The Unknown Jesus DVD

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Produced for The History Channel.

For two thousand years, the figure of Jesus has been tied to the development of Western Civilization. Not just Christians but people from all around the world have been affected by the theology and history that resulted from the life of this man of Nazareth.

Yet over the past 50 years, the figure of Jesus has been a battleground in a culture war. On one side, novelists and filmmakers try to present controversial notions of Jesus as less than a god. On the other, archaeologists and scholars reveal much more about the First Century Judea of Jesus, helping theologians get ever deeper into the spiritual message of Jesus.

The Unknown Jesus is a 2-hour journey, a deep exploration of many of the controversies that surround the figure of the messiah at the start of the Third Millennium:

  • Was Jesus God or a Man?
  • Was he a pacifist or a rebel?
  • Was he a real-life cultural hero or a convenient fiction?
  • Why has Jesus repeatedly made the cover of Time and Newsweek in the past few years?
  • Why is there such popular interest in historical discoveries of the Holy Land?

From archaeological digs and textual analysis, from long-lost artifacts and long-forgotten caves hidden in the hills of Judea, a fuller picture of the facts of Jesus' life emerge – but controversies still arise; the battle between science and religion still rages:
• Can a 'real' Jesus be discovered?
• And if so, would that Jesus be any different from the Jesus found in the Scriptures or taught in Sunday school?

Wherever you stand, the evidence and the answers may surprise you – or may comfort you. What is for certain is that they will surely recast what you think you know about the man called Jesus.

Approx. length: 2 hours
Languages: English

NTSC format is used in North and South America

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