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Messianic Scripture Songs – Vol. 2 CD

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Songs are sung in Hebrew and English. Includes a song booklet with English translation and transliteration.


O Lord God of Israel by Jonathan Settel
Aye Eloheihem (Where is Their God) by Avner & Rachel Boskey
Cry Out and Shout by Merv & Merla Watson
U'pduyey Adonai Yashuvun (And the Redeemed of the Lord Shall Return) by Carol Cantrell
The Shepherd by David Loden
How Lovely on the Mountains by Coby Oshrat & Keren Hadar
This is the Generation by Elana Watson
Dodi Li (My Beloved is Mine) by Gabriella Danieli
Kos Yeshuot (The Cup of Salvation) by Avener & Rachel Boskey
Let Not My Enemies by Merv and Merla Watson
A Fountain of Gardens by Danny Sagi
Look Upon the City by Gabriel Butler

13 songs

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