of Tabernacles
      • PATICHE MASSMAR (Hammer & Nails)
      • KERESH MOT (Wooden plank)
      • SUCCOTI (My Feast of Tabernacles)
      • ORACHIM LE'CHAG (Visitors for the Festival)
    2. CHAG HA'ASIF -The harvest Festival
    3. VE'HETIFU (And you will preach)
    4. LASUCCAH SHELI (To my Tabernacle)
    5. Medley: Songs for the rejoicing of the giving of the law
      • SISSU VE'SIMCHU BE'SIMCHAT CHAG (Rejoice and be happy in the celebration of the Festival)
      • SISSU VE'SIMCHU BE'SIMCHAT TORAH (Rejoice and be happy in the celebration of the law)
      • VE'SAMACHTA BE'CHAGECHA (Be happy on your festival)
    6. AGIL VE'ESMACH (I will be glad and happy)
    7. EIN ADIR (There is none greater)
  • CHANNUKAH - Festival of lights
    1. Medley: Songs for the Festival of lights
      • MAOZ TSUR
      • YEMEI HACHANNUKAH (The days of the Festival of lights)
    2. LCHEVOD HACHANNUKAH (In honor of the Festival of lights)
    3. Medley: Songs for the Festival of lights
      • NER LI (A candle for me)
      • CHANNUKIAH LI YESH (I have a candelabra)
    4. HAG HACHANNUKAH (The Festival of lights)
  • TU BISHVAT - 15th of the month of Shvat
    1. HASHKEDIA PORACHAT (The almond tree is blossoming)
    2. KACH HOLECHIM HASHOTLIM (This is how the sowers sow)

    3. OM HOLEDET LASHKEDIAH (The almond trees birthday)
  • PURIM - Lots
    1. CHAG PURIM (The festival of lots)
    2. SHOSHANAT YAACOV (The rose of Jacob)
    3. ANI PURIM (I am the Festival of lots)
    4. LEITZAN KATAN (Little clown)
    5. LMA NITCHAPESS BE'PURIM (As what will we masquerade on Purim)
    6. ZAKAN AROCH (Long beard)
  • PESSACH - Passover
    1. SIMCHA RABBA (Much joy)
    2. AH NISHTANA (Why do we differentiate)
    3. MOSHE BATEVA (Moses in the cradle)
  • YOM HAATZMAOT - Independence Day
    1. KOL HAARETZ DEGELIM (All the country is draped in flags)
    2. MENORAH VEANFEI ZAYIT (Lights and olive branches)
  • LAG BOMER - Break in the Omer
    1. BAR KOCHVA ISH HAYA BEYISRAEL (Bar-Kochva, a man was in Israel)
    2. KASHTEINU AL SHICHMEINU (Bow on our shoulders)
    4. MISAVIV LAMEDURAH (Around the bonfire)
  • SHEVUOT - Festival of weeks
    1. SALEYNU AL KTEFEINU (Our baskets on our shoulders)
    2. VECHAG SHAVUOT TAASEH LECHA (And the Festival of weeks you shall celebrate)
    3. PRI GANI HENA HEVETI (I have brought the fruit of my garden)
    4. MALU ASAMEINU BAR (My barn is full of grain)
    5. TUTIM (Strawberries)

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