Jesus in the Holy Land

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From Italy’s finest Christian movie-makers, a unique and inspiring chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus. Capturing the majesty of the holy Land with the visual artistic magic special to the Italians, “Jesus in the Holy Land” follows the chronology of the Bible in the footsteps of Christ.

Visiting each site relevant to Jesus’ life, the film’s informative narration gives these settings not only their historical context but also shows their influence on modern-day Israel – in all its colorful and exotic diversity.

In seven episodes, the directors bring to life the parallels between the Gospels of Jesus and the ways of life and religious practice of Christians, Jews, Samaritans and Moslems living in the Land today. Every aspect of daily life, ritual, festival and life cycle observances are brilliantly compared with those of the Jews of Jesus’ day and of Jesus himself. No film better illuminates the influence that Jesus’ life and teachings have had – and still have – on his Homeland. A beautiful, enlightening and unforgettable journey.

Running Time: 105 minutes. 4 languages

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