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Kassam Rocket Peace Rose

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This peace rose is designed and made by artist Yaron Bob. Bob is a Zionist pioneer who moved to a kibbutz near to the city of Sderot several years ago. Bob has taken iron rockets that were used to bring destruction to the Jewish people and turned them into an item of beauty.

“It makes me feel happier to form this rocket of iron into something of beauty rather than to see it fly over our heads.”

This one of a kind 9” tall iron rose stands on a 12” long map of Israel pinpointing the city of Sderot where many rockets have landed.

Below is a list of people who have already received one of these roses:

  1. Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
  2. UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon
  3. Former EU Ambassador Dietrich
  4. Ehud Olmert Former Prime Minister of Israel
  5. President of Israel Shimon Peres

Support this Israeli artist – every piece is a unique work!

Read more on the situation between Gaza and Israel.

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