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Songs of Israel (DVD)

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"Songs of Israel" takes you on a visual adventure of this land of extremes, traveling through the wooded green mountains and hills of the north to the desert springs of the south, from the urban landscapes of Israel's four major cities to the coasts of the Mediterranean, the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea at Eilat, stopping, of course, to appreciate all the wildlife in between.

Sprinkled with historical footage, the viewer witnesses first-hand the most important stages and moments of the state's founding and development. Military victory and loss, early immigrant life on the "kibbutzim," and crucial political figures and events give depth and meaning to the modern panorama of life in Israel.

All songs are phonetically transliterated (Hebrew words spelled out in English letters) on the screen as they are sung. A booklet of all the songs, their English transliterations, and translations and summaries is also included.

Among the songs you will hear are:

  • Zemer Lach
  • Yismacho Hashamim
  • Hen Efshar
  • Tzena Tzena
  • Hevenu Shalom
  • Hava Nagila
  • Sisu at Yerushalim
  • Hora Shcarchoret
  • Ose Shalom
  • David Melech Israel
  • Od Avinu Hai
  • Haleluya
  • Yerushalim Shel Zahav
  • Shalom Haverim

Length: 1 Hour

NTSC is used in North and South America

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