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Israel Celebrates!

Jerusalem Sings – Vol. 2 CD

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Artist: various artists
Album: Jerusalem Sings - Vol. 2
Genre: folk
A collection of songs about Jerusalem by various artists including Eitan Masuri, Elisheva Shomron, Jonathan Settel and Merv & Merla Watson. Includes a song booklet (in Hebrew with English translation and transliteration).
Release date: 2004
Number of CDs: 1
Label: Hataklit

Songs include:

1. For the sake of Zion
2. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
3. YEVARECHA (Bless you)
4. Jerusalem the fair
5. Look upon the city
6. ANI MA’AMIN MEDLEY (I believe medley)
7. Song for Zion
8. Jerusalem sings
9. RACHEM AL TZIYON (Have mercy on Zion)
10. SISU ET YERUSHALAYIM (Rejoice in Jerusalem)
11. City
12. How lovely on the mountains
13. Praise your God O Zion
14. VE’GALTI BE’YERUSHALAYIM (And I will be glad over Jerusalem)


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