I Love Israel DVD

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The most beautiful landscapes in Israel expressed through graceful and poetic lyrics created into famous Israeli folk songs. The words of each song are on the screen in trnsliteration.

The songs include motifs and artistic themes such as the Land of Israel as a nation with a rich mix of landscapes and environmental regions. Together with all the beauty and distinctiveness the songs portray powerful virtues such as: integrity, joy, kindness, faith, courage, hope, love, patience, determination, gratitude, humility, forgiveness and peace.

Songs Include

  • B'Pardes - In the Orchard
  • Lo Nafsik Lashir - Don't Stop Singing
  • Shir - SongAba Ima V'Eretz Israel - Mom, Dad and the Land of Israel
  • Od Lo Ahavti Di - I Haven't Loved You Enough
  • Or - Light
  • Shiri Li Kineret - The Kineret (Sea of Galilee) Sings to Me
and more
A total of: 17 songs.

NTSC is used in North and South America

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