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Song of Songs CD

Your Price:   $12.80
Sku:   CDF022
Artist: Variance artists
Album: Songs of Songs
Genre: Traditional
Description: "Shir HaShirim, The Song of Songs, also called the Song of Solomon is an ancient biblical text, revered by poets, mystics and lovers alike. The song texts are taken directly from the Song of Songs. Complete with a song booklet in Hebrew with English translation and transliteration.
Release date: 2004
Number of CDs: 1
Label: Hataklit

1.My Beloved Is Mine - Gabriella Danieli
2.Behold You Are - Rachel Boskey/Avner Boskey
3.Playful Song of Songs, A - Ofra Chaza
4.Delicacies - Aliza Azikari
5.Let Him Kiss Me - Gidi Koren/Pearl Grindland
6.Moronica - Hagevatron
7.As an Apple - Elisheva Shomron
8.Fountain of Gardens, A - Danny Sagi
9.To the Nut Grove - HaPavarim Duo
10.Evening of Roses - Elana Watson
11.In My Bed at Night - Gidi Koren/Pearl Grindland

12.Behold, You Are Beautiful My Love - Joseph Musataki
13.Graceful Apple - HaDudaim Duo
14.You Have Stolen My Heart - HaParvarim Duo
15.You Have Ravished My Heart - Gabriel Butler
16.Little Foxes - Elisheva Shomron
17.You Are Fair My Love - Kibbutz Ha'Maapil Trio
18.Spring Medley: Behold, The Winter Is Past /
To The Nut Grove / Flowers Appear On The Earth - Hagevat


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