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Songs of Rosh HaShanah (CD)

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Songs of Rosh Hashanah has graciously produced a phenomenal musical collection with a spectacular group of Israeli singers, harmonizing to a variety of instrumental innovations.

The songs reflect the meaning of this special day. Rosh HaShanah literally means 'the head of the year'. It is one of four beginnings on the Jewish calendar, which extends back almost 6,000 years, as far as Creation itself.

This CD is the perfect accompaniment to celebrating Rosh HaShanah. All songs are in Hebrew, which makes it a great CD for those learning the Hebrew language!

Artists: Orly Binder & Amos Barzel
Album (name): Songs for the New Jewish Year
Genre: Jewish Folk
Jacket Text: Hebrew
Number of CDs: 1
Label: Gifts


1. All Year - Kol haShana
2. Happy New Year – Shana Tova

3. When a New Year Begins – Kshe’Matchila Shana
4. In the Beginning of the Year – be’Rosh Hashana
5. Happy New Year to My Family – Shana Tova le’Chol haMishpacha
6. Twelve Months – Shniem Asar Yerchim

7. Blessing the New Year – le’Varech Shana Tova
8. We Bless – Lach Mevrchim
9. Next Year – ba’Shana Habaa
10. The Shofar – ha’Shofar
11. Happy New Year to All – Shana Tova le’Cholam
12. Apple with Honey – Tapoach be’Dvash

13. Apple in Honey Wishes You – Tapoach be’Dvash Meachel
14. The Pomegranate – ha’Reimon
15. What a Holyday - Eyze Chag
16. Song for the First Month - Shir le’Chodesh Tishrei
17. Bless Us – Barech Aotano
18. Hurray, Hurray for the First Month – Ashrey , Ashrey le’Chodesh Tishrei
19. A Picture for New Year – Temona la’Shana Hachdasha
20. Day of Atonement - Yom Kippur

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